White Raven

by Kathy M

ATF Universe

Main Characters: Vin and JD

"Hey JD, did you get us a good snack?"

"Nuh uh," said JD, sadly shaking his head. "Just carrots."

"Didn't you give them the look?" asked Vin, grabbing a couple of carrots.

"I tried, but Da didn't look at me and Chris just said they'd call us soon for lunch." JD sighed and sat on the porch steps munching a carrot.

"Hey, Vin, what's that up there? Is it a eagle?"

"Nope," said Vin after peering skyward for a second. "Looks like a raven."

"That's a big crow, right?"

"No, it's a different type a bird, bigger, they gots really big nests. I think even the babies is bigger than crows. You don't see that many here."

"How comes you al'ays knows this stuff?"

"Dunno, just do. Hey JD, did ya'know what ravens used ta be white?"

"Nuh uh."

"Yep, my gran'da told me that a really long time ago, I guess maybe like a bazillion years ago, ravens was white as snow. They was real beautiful, then the evil sky tribe stole the sun and it was always dark and cold and the peoples really needed the sun so the raven flew and flew and flew and found the sun hidden down this really tall chimney and raven flew down and rescued the sun and taked it outta the chimney and threw it back in the sky, and it was sunny and warm again, but raven got all black from the chimney and he wasn't so beautiful no more, but he saved all the peoples in the whole world."

"Wow, like a real superhero," said JD excitedly, hopping up with his arms out wide, flapping them up and down as he flew around the porch, then plopped down beside Vin again.

"Yeah, but that raven he can be a real trickster too," said Vin sagely, "full of mischief, sort of like you."

"Me?" beamed JD.

"Yep, the stories I could tell you that my gran'da told me."

"Really, do you gots lots more stories like that?"

"Yeah, gots some, but I can't'member them all no more."

"Oh, sorry," said JD softly.

"S'ok," said Vin, "I'member some, and I bets Unca'Ezra or Unca' Siah can help us get a Indian story book from the library."

"Yeah, I bet they can," nodded JD happily.

"Boys! Lunchtime!"

The End