Saying Good-Bye

by Lyn

Many thanks to the writers and the PTB who brought us this show, the actors who brought the characters to life and to Mog for creating the ATF universe.

The five men walked slowly toward the back of the barn. A large bonfire was already burning with Josiah and Nathan attending it. As they approached the fire the five remaining members of ATF Team 7, aka The Magnificent Seven, stopped, four of the five fanning out on either side of the fifth, a concerned looking Vin Tanner. Chris stopped the younger man by placing a firm hand on his shoulder as if to reassure his friend. All the men, save Vin, wore black, a color fitting the somber event about to occur.

"My brothers," Josiah's deep baritone began. "We are gathered here to say good bye to a close friend of Vin Tanner's. A friend who has embraced our brother when he needed it most, who has kept him warm, who stood by him through thick and thin." A sob that could have been a snicker was heard followed by a shushing sound. Vin turned his head, sending a puzzled glance at Chris, who had his head bowed in respect.

"This friend will be greatly missed, not only by Vin but by numerous female admirers. Many a comment has been overheard regarding the soft way this friend treated Vin. There was a clingy side as well that received an equal number of comments, but said with a great deal of respect and admiration."

"So, it is with a great deal of sadness that we send this friend to the great beyond," another sob/snicker was heard. All heads but Vin's and Ezra's were bowed down. Ezra's head was turned aside, unable to look at the funeral pyre or his friends. JD's shoulders moved as though crying softly. "Gentlemen, if you would, please." JD and Buck broke away from the group, moved out into the pasture and lifted a travois of sorts made of dry branches, a neat denim bundle sitting on top. The pair somberly made their way to the back side of the fire, and awaited Josiah's orders.

Josiah raised his gaze to the sky as if looking into heaven. "May the spirits above embrace Vin's good friend; his worn, faded, torn Levi 501 jeans. Although they have seen much, much, much better days, having been worn down to the point of threadbare," a snort was heard and now even Ezra's shoulders began to shake, "and almost to the point of indecency," Chris's fingers were now pressing against the arch of his nose as he tried to control his own laughter, still looking down but his head turned away from Vin, "they have served Vin well."

Buck and JD moved forward, placing the small travois with its bundle on top of the raging fire. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. . ." Josiah's voice broke as Nathan, Ezra, JD and Chris all burst into laughter, Ezra actually falling onto the ground and clutching his sides, his black pleated trousers and fitted tee picking up bits of dried grass. Buck, dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt with a tuxedo printed on the front, stood by the fire chuckling and shaking his head.

"Smart asses," Vin muttered.

"You have to admit Pard, the ladies will miss those jeans," Chris said as he slowly got himself composed, only to lose it again when Buck bent over and picked up a plastic bag and several green sticks.

"Marshmellows anyone?"