Vin leaning against red car
Because He Can

by Anneack

Note: This was written as a Finish the Story challenge. Thank you to Teri for writing the first paragraph as a challenge.

Vin walked away from the open door hoping no one had noticed him standing there. While he knew eavesdropping was wrong, it had been an accident. Now he needed a place to think things through. It had to be a mistake . . . surely he had heard incorrectly.

If he had heard JD correctly, while he was gone on a week long mandatory training, session his beloved jeep had opted to end its life and committed suicide. At least that was JD's definition of the emergency break slipping while the vehicle was parked on a steep hill, resulting in it sailing down said hill and into the path of a semi. Vin figured that suicide just about covered what the results had been. It was not pretty.

They guys were all debating who was going to tell him and what would be the kindest way to inform him that his wheels were now a flattened pile in the scrape heap. He did still have the Harley, but that would not work in the winter.

"Vin?" A familiar voice came from behind him.

"Got an earlier flight back; came here first. I, I heard about the jeep," Vin said, saving Chris the effort of trying to figure how to explain.

Chris said nothing, but just put a hand on Vin's shoulder. He knew how much his friend had loved his jeep. He had felt that way about his last truck, the one he had gotten right before he meet Sarah. Most of their dates had been in it, and he was pretty sure Adam had gotten his start there, too. When it had died, He got drunk and Buck had taken care of hauling it off. One more piece of Sarah and Adam that he had lost. For Vin, the Jeep was his first real purchase. The first thing that was really his and he had bought with his own money that he had earned.

"Any plans?" Chris asked.

"Look for a new car and use the Harley in the meantime," Vin said, simply.

"Take tomorrow off, and if you need anything, let me know," Chris responded.

"Just tell JD that as long as he did not kill the motorcycle, I'll let him live."

Chris smirked. Their junior agent was in a panic, convinced that Vin would blame him for the jeep's death since he had been driving it. Thankfully Vin's insurance was covering it.

They clasped forearms, and Vin went out to think and start looking for a car while Chris went back to the bullpen to let the others know that Vin knew.

Chris grinned as he pulled up next to Vin's bike the next day as he returned home. Vin was working Peso in one of the corrals. They were discussing the gelding's dislike of changing leads, and Vin's instance that when he said change, he meant change and do it now. It was a fight they had been having for a while.

"Hey, Cowboy," Chris greeted him.

Vin rode over and dismounted.

"Ever wanted to do something totally impractical just because you can?" Vin asked as they headed for the barn.

Chris grinned at him. "I live forty minutes from work and have almost a hundred acres and a herd of horses. Nope, I've never done anything impractical in my life."

Vin smiled at him. "Found my car. Always wanted one, saw one for sale so figure I'll get it. 'Reckon a truck or 4 wheel something would be more practical, but this is what I want."

"Will it work?" Chris asked, as Vin striped the tack off his horse and started cleaning him up.

"It'll work, just not as well as some others might," Vin assured him.

"I look forward to seeing it," Chris replied. It was good to see Vin getting something because it was what he wanted and not because it was the practical and sensible choice. Sometimes you just had to cut loose and have some fun, and it sounded like that was what Vin was doing.

That weekend, the boys had all gathered at Chris's for a day on the trails before it got too cold. Vin was going to be a little late as he was collecting his new car. They had all volunteered to take him, but he had insisted that he could take a taxi and would meet them at the ranch.

Chris grinned as Vin drove up. Yep, not the most practical car, but it was sure going to be a fun one.

Buck whimpered and started drooling.

"A fine example of a classic American automobile," Ezra gave the car and its owner a two fingered salute.

"Oh lord," Nathan shuddered.

"Now, that's a car, brother," Josiah boomed and grinned broadly.

"Cool!" was the extent of JD's thought on it.

Vin got out and smiled. "Ain't she a beauty? Always wanted one and decided it was time to get one when I saw her."

Everything else was momentarily forgotten as they all gathered around to check out the car. it was totally and completely Vin.