Playing in the Mud

by Amelia

Chris looked at the members of his team. They had been planning for this day for weeks. When they woke this morning little did they know what fate had in store. It would make things interesting, but as always they would pull together and make it work....

"But I don´t understand; there was nothing on the news last night. The weather man even said it would be sunny and clear today" JD stated as he stared out like the others at what laid in front of them.

"It is sunny and clear today JD. This happened during the night," Buck said, smacking JD´s hat off his head.

"The question now is, what shall we do? The children from the Enter City Center will be here within the hour. It is much too late to cancel on them, which would surely upset them for as long as they have been waiting for this day. We need a plan of action gentlemen and I dare say we need one quickly," Ezra expressed with concern as he finally forced his eyes away from the view that mocked him.

"We do just what we planned." Vin shrugged simply reaching down grabbing the duffel bag at his feet.

"Mr. Tanner just how do you suggest we do that. Look out there, just look. The entire field is one giant soggy bog!"

"It´s water, won´t kill ya" Vin assured.

"I´m sure the kids won´t mind. They´ll probably think it´s great, as hot as it has been the last couple of days." Josiah grinned, picking up the other duffel bags.

"But....but where there is water gentlemen, there is usually mud" Ezra announced as if that was a fact of great importance.

"Yep, it´ll make sliding into home a lot easier" Vin agreed, the laughter easily heard in his voice.

"Surely you ...." Ezra began, but seeing the others head on out to the rain soaked field knew his words were falling on deaf ears. Shaking his head, he followed the others, walking carefully so not to get his new tennis shoes muddy, nor the edges of his new jeans wet.

"Hey Ezra - Catch." Vin called.

Looking up Ezra saw the softball coming down just a bit in front of him. Forgetting and quickly moving forward, he caught the ball at the same time his feet slid in the wet grass, coming down and landing in one of the many mud puddles.

Jogging over Vin held out his hand to help him up, not even trying to hide the laughter.

Ezra, grabbing his hand and at the same time swinging his leg, brought Vin down beside him and into the same mud puddle.

Sitting up, still smiling, Vin asked, "Feel better?"

Thinking about it for a moment while looking over to their other friends who were laughing at them, Ezra looked back to Vin. "Some what I suppose, but I do believe I know something that shall make us both feel better."

"Yep, had the same thought myself. While we wait for the kids how about a little tackle softball?"

Nodding, the two got up out of the mud, walking toward their friends with the appearance of helping lay out the bases.

"Hey Buck! Bet JD can do better than you" Vin yelled, throwing the softball toward the two, knowing what would happen.

Buck, running backwards, watching the balls descent, didn´t see JD doing the same until they collided and fell into the wet, muddy grass.

Nathan and Josiah, turning and watching the collision, never saw Vin and Ezra come up behind them, sand bagging them both in a tackle.

Six men rolled to their backsides laughing as they looked at each other.

"Ya know something´s missing," Vin stated, getting up and walking toward Chris.

"Vin, don´t even think about it" Chris stated, trying to use his most intimidating glare.

Vin giving him a grin back, letting him know it didn´t even faze him, kept coming toward him.

Chris matching his steps while backing away noticed that the others were circling in on him and he knew he only had one option. "Well, if you can´t beat them, join them." He grinned with a smile, then took off, tackling Vin and Buck who were standing by him. All three hit the mud, sliding.


Judge Travis, as well as some of the other ATF agents who had shown up to help play in the baseball games, as well as grill hamburgers and hotdogs for the kids outing, stood there staring in shock at the site that was before them. A few moments later as the first bus of kids pulled in, Judge Travis said to Martinez, the leader of Team 3, "Well I guess it´s true. Those who work together, play together," as the two men took one last look at the best known ATF team rolling around in the mud wrestling.....

The End