The Strays AU Fact Sheet
This is an open AU. Feel free to play. In order to create some consistency, please use the information below as a guide to general canon within stories.
The Strays Bed & Breakfast is located in the fictional community of Four Corners, Colorado, which is located between Boulder and Denver on the Front Range. It is south of Nederland and Rollinsville, north of Central City and Blackhawk (two gambling towns that Ezra will be very familiar with), and west of Golden (where Chris has his small horse ranch). It is located along State Highway 119 between the Roosevelt National Forest to the west, and Golden Gate Canyon State Park to the southeast. The elevation there is around 8,200 feet.
The community itself has about 2,500 people who live in town, and a total of about 1,500 residents when you include the folks living in the area surrounding the town itself. So it's a little bigger than Nederland, CO but not by too much.
The mayor of Four Corners is former Judge Orin Travis. The local paper is the Clarion, and the owner and editor in chief is Mary Travis, Orin's daughter-in-law.
There are a total of three B&Bs in town, including The Strays. The other two are completely "normal."
The Strays B&B is a three-story, 30-room, Victorian era stone mansion with Gothic Revival and Queen Ann elements. It sits on seven acres of land. An eight foot stone fence surrounds three acres on which the house, the old servants' quarters, the old coach house, and the car barn sit. You have to be buzzed in through the main wrought iron gate to get access to the driveway taking you up to the buildings. There is a horseshoe shaped driveway that runs up in front of the house and then down along the front of the car barn. There is a smaller, six foot stone fence that runs from the rear of the mansion and encloses the coach house, servants' quarters, and backyard area. You have to be buzzed past a second gate to enter this backyard area, unless you go out into it from inside the house. The "library" has French doors that open onto the backyard.
The house itself covers about 25,000 square feet. It has 15 bedrooms, 2 parlors, one large dining room, and a small library with wet bar, which makes up the commercial side of The Strays, the actual working B&B, which Mrs. Potter manages. The remaining 11 rooms in the main house are the kitchen (large), the large library (is the usually gathering place; Josiah also has a desk in this room, but it is not his official office), Josiah's office, Nathan and Rain's quarters (consisting of a bedroom, a sitting room, and a master bath), Josiah's living quarters (a bedroom, a sitting room, and a master bath), a safe/weapon's room, and a great room for the hunters to gather in (this has sofas, fireplace, large screen TV, and a pool table). There is a basement wine cellar, and a small one bedroom basement apartment where Mrs. Potter lives. There is also an attic that is used for storage. There is a small spare bedroom up there as well, although it is seldom used.
The old servants' quarters are where Buck, JD, Chris, Vin, and Ezra have their bedrooms. The rooms are set up so that two bedrooms (Buck's and JD's) share one bathroom; another two bedrooms (Chris' and Vin's) share another bathroom, and the final bedroom (Ezra's) has a master bath and a sitting room like in the main house. These are on the second floor of the old servants' quarters. Nathan's office, as well as the infirmary, takes up the entire basement under the servant's quarters. There is also a library, a living room/great room, a dining room, and a kitchen on the first floor.
The old coach house has been set up to accommodate hunters passing through. The coach house can hold up to 14 people in seven bedrooms. There are four full baths and two half baths, a living/great room, and a kitchen in the coach house. The basement has been set up as a gym and training room that the team and visiting hunters use.
"Chief," the man who trained Josiah's and Nathan's fathers, was a Native American shaman, who was also a Fallen who had opted to do good in the world. Chief had The Strays built in the late 1870s, and he ended up with a bottomless pot of gold, which is hidden on the grounds – only Josiah knows where.
Ezra is one of one of the "psychic children" who was touched by the Yellow-eyed demon (Ezra's vision 1). His father might or might not have been a hunter who had figured out that the demon was making these psychic children. Ezra's gift is that of visions. They can come spontaneously, but are more often triggered when he touches an item. If you want a sense of what these vision are like, check out the visions of Derek Rayne in the series Poltergeist: The Legacy.
The demon who killed Sarah and Adam is a red-eyed fellow (bits of Ezra's vision 1), and he was summoned by Ella Gains with the help of Cletus Flower. Sarah and Chris met in their senior year of High School. Before that Chris and Ella had been a "couple" since Junior High. Chris and Sarah married the summer they graduated (she was already pregnant with Adam). Chris entered the military and met Buck in boot camp. They served together for four years; Chris' parents died while he was serving, first his dad and then his mom a couple of years later. He inherited the horse ranch in Golden from them. Chris' mom was a high school English teacher and his dad was a firefighter who, after an injury, returned to school and became a college professor.
At the end of their enlistment, Chris and Buck joined the Denver Police Department. It was in their first year as cops that Sarah an Adam are killed. Buck was Adam's godfather. Chris and Buck quit the PD to go after the demon and ended up meeting Josiah, who agreed to train them as hunters.
By 2005, when the team is all together (corresponding with the start of the first season of Supernatural), the boys' ages are as follows:
Dr. Josiah Sanchez, 48, Ph.D. in Classical Studies, fluent in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Japanese. Gifted researcher when it comes to books, texts, artifacts, and the like. Go to man for an exorcism. He can also summon ghosts and the like in rituals. Not exactly a psychic, but a ritual medium.
Dr. Nathan Jackson, 41, a medical doctor, fluent in Greek, Latin, and German.
Rain Levi Jackson, 37, a registered nurse, fluent in Latin and French. She has the gift of healing via the laying on of hands.
Chris Larabee, 34, ex-military, ex-police officer. Good, but not yet completely fluent in Latin, unless he is reading it from a text.
Buck Wilmington, 33, ex-military, ex-police officer. His Latin isn't as good as it should be, which can get him into trouble at times.
JD Dunne, 24, masters degree in computer science, in the PhD program at Denver university, but only part time. Fluent in Latin, and pretty good at Greek. JD has a budding gift with ghosts who haven't gone "bad" yet, sort of a Ghost Whisperer ability to see and talk to them, but it's haphazard at best and uncontrollable at this point. He can grow into a medium over time.
Ezra Standish, 27, grifter, gambler, fluent in Latin, Greek, French, Creole, and Chinese. He has visions, often via psychometry, which he has no control over. If you hand him something, nine times out of ten nothing happens. But that tenth time will often occur when it's the least convenient.
Vin Tanner, 25, recently left the military, fluent in Aramaic and Hebrew, as well as Greek, Latin, and several Native American languages (including Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache). He has the gift of being able to astral travel, and dream-walk. He and Chris have an uncanny sense of knowing how to kill things they haven't run into before, an intuitive sense of what will work best, unfortunately that doesn't mean that what they need will necessarily be on hand.
Vin is a Champion, the son of an archangel (in this case Michael) and a human mother. Each of the seven archangels has fathered a child (4 boys and 3 girls) who are champions. The archangels did this without the Heavenly hosts knowing about it. These children are not, therefore, nephilim. Nephilim are the children of the Fallen and human beings. The Fallen are the angels who fell from heaven along with Lucifer. Some of the Fallen have grown good over time, but they cannot return to Heaven. Others are bad. The nephilim and Champions come into their powers when they are around 18 years old. The Powers are angels who hunt the Fallen and the nephilim. They do not know about the Champions, so they think they are nephilim and will hunt them as well, but the Champions are harder to kill than the Fallen or the nephilim. If you want more information on the Fallen, Powers and nephilim, check out the miniseries The Fallen (co-starring Rick Worthy).
Supernatural canon is the canon for this universe, and what the Seven are doing as hunters will be impacted by which season of Supernatural you choose to write in.
You can assume Bobbie and Josiah stay in touch on a fairly regular basis and that they know each other, respect each other and call each other friends. Josiah and Nathan will have met John Winchester, as well as Sam and Dean, but when the brothers were still kids or in their early teens.
Individuals who show up in Supernatural, like Bella, can also show up in world of The Strays. They should remain true to their canon depictions in Supernatural.
The vehicles in the car barn:
Josiah's 2002 Land Rover, black
Nathan's 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, silver
Rain's 2005 Mini Cooper, pale silvery blue
Chris' 2003 Dodge Ram, black
Buck's vintage late-1960s Ford Mustang, tricked out so it hauls ass, royal blue
Ezra's 2005 Porsche 987 Boxster, silver
JD's 2004 Pontiac GTO, maroon
Vin's 2000 Jeep Wrangler, dark green (this is a reliable vehicle!)
There are two other Land Rovers that belong to The Strays B&B, both 2003 and both a light silvery sage green. Mrs. Potter uses one to do errands and the like, and the other is a backup vehicle.
There is an empty space in the barn where JD and Vin have their motorcycles. Both are Big Dog's. JD's is the Bulldog style (so Casey can ride on the back; maroon, silver and gold) and Vin's is the Coyote model (dark blue and silver)
Chris' horse ranch is the Rocking S. It is located west of Golden, CO a little higher into the foothills. It is between White Ranch Open Space Park and Golden Gate Canyon State Park off Colorado Road 57, also called Drew Hill Road. Homestead Road runs along the eastern side of the ranch. Vin is keeping Peso at Chris' ranch, and the others all have their own mounts there as well.
Chris = Pony, a black quarter horse gelding
Vin = Peso, a black mixed breed including mustang gelding
Josiah = Preacher, a bay quarter horse/thoroughbred gelding
Nathan = Triage, a buckskin quarter horse gelding
Rain = Thumper, a grey quarter horse/Cob mare
Buck = Ghost, a grey quarter horse/Arab gelding
JD = Lady, a bay quarter horse mare
Ezra = Casino, a chestnut hunter-jumper/thoroughbred gelding (former Olympic horse)