Not To Shut Him Up

by Amelia

Universe: FTSC


Vin Tanner lay quietly in the tall, lush grass as a soft breeze blew a strand of hair across his face. An insect buzzed annoyingly at his ear and somewhere in the distance he heard a name being called, his name. He knew he should reply, yet something held him back.

That something he knew was the fact this was the first time in over a month, he was totally relaxed, totally at peace, totally in silence. Not just in body, but in mind and spirit as well. Vin was so relaxed he didn't even have the inkling to lift his hand and hit the buzzing at his ear.

Again he heard his name called softly as if from a great distance, but since there seemed no distress in the tone of his name that he heard, he just couldn't seem to make himself respond and break the spell of contentment he had been laying in.

Vin didn't want to let the thoughts of the past month or even the past 12 hours to ruin the place he was in. Nor having it ruined unintentionally, but ruined just the same, if he answered the caller and have their good intention from caring, asking how he was. Bringing it all up again. He could understand that the powers that be would want everything explained, but his friends after all this time should know him well enough by now and let him be.

His peace and relaxation now broken with the continued buzzing around his ear and with his name being called repeatedly, forcing it all back into his mind.

Vin sat up resting his left arm on his raised knee, his right hand touching his ear to stop the annoying buzzing. Turning to the area where his name was being called from, he couldn't help thinking.

'So the situation had gotten out of hand and became so bad that I shot Buck. Yeah, it was a rotten thing to do, but it ain't like any of them at one time or another hadn't wanted to.'

When the man dressed all in black finally reached him, Vin looked up asking, “What ya want, cowboy?”

Need you to come back with us, Vin,” Chris softly said.

A deep sigh crossied Vin's lips, he pushed himself up off the ground. Nodding slightly, the two men headed back toward Ezra and Josiah in the distance waiting for them.

Chris glancing at the man walking beside him, asked, “Why didn't you answer?”

Vin shrugged, “Was peaceful and relaxed. Buzzin’ around the ear at first annoyed me, but wasn't going to let it get to me. But then ya's calling, after a bit couldn't ignore both and stay relaxed.”

Chris shaking his head, added, “Thought you'd like to know Buck is waking up.”

Figured as much or you wouldn't be here,” Vin answered.

Chris meeting Josiah's gaze, nodded to him as they got closer.

Mr. Tanner, thank you for rising and enlightening us to your presence without having to search this immense territory, and insuring our retrieval of your person,” Ezra expressed.

Vin looking over to him, “Glad I could help, Ez.”

You ready to head back brother, Vin?” Josiah requested.

Might as well,” Vin said, stepping up.


Reaching their distention they found several people waiting for them.

Vin, I'm sorry, but I need some answers,” Travis one of the people standing there stated.

Yeah, Vin. Why did you shoot Buck!?” J.D. blurted out still not believing it.

Why! Hell I just wish I could have been there to see it,” Col. O'Neil grinned toward Larabee, who just shook his head, though his own lips twitched.

Jack you no Wilmington might be a flirt, but he would never hurt a woman, nor deserved to be shot because of one,” Daniel Jackson expressed.

You don't know Buck,” Chris mumbled under his breath.

Bucklin didn't hurt her. She dropped some of the clothes out of her basket and he picked it up for her. Know we were there for a month General Hammond, General Travis, but with all the laws, rules and customs they were always explaining to us, we never heard about the law of men were never to touch women’s’ clean wash. They see it as an assault against a female, it's punishable by death. Told the chief he was my responsibility since he came with me. So I pulled out my zat gun and shot him. They thought he was dead and the woman's honor restored. Brought him back through the Stargate as quick as I could and to the doc's. Told Nathan I shot him on a medium level just enough to knock him out good. And I's needed some time to unwind from the month of being cooped up with him and that tribe of Kros Nomads ya want to deal with in getting the Naqurda. I asked Nathan to tell ya where you could find me. Knew SG team 3 was going to check on those scientist on the far side of PG1467, heard them talking as I carried Buck through the hall way. So just went through with them. But kept close to the Stargate, knew the homing beacon on the ear piece would work best close to it and would buzz if ya started tracking it,” Vin reported.

When he was finished with his explanation to what all had happen, it became so quiet you could here a pin drop. Not just from what Vin had said, but from how much.

Mr. Tanner, I must say though I have heard your reports before in debriefings, I don't think I have ever heard you place together so many verbs, nouns or adjectives at one time,” Ezra announced breaking the silence.

Jack O'Neil slipped Larabee a twenty dollar bill.

Chris taking the money, leaned over to O'Neil and said, “Told you he didn't shoot Buck to shut him up.”

The End

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