SK Stalker

by Megan7777777

AU : SGA7 (Stargate Atlantis)

Main Character: Buck

Disclaimer: Mag 7 doesn't belong to me

Author Note: Thanks to Enola for being a great beta and fixing up all my mistakes

It all started so simply. When he looked back at it, he wondered how he couldn't see what the one act would lead to and he wondered if he would have done anything different...
The loud multiple thuds and the skittering of things rolling and crashing on the floor sounded as . Buck walked out into the chaos. Skidding to a stop, he stared at the mess and at the person in the middle of the floor, a young lady scientist who was on the verge of tears.
Being who he was, Buck smiled at the lady and bent down to start picking up the mess. “You all right? The floors here can be slippery and add to that, the traffic and everyone slips at least once. You new here?”
Staring at Buck, the gallant knight that had come to rescue her from her misery, she nodded. “Yes. Just got here two days ago, I'm Susan Night.”
Smiling, the marine introduced himself. “Buck Wilmington. I'm surprised that they already have you working. Usually they give a couple of days to adjust.”
Susan smiled shyly. “I feel more comfortable working. I don't know anyone here.”
“That is a shame, darling. Well you know me now, so at least one person here you know.”
With that, Buck picked up the last of the books and handed it to Susan. “Well, Ms. Knight, I have take your leave for a meeting, but it was wonderful to meet you. Try to take your time to relax and get away from the labs. Otherwise, we might lose you in there.”
Grinning, Susan watched as Buck walked down the corridor. As she entered the lab, she couldn't believe that a handsome man like that had taken time to speak with her and help her pick up the books that she spilled. He didn't call her lazy or stupid, but was nice.
Mind lost in thoughts about Buck, for once, Susan's day seemed to fly by in a haze of good fortune and luck.
Stomping into the rec room, JD saw the person he was seeking. Marching over, JD reached out and whapped him on the arm. “This is your fault.”
Blinking at the younger man, Buck frowned. “What is my fault? And I haven't done anything.”
“Yes you have! That new scientist? The one you've besotted? She has been bugging me about you for the last two days. Every time I go into the lab to check on something or talk to someone, she finds me and ask about you! What you like, who are you dating...”
Buck frowned. “Who?”
Rolling his eyes, JD sat down and glared at Buck. “Susan Night. I've been avoiding that lab for the last few days.”
Blankly staring at JD for a moment, Buck finally pulled her face forward into his mind. “She's that new scientist. Tends to drop her books, really shy?”
JD nodded, and Buck sighed. “I just said hello, and helped her pick up her books. It'll wear off. If she goes to any of the movie gatherings or other rec stuff, I'm sure someone will sweep her off her feet.”
Shaking his head, the young man sighed. “I think you're wrong. I don't think she'll give this up.”
Staring at JD, Buck huffed. “I haven't seen her since the incident in the hallway. Why would she keep after me?"
“I don't know. You keep saying you're the woman expert. Don't you know why she would be after you?”
“I should take her out on a date?”
Settling down next to Buck, JD shook his head. “I don't think that is a good idea right now. She might get more taken with you. I would say just avoid her.”
Smiling at the younger man, Buck grinned. “When did you get so smart?”
Huffing slightly, JD grinned. “I've always been this smart. You just don't listen.”
Chuckling Buck shook his head. “Oh I listen, and you say I'm full of crap.”
It had been a long week. Team 7 had gotten back from a planet in which they got to enjoy slugging through a foot of mud, with pouring rain. Then, just to change up the march every once and a while, someone would sink up to their hips in the soupy thick mud.
They were finally able to drag themselves back to Atlantis without finding anything useful expect mud, mud, and more mud. After giving their report, the group and made their way to their quarters and, after a quick clean up, collapsed in their own rooms and let their exhausted bodies sleep.
Two hours later, when there was heavy knocking on the door to his quarters, it took awhile for Buck to drag himself out of his sound sleep.
With a groan, he pushed himself up off his bed. With his eyes mostly closed , he walked over to his door and opened it. “Yes?”
To his surprise there was no one there. Closing his eyes for a long moment, he tried to figure out what he missed. Looking around the hallway and not seeing anyone, he almost pulled his head in to let the doors shut, when he noticed something on the ground.
With a frown, he leaned down and picked up the item. It was a card with a candy bar attached. Frowning at the item, Buck entered back into the room, letting the doors hiss shut. Tossing the candy bar on his desk, he tore open the card. The front of it had a pink heart with the messages: “I Love You” printed across it. Flipping it open, he read the message:
Dear Love,

I know the others have kept us apart, I know the lies they tell me about you. Have no fear, my love. I will save you. And forever we will be together.

Signed, Your True Love'
Staring at the message, Buck's sleep-deprived brain couldn't figure it out. Figuring it was a joke by someone, Buck tossed the card in the direction of his desk and fell back into the bed, letting sleep drag him back into the land of slumber.
Over the next couple of days the card and candy was forgotten between missions, injuries, and side projects that took up the time. Stumbling back to his rooms late one night after a late date, Buck stumbled over a box that was placed in front of his door.
Looking at the wrapped box, Buck looked down and up the hallway. Pushing the box slightly with his foot, he waited for a moment to see if the item would explode. When nothing happened, he bent down and picked it up, and moved into his room.
As the door slid shut, Buck placed the box on his desk. Rubbing his eyes, he reached down and picked up the note that was taped to the box. Opening it, he read the note inside.
Dearest Love,

Those tramps are not worth your time. They soil your soul with their touch and even their breath. You should not give them the attention that they want and take from you. You are too valuable. Don't worry, though. I know you want to hide our love from others. Through out the day, remember my love, my gaze is always on you, showing my love through it.

You truest love.
Placing the letter down on his desk, Buck raised his hand and rubbed it slowly over his face. Hesitantly he looked over his shoulder at his closed door. Looking back at the package, he took a deep breath.
Grasping the box, he tore the paper that covered it, and opened the box. Removing the tissue, Buck slowly peered into the box. Inside there was a gummy heart. It had writing on it. After a few minutes of studying the writing, Buck slammed the lid shut.
Pushing the box to the far side of desk, Buck slid down against the wall and stared blankly at the box and note.
He couldn't figure out how or why someone would give him such a gift. Or who would stalk him. Uncovering his face, he leaned his head back and slowly banged it against the wall. He knew that he should go and tell Chris or one of the other guys, but for some reason he just didn't want to tell.
He could handle it. He could deal with it. There couldn't be that many people who could find out these things about him. He could handle it by himself, narrow down who it could be. The others didn't need to be bothered with it. And besides, he didn't have really any evidence that it was someone stalking him. It was only a package with a weird note. Besides, it could be a joke.
Pushing up from the floor, he made sure that his door was locked. Sighing, he knew everything would look better after sleep.
The third, fourth and fifth gifts, arrived one after another a day apart. Each one more disturbing then the previous one.
When a mission came up, Buck almost wanted to celebrate that fact. Keeping his enthusiasm for the trip under wraps, he was the first one in front of the stargate waiting for the others to show up.
As the others got to the control room, they each did a double take upon seeing Buck there and almost vibrating with eagerness to leave. Chris grinned, “You that excited to see the Gigalogers?”
Grinning, Buck nodded. “Sure, why wouldn't I?”
Josiah shook his head. “Last time we came back there, you said if we ever went to see them again it would be to soon. Something about no matter how they cook it a bug is still a bug.”
A disgusted look passed over his face for a second, then he answered, “No, I decided to give them another chance.”
The team shared a look. Frowning, JD sidled over to Buck and whispered to the lanky man, “Are you sure? You almost died when we found out you were allergic to half of the food.”
Shrugging, Buck shifted his P-90 slightly, “It wasn't that bad. At least the stuff that I wasn't allergic to wasn't too bad. Besides, a chance to stretch our legs and things on a peaceful mission-- ?”
As the stargate whooshed on, the rest of the Seven nodded and started to move forward. Vin paused for a second next to Buck. “You did just curse us, you know.”
Snorting slightly, Buck shook his head and muttered, “I'm not that lucky.”
Before Vin could ask about the comment, Buck disappeared into the wormhole.
The Gigalogers planet was just as Buck remembered it: woods, hills, rivers and rocks – lots, and lots of rocks. The Gigalogers had been happy to see them. They had been taken to the village and told of the happenings that had been going on. They had been given guest quarters and even a party had been ready for them.
As the day had worn into evening, the party died down. The children had been put to bed and the adults had settled into small groups and to talk. Buck, who usually was at the center of the party, would usually be found in the center of the largest group telling a story. Tonight though, he had drifted to the edges of the party, into the shadows. His mind was not able to stay on talking to people, but on the packages he kept receiving from his secret admirer.
Spotting Nathan, Buck waked over. “Hey Nate, could you tell the rest of the team I'm going for a quick walk?”
Eying Buck for a long second, Nathan frowned. “Are you all right?”
“Good, just need to take a walk, excess energy and all. I'm not going that far.”
Nathan eyed the man. Something was off, but he knew if he asked Buck would just change the subject. “All right, just don't get into any trouble.”
Grabbing his radio, flashlight and gun, Buck grinned. “I'll be fine and I won't be long.”
Twenty minutes later, in the middle of a darkened woods, Buck closed his eyes for a long second. “Fine, right, fine. What the hell was I thinking?”
Buck growled, as he yanked at his foot again, not able to pull it out of the crack between the rocks. Looking up at the dark sky, Buck cursed again, then clicked his radio on. “Anyone still awake?”
After a few minutes, Ezra's voice came over.“Yes, where are you? I thought you went for a walk.”
Yanking at his foot again, Buck sighed. “Slipped and got my foot stuck. Could you come out and help me?”
“Yes, fine, let me know where you are. Do I get to find out how this happened, first?”
Buck sighed, “Yes, but no laughing about it.”
Ezra's voice came over the radio, “Depends on what you tell us happened. You want to tell me how to find you, or should we just start wandering around in the dark?”
A soft smile, then Buck clicked his radio. “Follow the path to the Stargate. About a quarter of a click, take the path to the right that heads toward the small waterfall. I'm about 300 meters down that path.”
After a minute or two, Ezra's voice came back on. “We'll be there soon.”
“Wait, Ezra! What do you mean, we?”
The radio went dead.
An hour later, three voices could be heard arguing as they made their way back into the camp. “I didn't do it on purpose. I'm fine. We don't have to tell Nate.”
“Mr. Wilmington, we are practically carrying you right now. I think Nathan would notice.”
“It'll be fine tomorrow.”
“I don't think so, Buck. You aren't going to be walking on this.”
Before Buck could argue back to Vin, a throat cleared. “They're right. You aren't going to be walking on that tomorrow at all.”
Looking over at Nathan, Buck growled. “It isn't that bad.”
Snorting slightly, and dragging his medkit with him, Nathan settled before the foot. Peeling off the boot and sock, the healer looked the swollen ankle.
Biting back the pain that Nathan's ministrations awoke, Buck got out a huff, “Just wrap it up.”
Rolling his eyes, Nathan glared at the man. “You can't walk off everything. Especially if you fall flat on your face.”
For a second, Buck brightened, “We'll be stuck here longer?”
Nathan frowned. “Maybe a day longer. We're here for a week as it is. Why do you want to be here longer?”
Shutting down slightly, Buck answered, “No reason, just be a nice vacation.”
The three men exchanged looks and spent the reminder of time that night trying to Buck to talk.”
The stargate spun to life with a whoosh. The vortex opened and seven men came through the open wormhole. As they came, one person watched from a hidden nook.
Gazing at each man, she finally smiled then frowned as the man she was waiting for came though. Growling softly, she stared as the man she was after came last, and was limping. She glared at the other six for not paying attention to the one that was limping.
Barely holding herself back, she watched as the group headed towards the infirmary. When the one that she loved walked through the door and disappeared, she sighed. She had to get things ready for him. He needed someone to watch over him, since his team doesn't seem able to do it.
Walking towards his quarters, Buck was tired. He had thought that the time on the other planet would have relaxed him and allowed him to get a good night sleep. Instead, he had stayed up and wondered who was leaving him the gifts.
Rubbing his eyes with his hand, he looked at his door. Not spotting any mysterious gifts, he sighed in relief. Unlocking his door, he entered the room.
As exhausted as he was, he didn't noticed that his room had been redecorated. Instead of what it should look like, with his knickknacks and pictures on the various surfaces, his things were gone. In its place, there was now what looked like a waterfall fountain against one of the walls. The other walls were painted a garish red color with various hearts painted on them.
His bed had been turned into something covered in blood red sheets. Above the bed, in what looked like yellow glowing letters, was written, 'They don't know how to take care of you. But don't worry, soon we will be together, and I will see to all of your needs.'
Blinking, Buck backed away from the bed and the wall, his back hitting the fountain wall. Ignoring the water that now flowed around and over him, Buck stared at the message. Looking around the room, he closed his eyes for a long second, then reopened them.
With a deep sigh, he got himself under control, and for the first time noticed that he was wet. Stepping away from the water, he shook his head. He couldn't stay here tonight. Not with his room like this. He was to tired too tired to clean it all.
Snagging a blanket, he walked out of the room. He first made sure to change the code on the lock, then headed to the first place he thought of -- Josiah's office. There was a couch there. It was a little small, but right then he would take small over sleeping in a room that was no longer his.
Walking into his office, Josiah went to his desk and put his coffee down. He flipped on his computer, took a seat, and glanced around the room. Looking back at his computer, he was about to enter his password, and then paused. Cocking his head slightly, blinking, he looked back up at his couch.
Getting up from his desk, he moved towards the couch. Eying the man on the piece of furniture, he wondered what the man was doing here in this office. Taking a step closer, he examined the man closely.
The dark haired man curled up on a too short couch was sound asleep and didn't react at all when Josiah moved closer and rested a hand on his forehead. After feeling the temperature of the man, he returned to his desk. Sitting down, he watched the sleeping man for several minutes before clicking on his radio and softly asking:
"Chris, do you have any idea why Buck would be sleeping in my office?"
"No. Did you ask him?"
"No, he's still asleep. He didn't wake when I placed a hand on him, just curled up tighter and shivered slightly."
Josiah could almost feel the glare through the radio. Finally, Chris spoke up. “Keep an eye on him. When he wakes up, see if you can get him to talk. I'm going to find JD and see if he knows what is going on.”
“Good luck on that. I'll do as you said and keep an eye on our damp friend.”
Walking around Atlantis, Chris poked his head into the various areas he thought he would find JD. Finally, he found the young computer expert in the cafeteria. Spotting him at a table in the corner, he moved over and settled down across from the young man.
JD looked up from his lunch and frowned. “ Chris, what's wrong?”
“Why do you think something is wrong?”
Pushing what was left of the food on his plate, JD shrugged his shoulders. “You look like you're worried. Is Buck okay?”
Eying the young man, Chris shrugged his shoulders. “Why wouldn't he be? What do you know?”
Rolling his eyes slightly, JD growled, “This is about that woman isn't it? I told her to leave Buck alone.”
The colonel raised an eyebrow. “Women, I knew it. It's about some woman he scorned.”
“No, no! Buck didn't do anything with this person. He just helped pick up books that she dropped and just talked to her for five minutes. This lady, though, she follows Buck around. She tells people they've gone out when they didn't.”
Chris frowned. “How long has this been going on ? What is her name?”
Putting down his fork, JD was quiet for a moment. “I don't know. He talked to her like five weeks ago? I heard her telling the others that they went out together for the sixth time, three weeks ago? I warned Buck, but he didn't seemed worried.”
Shaking his head, Chris growled. “He wouldn't. If there is one fault, it's that he doesn't think women would hurt him. He just sees them as misguided.”
Snorting, JD pushed his plate away from him. “She'll do something to him. She's crazy.”
“You have proof?”
“No, not anything concrete. I haven't done that much digging into her background. I'm not supposed to break into people's files.”
Chris nodded. “I want you to. Find out everything you can find out about this person. I'm going to check something with Buck. JD, what is her name?”
Looking down at the table, the younger man spoke. “Susan Knight. She's one of the new scientists.”
Nodding, Chris stood up. “Let me know what you find, and dig deep. I want to know how she got through the screenings.”
Hearing a soft grunt from the couch, Josiah looked up from his papers. He watched Buck wake up.
After a few minutes, Josiah spoke “Good Morning.”
Blinking and rubbing a hand through his hair, Buck yawned. “Its morning all ready?”
“Mid-afternoon, really.”
Shooting up, Buck cursed. Before Buck could take a step towards the door, Josiah stopped him. “Relax, Chris gave you the day off. You want to share why are you sleeping in here?”
Pulling at his stiff clothing, Buck sighed. “My room had a problem. Water leak.”
Josiah shook his head. “I doubt that. Otherwise, half the rooms by yours would be flooded out. So, what is the real reason?”
Settling back against the couch. Buck toed the floor for a moment, then ran his hands over his sleeves. Shaking his head, he looked up at Josiah. “Its nothing. Just a prank.”
Raising an eyebrow, the older man shook his head. “No, if it was just a prank you would have cleaned up enough to sleep and worry about it later. You wouldn't be on my couch, sleeping in wet clothing under an old blanket.”
“It isn't anything, just someone who is a little overzealous. It'll fade.”
Growling softly, Josiah shook his head. “This is more then someone being a little overzealous. This is someone who is obsessed with you. This is a stalker. Whoever this is, they aren't going to stop. They aren't going to lose interest.”
Shaking his head, Buck sighed. “It isn't anything. I can handle it.”
Quietly, Josiah stared at the younger man. With a slow sigh, he eyed the major. “You don't need to handle it alone. Just ...”
“Josiah it's fine. It's just.. I can handle it. I'll have a talk with her. She'll understand, it'll stop. Now, I need to go and change and have a talk.”
Opening his mouth to stop Buck, he shut it. Josiah knew he wasn't going have any luck with trying to convince Buck to wait. “Just be careful and let me know how it turns out.”
Grinning, Buck nodded, then left the office.
Josiah sighed. He had a strong feeling that this wasn't going to end well.
Three hours later, JD pushed himself away from the computer screen. He couldn't believe what he had found out. How this lady got through to Atlantis, he wanted to know.
Taking a deep breath, he clicked on his radio. “Chris?”
“Yeah, JD? You find out anything about this Susan Knight?”
“Nothing good. Somehow, no one picked up on the fact that she has a record for stalking. She has three restraining orders on her from various men from other assignments she's been on.”
“How did she get posted here?”
Rubbing his hand over his face for a second, he answered the question. “Seems her various supervisors hid the problems to get her out of their labs. Nothing is mentioned about her problems in her record.”
A soft growl then a slight curse, “Josiah said that Buck left to confront her. JD, let the others know that Susan is after Buck. Get them together in Josiah's office. We'll figure out where Susan is and find Buck. Once we have Buck, then we'll take care of Susan. I'm going to inform Travis and Weir quickly. Then I'll meet up with the rest of you.”
“Okay Chris, I'll tell the others.”
“Don't do anything without back up if you find her. And if she has Buck, just wait. We don't know what she'll do if she has him.”
“I'll be careful.”
Twenty minutes later found Chris entering Josiah's office. Looking around the room, he spotted JD. “JD, do you have any idea where Susan could be?”
Biting his lips for a second, JD nodded. “I think she has Buck hostage in Buck's room. It's locked and the override code didn't work.”
Chris nodded. “ You think she knows enough to override the codes?”
Josiah spoke up from his spot in the room. “If she's been watching Buck, I bet she has had the time to figure out what the override code was. Stalkers like her would know everything about Buck -- his habits, likes, dislikes, who he hangs out with. Everything about him.”
Vin eyed the blond. “You got a plan?”
Grinning, the Colonel nodded. “Yes, Weir and Travis want proof, and I want to get her away from Buck and off this station.”
Ezra cleared his throat. “, if we may ask, what is this great plan?”
Grinning rather like a shark, Chris motioned the group closer. “Well, what we'll do is...”
Looking around the empty corridor, JD took a deep breath. Raising his fist, he started to pound on Buck's door. “Buck! Buck! You need to get out here. You don't have the day off and Chris is getting pissed. Come on, open the door or Chris is going to have Vin blow it open, and you remember what happened last time!”
JD was almost surprised when Buck's door flew open and Susan was standing there, blocking any sight of the room beyond. “Buck is unavailable for any work. He needs to rest.”
Dropping the heavy backpack he was carrying in the doorway, JD frowned. “Susan? What are you doing in here?”
Glaring at the younger man, Susan straightened up. “I'm keeping Buck company. He needs someone to look after him. His 'friends' don't seem to care about him when he is hurt.”
JD frowned. “What do you mean when he is hurt? He was fine last time I saw him.”
Snorting at the statement, Susan rolled her eyes. “Fine! He was wet and cold all night, sleeping on a couch with just a thin blanket, then one of his teammates let him walk out of the room without making sure he was fine.”
Blinking at the lady, and taking a deep breath, JD tried to talk to her again. “Ms. Knight, I'm sure Josiah wouldn't have let him leave if he wasn't sure Buck was okay. Though, if Buck doesn't come out, Chris will come marching down this corridor and drag him out. He has a job to do, ma'am.”
Susan, for one second, seem to agree with JD. Stepping slightly back away from the door, she glancing away.
Seeing an opening, JD took a step closer to the door, and Susan suddenly whipped around. A gun appeared in her hand and she snarled at the younger man. “Don't come closer, you're just trying to lull me into a false sense of security. Don't come closer.”
Shaking his head, the young man tried to get through to the woman. “Susan, I wouldn't do that. I just want to see Buck.”
Turning slightly, so JD could see Buck, she whipped back around. “See? Go away now.”
“I can't. Susan, you have to let him go. Come with me so we can talk.”
Growling softly, Susan shook her head. “No. Now, go away or I'll shoot.”
JD help up his hands as the woman continued to point the weapon at him. “Look, just put it down and we can talk.”
The women shook her head and shrieked out, “He's mine! You'll take him away from me. You followed me here, you want to keep us separated and never let us see each other!”
Looking beyond the crazed woman, JD's worried gaze fell on the bound Buck. Even more worrisome were the cuts oozing blood. “No, I won't be. I need to talk to him.”
The women backed up, pointing the gun at Buck. “No, you will not separate me from my one true love. We will be together for eternity.”
Glancing slightly to the side, JD bit his lip in worry. Finally, his eyes widened and he looked squarely back at Susan. “Susan, just put the weapon down. We wouldn't want to hurt Buck.”
Glaring at the man, the deranged woman walked backward towards Buck with her gun still aimed at JD. Stopping next to the bound man, she reached out a hand and petted Buck's hair. “No, I won't hurt him. You, on the other hand, would continue to harm him.”
“Susan, it's a misunderstanding. You don't know all of the facts.”
“I know all of the facts! I've watched these last months, I've seen the hours of you leaving him alone when he is hurt. Letting him struggle to keep up. Making fun of him. If you cared, you would have noticed. You would have seen the hurts you've plastered on him, making fun of him. He is safer with me. Only with me will he be safe. Well, and protected. Forever.”
JD's voice wavered slightly, “Susan, let's talk? Please?”
For a single moment, the gun wasn't pointed at anyone.
JD dove for the floor.
A loud pop was heard.
Two hooks sprang from where JD had been standing, clawing their way to Susan. Once they attached themselves, the volts of the stun gun shocked her , causing her to drop the gun and fall to the floor.
On the other end of the hooks, Vin held the stun gun. He didn't didn't let the trigger go until Susan was being held down by Josiah and Nathan, who had rushed in at Vin's signal.
The smell of antiseptic and the soft beeping and murmurs of conversation drew the sleeping man awake. Blinking slowly, he winced at first, then after a few seconds his eyes adjusted. Stretching slightly, he realized that he was sore and had a few minor injuries, but nothing too bad.
With a deep breath he turned his head to the side, where he had heard the voices, and frowned at Chris and JD, both of who looked like they needed a good night sleep. Licking his lips, he asked. “What happened?”
Sharing a look, Chris spoke up. “You don't remember?”
Closing his eyes for a second, Buck searched his memory. Popping his eyes open, he cursed. “I didn't know she would do that. “
Glaring softly at Buck, Chris shook his head. “You had to have an idea. When you first started receiving the gifts, you should have shared that something wrong was going on.”
Buck looked away for a second then spoke up. “I didn't think it was serious. The first couple of gifts were odd, but I figured they would stop if I didn't mention them.”
JD shook his head. “But they didn't. You didn't say anything to anyone about it. What I heard, I heard through rumor and overhearing. You didn't share with anyone that something was going on.”
Looking down at his hands, Buck fingered the blanket over him. “I didn't think it would go this far. I figured I would get a chance to take care of it. Let her know that her attentions weren't warranted.”
Growling softly, Chris shook his head. “What part of her kidnapping you, tying you up, drugging you and trying to kill you! What part of this sounds like something that asking her politely to stop would work?”
Shrugging his shoulders, Buck sighed. Before he could open his mouth, JD piped up. “What Chris said. You're supposed to trust us, but you didn't feel like you could share this with us?”
Buck was silent for a long minute, looking everywhere but at Chris and JD. Finally, with a deep breath , he spoke. “I do trust you. All of you.” Looking slightly embarrassed, Buck continued, “Its just I -- thought I could handle it. Besides, we were all busy.”
A voice from behind the group answered that statement. “That, Mister Wilmington, isn't an excuse that you would not have let any of us use. So how you think that it would work for you is preposterous.”
Looking at the other four members of the team showing up. Buck swallowed. Sighing, he eyed the group. “I'm sorry, all right? I didn't think she was dangerous, just misguided.”
The rest of the team, pulling chairs, settled around Buck's bed. Chris, nodding to each member, turned back to Buck. “We saw your room. We saw the presents. We heard her ranting once she woke up. She wasn't misguided, and we're going to talk this out until you get it though your thick skull that you need to share this with us as soon as possible. Because we're your family and we worry about you. So, I would start talking.”
With a look at the rest of the guys, Buck took a deep breath and started to talk.
The End


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