Christmas Eve

by Megan

Disclaimer: Mag 7 doesn't belong to me

Characters – All Seven

Candy cane striped, gold, silver, red, green, white as snow, all massed together in a jumble of wires, connecting to various switches and circuits. Gloved hands hovered above the wires, one of the hands was holding wire cutters. The fingers of the unburdened hand traced each wire, hovering a few centimeters over them. Finally, the hand burdened with the wire cutters paused. Grasping the white wire with the wire cutters, the tool closed its jaws around its prey....


Snap! echoed in the room, as the dying fire tried to sustain itself on the wood that it had left to eat. Turning his back on the white snowing sight outside his window, Chris moved over to the fireplace.

Grabbing the poker, he prodded the fire for a moment. With a soft sigh, he settled the poker back with the rest of the tools.

Standing up, he headed to his armchair. Relaxing into the armchair, he stared at the rather large and oddly decorated tree.

There were sprinkled, throughout the tree, traditional ornaments with the more garnished Christmas ornaments, old ornaments with new. Garland that looked like it was thrown on, and a single candy cane, hanging from the top branch, just below the star.

The lone survivor from the candy cane massacre, that had happen earlier in the week. Staring at the piece of candy, Chris couldn't help but smile. The rate at which JD and Vin had eaten the others and the frustration they both had when they realized what Nathan had done with the last candy cane, the glares from both agents to Nathan had been interesting.

With a soft sigh, he leaned back against the chair. He never though he would enjoy Christmas again after Sarah and Adam. Though now, he was looking forward to tomorrow, with the rest of the men. At least it will be one day where the team wouldn't be in a dangerous situation.

Taking a drink from his glass, Chris allowed the lights of the trees to lull him into a light doze.

The sudden sound of a ring jolted Chris out of memories and back to the real world.

With a frown, Chris got up and grabbed his cell phone. Seeing the number on it, he hit the answer button and spoke into it. "Hello?"


Green, that would be the next wire to meet its demise by the wire cutters.

The hands paused for a second as the thumps and shouts from above drifted down to the room. After a few minutes, the wire cutters moved to the green wire. Lining up with the wire, the cutters slammed down upon the wire. With a soft....


A soft ding! broke the silence of the church as the first notes of the song started.

Josiah joined the rest of the church patrons in singing, as the last notes faded into the pine scented air from the evergreens spaced around the church.

He closed his eyes for a moment, allowing the silence that fell after the song finished to drag him into reflection. He had never thought he would enjoy this holiday again. He never thought he would be back in a church enjoying the service or have a place to go the next day with family.

The thought of family brought a smile to his face. Seven men, more different then similar, yet they had formed into a tight knit family.

One that, for every quirk and difference, drew them tighter together.

With a short prayer, Josiah started to gather his coat and head into the night. Just as he stepped out of the church, his cell phone rang.

Frowning, he reached into his coat and pulled out the phone. Flipping it open, he hit the answer button. "What's going on?"


The wire that reminded one of candy canes was the next one to catch the attention of the cutters. The cutters hung there over the wire for several moments. It was if the hands that were holding the wire cutters were waiting for something.

Though the wait was cut short as the wire cutters suddenly seemed to appear with the wire between its jaws.

With a quick cut, the cutters slid through the wire as if it was butter, letting the two ends of the wire separate as if someone had snapped them in half...


Just catching half of the candy cane as it fell from his mouth, Vin stared at the red and white striped piece of candy.

After a few healthy crunches, Vin tossed the other half of the doomed candy cane into his mouth.

He reached into the bag and frowned when his hand came back out empty.

With a slight sigh, he turned back to his job. Picking up the last present to wrap, he grabbed the striped paper.

After several minutes of work, the last present for the kids and family for tomorrow was set.

As he placed the package in its correct pile, the first volunteer to deliver the gifts arrived.

With a grin to the volunteer, Vin gave the person the bag of gifts for their delivery.

Faster then the sniper thought, all of the presents were gone, and the once full room was empty.

With a large smile, he turned off the lights, grabbed his jacket, and headed outside of the building.

Reaching his jeep, he couldn't help but feel good.

He had helped out almost fifty families with gifts this year, and tomorrow he would join the rest of the team for their own Christmas.

Something he never thought he would have: a family to celebrate the holiday with. He no longer the one who took the duty on the day, unless it was with the rest of the Seven.

With a a faint sigh, he got into his jeep, ready to head to his apartment, when his phone rang.

Frowning, he reached in his coat pocket and grabbed it. Flipping it open, he answered. "Hello?"


Gold, the color of riches. The wire almost sparkled. The hands traced the wire for several seconds. With almost regret, the wire cutters appeared.

With a long pause, as if the cutters seemed regretful for having to cut the golden wire, they did, with a solid snip.


Gold almost seemed to drip down the walls, with the lights and soft music making the charity ball the place to be for the night. Ezra wondered again why he was here.

He hadn't planned at being at this ball, but a pleading call from a daughter of a friend to his mother had gotten him here.

Looking at the crowd, Ezra sighed. He had lost the woman within the first few minute of walking into the room.

With a soft groan, he turned back to the bar and grabbed a drink.

Staring at the golden liquid in his glass, Ezra moved his gaze to the mob in the ballroom.

Seeking out the golden dress of his "date", he smiled, rather like a shark, when finally spotting it.

Moving swiftly through the crowd and reaching his "date", he spoke up. "Darling, they have called for the final dance in almost minute. Can I have the last dance with you?"

The woman turned, her gold dress catching the light from the flickering lights. "I almost forgot about you. I thank you for taking me, but I've met Rob here. He is taking me out for drinks. If that is all right?"

Ezra tried to not to growl at the lady. With a few words of goodbye, he turned and left the ballroom.

Stepping outside, he took a deep breath. Shaking his head, he couldn't believe that he used to enjoy these events.

Handing his ticket to the valet, he waited for his car to be pulled up. As it arrived, he heard his cell phone ring. (pulled up. As it)

Tipping the valet, he entered the call, flipping open his cell phone. "Hello?" 7777777

Silver. The hands noticed that this wire had a slight shine to it, as if someone had dipped it in glitter before putting it into the bomb. The wire cutters grazed along the wire, tracing the dips and curves of it. With a pause, as the hands were a bit more rushed now, they clipped the wire, allowing the glittering wire to fall apart...


The glittering silver paper was quickly unwrapped from the gift. The oohs and aahs from the receiver made JD smiled. "You like it, Casey?"

Casey smiled at JD. "Yes, but it's too much, we had a limit."

JD grinned as he wrapped an arm around his girlfriend. "We did and I stayed in the limit."

"But how?"

Chuckling softly, JD told the story. "I got it on Black Friday. Seems Buck and Vin are really good at sniffing out bargains and plotting how to get the item. I didn't ask, or want to know, how they got it at the price they did."

As her hand petted the silver case, she smiled at JD. "I'll thank those two later, but it's just what I wanted."

Looking at the small notebook computer, JD grinned. The favors he owed the two men, made it totally worth the look on Casey's face.

Grinning, Casey sighed, "I'm sorry I won't be here tomorrow."

JD shook his head. "Its okay, I understand. Besides, I'll be up at Chris's."

Before anything else could be said, Casey picked up her bag. "I should head down to the plane."

Nodding, the young agent kissed his girlfriend goodbye. "Have fun, and don't worry about me,. Nothing is going to happen."

"I know. Just take care of everyone."

Nodding, JD watched as Casey headed through the checkpoint.

With a sigh, the young agent turned and headed for his car. He barely got half-way there before his phone went off.

Reaching down, he answered it. "Hello?"


Red. The red wire was the only one left. The wire cutter almost seem to sigh in relief. They paused for one second, making sure he didn't see another wire or trap hidden next to the wire.

After a long second, the wire cutters moved to the red wire, keeping it between their jaws.

Within a second the jaws of the wire cutter cut the last wire. As the wire fell into two, there seemed to be quiet sigh of a breath's release.


The bright red of his paramedic bag was the first thing that Nathan saw when he opened his eyes. With a soft grunt, he pulled himself off the cot he was resting on.

He had planned to spend the night with Raine, as she had, but she suddenly had several days off. Nathan knew she had wanted to spend the holiday with her family, and had driven her to the airport that morning.

Since Raine was gone, he had taken a shift of one of the paramedics. He needed the hours and the man was happy to give them.

With a sigh, he looked at his watch. Shaking his head, he saw he still had three hours before he could head out of the place.

Getting up from the bed, he grabbed his bag and headed out into the hallway. He didn't get much farther than the nurses station when he spotted a nurse go pale white.

Rushing over, he started talking softly and calmly to the nurse. "Is something wrong? Anything I can do."

The nurse took a deep breath, then spoke. "It was a man. He said he placed a bomb into the basement of the hospital. It's set to go off at midnight. He said if he saw any police or us evacuating, he would blow the bomb early."

Nathan was silent for a moment. "Okay, just relax. Look, I know who is on for the bomb squad tonight. I'll give him a call. He'll come in undercover. I want you, though, to go to each floor and talk with the nurses and get the patients ready to leave if they need to."

The nurse nodded. Taking a deep breath, she headed off.

Nathan rubbed his face with his hand. This was not the way Christmas Eve should go.

With a groan, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. Hearing the phone on the other end get picked up., he spoke. "Buck, there's a problem..."


The hands removed themselves from the bomb, but not after double checking each connection to make sure it was truly disarmed.

After what seemed like an eternity, the hand reached up and removed his helmet.

The dark blues eyes stared at the the now defunct bomb.

Reaching for his radio, he clicked it back on. "Nate, it's clear. You can let the others in now and return anyone who left back to the hospital."

"I'll tell them. How are you?"

"Ready to get out of this room. Once I get the bomb set to travel, I'll head out."

"You've been in there for over an hour. Can't you leave that for someone else? I want to check you over."

"I'm fine Nate, just tired. Once this device is safely stored, I'll let you check me over then."

Buck could hear the almost growl over the phone from Nathan.

"It'll take me a minute to look you over, Buck. You can come back and oversee the others removing the bomb."

"Nate, I could just have the bomb secured and removed, then get checked over by you."

For a minute, Buck thought he might of won. Then, instead of Nathan's voice over the phone, he heard a voice he didn't expect. "Buck, listen to Nathan."

"Chris? Shouldn't you be at home, sipping on some eggnog or something?"

A soft growl, then. "I was, then Nathan called me about you defusing a bomb and that I shouldn't bother coming down, that he was just calling me to let me know."

"You shouldn't have come, there was nothing you could do. Besides, Nate was here."

"Buck, it doesn't matter. Listen to Nathan. The other techs here can dismantle the bomb."

Sighing, the bomb expert glared at the phone. Eying the door to the room, he wondered if he could just lock it and do the disassemble himself. Smiling faintly at the idea, Buck finally spoke back into the phone. "Fine. Once the bomb techs are in here and I let them know how they need to do it."

Hanging up the phone before Chris could say anything, Buck greeted the techs. After fifteen minutes of making sure the techs were disabling the bomb right, the bomb expert finally left the small basement room of the hospital that he had just spent a little over an hour in.

Avoiding the patients that were still coming in from the outdoors, he made his way to where the police had set up their staging point.

Reaching the area, Buck paused for a moment. Finding the person in charge, he smiled slightly. "Reilley, how did you get stuck here?Thought you had the day off."

Turning around, the older grey-haired man smiled. "Lost a bet. The bomb safe?"

"Yes, it's being packed as we talk. Once they're done, I'll sign off and get my report to you."

Waving a hand, Reilley shook his head. "It can wait. Just write up your notes. Then get some sleep."

Buck grinned slightly. "I'll get my report to you in a few days. Nate around here somewhere?"

"You mean Nathan and the rest of your team? Yes, I believe I heard Chris mutter something about coal for Christmas."

Laughing, Buck finally said his goodbye to Reilley. Within moments, he found the rest of the team. Blinking, Buck sighed. He had a feeling he was going to get a lecture.


Nathan was the first one to spot Buck heading towards the group. Alerting the rest of the group, they surrounded their bomb expert.

"You were suppose to come straight out;" Nathan barked out.

Buck smiled. "You were only to call Chris, not the rest of the team and have them come down here."

Nathan sighed. "You ever try to make this group not do something?"

Buck shrugged. "I'm fine."

"Let Nate decide that Buck. Then we're all heading up to the ranch. Tonight."

Staring at Chris, the bomb expert frowned. "I don't have my stuff and I was planning on coming up later."

Ezra spoke up from behind Buck. "Mr. Larabee has decided that since we're all here, we all need to head up to the ranch tonight. Since it is early morning, your shift is over."

"What about the bomber? What if he strikes again?"

JD bounced . "No problem, Buck. We caught him. It seems he was complaining about the lack of news coverage and people panicking at the hospital because of the bomb, on the phone to a reporter. Josiah overheard him, and arrested him. The police went to his house, and found all the bomb making tools and stuff. Its all set."

Shaking his head in disbelief, Buck said, "I don't think I've heard a case finished quicker. So, once the bomb is packaged, I'll head out."

Nathan grinned. "Good. While you wait, I'll going to check you over."

Surrounded by the rest of the team, Buck sighed. He wasn't going to get out of Nathan's once over.


Eight hours later found the team at Chris's ranch, surrounding the Christmas tree that Chris had been staring at the previous night.

Buck, who had his hands wrapped around Chris's largest mug filled with hot coffee, glared at Nathan. "I'm fine."

The medic grinned from his seat. "I'm sure you are, but you spent two hours last night working on your 'notes'"

Shrugging his shoulders, the bomb expert yawned. "Needed to get it written down at once."

Vin grinned from his chair near the brightly wrapped packages under the tree. "So the neatly typed report on Chris's desk in the den is what?"

Shifting, Buck shrugged his shoulders. "I's done."

As the group laughed, Buck tried to change the subject. "So, who gets to open a present first?"

The End