What We Are

[from the bad guys point of view]

I see the look in his eyes all fire, hell and brimstone,

A glare that is so deadly it cuts a man clear to his bone.

I hope the other who stands with him will step in,

Figuring his calming stance makes him this devil in black's kin.

I take more insight of the grinning buckskin clad man,

And realize in his eyes, blue steel laid kill he can.

I cry out 'Hey I don't know nothin,' then add, 'I got rights',

This black devil answers, 'Yep, a hangman's in your sight.'

I know by the glare of one and the stare to my soul from the other,

That to survive is no lies but truth on the crimes of another.

I tell them everything that they wish to know and then some,

The last words spilled a thought won’t leave though I'm numb.

I have to ask though one is dark as night a storm ready to explode,

The other calm as day yet inside ready to strike in an instant so bold.

I mumble out in fear yet the answer for some reason I must know,

'You two kin of some kind, brothers I think maybe so.'

I stand stunned at the smile that crosses their faces so far

'Nope just Pards, that’s what we are.'


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