Stress Relieving

by Freespirit

It was late in the afternoon, and the guys were tired, and a little on edge. Ezra and Vin were undercover for three weeks, and after all their hard work, the DEA came in and closed the case. That meant the bad guys got to go free. Apparently, they had immunity. Team seven were fit to be tied, to say the least.

Ezra was proof reading his report when Chris came out of his office.

“Is everyone about done with their reports?” Chris asked.

“Mine’s printing now, cowboy.” Vin answered.

“Mine’s done to.” Buck said as he tossed a nurf ball at JD.

“Cut it out Buck. And mine’s done to, Chris.” JD said as the ball bounced off his head.

“Mine too.” Nathan said.

“As is mine.” Josiah said.

“All I have is to finish proof reading, and then print it, and I too, will be done.” Ezra said as he finished proof reading.

“Good. I’m headed for the saloon, any one joining me?” Chris said as he put his coat on and headed for the elevator.

“Count me in, Pard.” Buck said grabbing his coat.

“I will meet up with you gentlemen at our usual table when I am through here.” Ezra said, sending his report to the copy machine.

Ezra was told to hurry it up and his usual drink would be waiting for him when he got there.

Down in the parking garage, the six men are walking to their vehicles, when buck stops and swears.

“What is it buck?” JD asked.

“Oh, nothing, I just forgot something back at my desk. I’ll meet ya’ll at the saloon.”

Buck quickly goes to his desk and opens the bottom draw. As he closes it after getting the package he came back for, he hears a strange popping noise coming from the copy room. Slowly, he makes his way to the room and peers inside.

“What the?” Buck said smiling.

Ezra didn’t hear Buck return to the offices, so was startled when Buck suddenly appeared in the door way of the copy room. “Mr. Wilmington, do you mind not sneaking around.”

“What have you got, Ezra?” Buck asked as Ezra was trying to hide something behind his back.

“It is nothing. Please leave.”

“Bull, you’re hiding something.” Buck said coming into the room.

Ezra backed into the room a little further, keeping the object behind him and out of Buck’s prying eyes. “It is nothing. I found it in the waist basket and,” Ezra sighed, “Could not resist the temptation,” Ezra takes the object from behind his back and shows Buck what it is, “Of popping it. It is a very good stress reliever.”

“Bubble wrap?” Buck howled.

“Yes, well, as I said, it is a very good stress reliever. And believe me, Mr. Wilmington, I am entitled to some stress relief.”

“Better not let Chris know you have that.” Buck said smiling.

“And why ever not?”

“Because, when it comes to bubble wrap, Chris has to pop it. When he and Sarah moved out here, she had to hide it from Chris so she would have it to wrap her dishes and breakables in it. He can not resist it. If he knew that was in here, you wouldn’t have had a chance to pop it.”

Ezra smiled as the image of Chris sitting at his desk popping bubble wrap and glaring at any one who dared to take it from him. “I guess I will have to save him some. Perhaps then, he will not be so incline to remove my head from my shoulders when he receives my expense report.”

“Don’t bet on it.” Buck smiled

The End