Seven Who Shined

by Amelia

He stood staring at the full tree,

covered in white ribbons of children's dreams.

A spark of hope they carried still,

though pain and loss they've only known to deal.

He let his eyes travel through all the names,

tied with string on the branches holding there flame.

He heard the lady say how sad she was,

for not a single child had been claimed.

Shocked he felt course through his blood and bone,

how could no one care, how could they condone.

A single tear runs down his face,

as memories of himself, same place same case.

His spark of hope begun to lose so long ago,

when all he lost, all alone and no one to know.

'No' he cries inside his mind,

as six brothers join his side.

One look and they know sharing his heart's pain,

together they vow another will not know the same.

A single step with each hands reach and strip the tree,

bare now of ribbons for one soul was the key.

They gathered the wishes for all angels hung,

this year none would be forgotten they sung.

One had stopped and stared in memory's bind,

but in the end it was seven who shined....