Unexpected Meeting


Vin Tanner and Buck Wilmington were on the elevator in route to the first floor to leave the Federal Building for lunch. They were discussing the various places they could go eat when the elevator stopped and a new passenger stepped aboard. Buck immediately took in the lovely woman while Vin eyed the sack of food she carried from a local deli near by. She didn’t pay them any attention as the doors closed and the car started descending again.

It was a few minutes before Vin teasingly suggested to Buck, “You distract her and I’ll grab the food.”

The woman turned, glancing at Buck before eyeing Vin. Their eyes locked before she spoke. “You’ll have better luck the other way around.”

Vin’s eyes widened a fraction as she watched him. “That so?”

“Mmhuh,” she said, eyeing him up and down before stepping closer, completely ignoring the other man. Still keeping eye contact, she added, “Or we could go out to lunch.” A slow grin quirked her lips before she added, “Now.”

A matching grin spread across Vin’s face. “Alright,” he agreed as the elevator stopped at the first floor and the doors opened.

Buck automatically took the sack that was pushed into his chest and watched dumbfounded as Vin and the woman stepped out of the elevator. He didn’t see Vin hit the eleventh floor button again before walking away with her. He only heard Vin ask, “What’s your preference?”

“Mexican,” came the woman’s reply.

“My favorite,” Vin announced.

“Mine too.”

The elevator doors closed and the car raised sending Buck back to where he came from.