Between the Lines by LaraMee

Main Characters: Chris, Buck

Webmaster Note: This story was previously hosted at another website, and was moved to blackraptor in April 2012.

When Chris and Buck first met in Ghosts of the Confederacy, they had an exchange when Chris was trying to recruit his old friend to go help the Seminole village. So, exactly what were Chris and Buck actually saying the first time they’d seen one another for some time?

Afternoon Buck, interrupt something?

You were up there with yet another married woman, weren’t you? Ever heard of syphilis pard?

Chris! Hey you old war dog, good t’ see y’ buddy.

DAMN YOU! The first time you come lookin’ for me in two years and you have to interrupt the best sex I’ve had for…well…since yesterday!

Easy big fella, folks’ll talk.

You know the rumors that go around about men who ride trail, you want to feed those rumors? Hey…you been working out?



Got a job, you interested?

I need someone large and impulsive enough to draw fire when necessary, and keep the rest of us amused the rest of the time.

Yeah? What’s it pay?

By gawd, this had better be good if you’re gonna drag me out of a warm bed.


Pays shit.

A day?

Have you lost your mind?

((Shake of the head))

No, I haven’t lost my mind. I’m just a softer touch than I’ll let on.

A week?

You have lost your mind!

Know it ain’t much…

Told you, I haven’t lost my mind! Damn, you never listen.

How are the odds?

Well, if you haven’t lost your mind, at least tell me we’re gonna have some fun.

Three, four to one.

You know, now that I think about it, the guy that fed me that line wouldn’t look me in the eye…hmmm…

Just our kind a fight. How’d you know I was here?

You couldn’t drop by? Couldn’t let me know you were still alive??? And by the way, if you ever put someone up to the stunt y’all just pulled again, y’ ain’t gonna live long enough to glare at me.

Make a point of knowing who’s in town. Live longer that way.

You know me, I’ve pissed off most of the people between here and the Mexican boarder. Besides, I’m planning to die from the whiskey, not a bullet.

He with us?

He with us?…it’s Vin, afterall!

Is he with you?

Where the hell did you pick up this scruffy piece a buffalo hide on two legs?

((nod of the head))

You’d better play nice pard, me and him have some sort of weird chemistry that a lot of people are going to notice…write about…discuss...

There gonna be ladies where you’re goin’?

There gonna be ladies where you’re goin’? It’s BUCK after all!!

Imagine so.

Hell, I wouldn’t even bother you if there weren’t. Told you I haven’t lost my mind!

Then imagine I’m in.

Women…yep…gonna meet me some new women…

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