Price Would be Paid

by Amelia May

From cold to warm it started to build. Thought treated with care from the beginning to right now it didn't matter. Neither that the seven men had worked them selves to death with hurried gentleness, to insure that all could be done to make the outcome favorable. Vin, Chris, Ezra and JD had reached as high, stretching there bodies and abilities to the limits and at times past, while Josiah, Nathan and Buck had stayed low catching all strays and carrying what they could at a time.

She watched, her eyes never missing a thing, not where they were nor where she stood behind the glass and out of there sight, smiling at the fact of their hard efforts, knowing the outcome would be in her favor. Glancing to the right, 'warm to warmish nope not there yet' her thoughts went as she turned he attention back to the knife in her hand and back to what she intended to do.

Looking out and spotting each one of them every few moments, marking where each one was and what they were doing, her smile never left her lips. It was the knowing that she had them, and that she would be sure the price would be paid.

'Wait a minute, one is missing, where did he go?' She thought when her eyes didn't see the one she sought. But then a head with long hair came into view for a moment higher than he was before. Her sight tracked him for a minute until finally he was in a better location that she liked.

Nodding, glancing to the right 'a little bit hotter, but you aren't there yet', again she gripped the knife tight and went back to what she was intended to do.

Time slipped by minute by minute, her watching the seven men as the worked professionally as a team as always, until finally they drew close. Turning to meet there path she waited for that last second.

Vin walking through the opening with the others close on is heels. When he jumped back into the rest at the sound of the high pitch blare. Righting himself and looking from where the sound came from, he saw her turning the knob and opening the top of the pressure cooker.

"Nettie, we got all your peaches and apples picked for ya. Is lunch ready?” Vin replied

"Course lunch is ready and by time you boys finish up, your pies will be finished baking too -  the price you said for picking my orchard.”

The End

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