by Amelia

It had taken him forever to get where he wanted to be. Years of day to day going, months of working, saving, living just barely. Weeks of waiting and watching, actually believing in hope that finally things could go right. Here he was standing on the border between stepping into the light or staying in the shadows.

He watched as movement caught his eye from his right. Straightening and tensing only to let out his breath when they were the right one.

Glancing around, he checked all that was as before and saw the same still appeared in his view. Nothing had changed.

That thought made him pause, 'Nothing had changed'. He frowned worrying his lip, was that a sign of what was going to happen? That nothing was going to change for him; that he would still be in the shadows drifting? Nothing claiming him, or he himself having nothing in his life?

No' he firmly said in his mind. 'No, for everything in his life had changed. And for once the change was for the better.'

Movement caught his attention again, and again he straightened and tensed. This time seeing it was his target, it was who he was waiting for. The man coming around the desk Vin was sitting in front of, replied. “Well, Mr. Tanner. I am happy to say that the 100 acres with the cabin is yours.'

Vin couldn't stop the grin from spreading across his face. The feeling of belonging, of have a permanent home warmed him down to his soul. Standing up and offering his hand, “Thank you, thank you so much.”

I have to tell you, when we called your office to check on your reference, your boss, Mr. Larabee, answered, well it gave new meaning to positive reference. He informed me not only were you the most responsible person he knew, but the most trustworthy and honest man ever. And if we had any doubts about you that besides him there were five other men in the office that would gladly back you as well as the entire federal building personnel all the way up to the director himself. You, Mr. Tanner, have some very good friends.”

Yeah, I do, sir.” Vin agreed.

Oh, and Mr. Larabee did say something else,” the man grinned.

Vin seeing the look in the man's eyes was a bit hesitant to ask, “What was that?”

That if something did happen that I wouldn't have to worry, for he would take full responsibility in taking care of it and adding it to his ranch, since his place is right next door.”

Yeah, well the Cowboy can dream on,” Vin laughed.

The End

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