He's a What?!?!

by Anneack

Summary: Vin is hiding something

Notes: This was written during the summer Olympics in 2008.

"I don't believe it!" JD gasped as he jumped back and his chair flew out from under him landing him on the floor.

"You okay?" Nathan asked running over after hearing the thud as their tech disappeared from view.

"Something troubling you, brother?" Josiah asked, followin g the medic.

"I thought you were just checking the scores on the Olympics," Buck said joining them.

"Vin," JD sputtered pointing to his computer.

Ezra looked at the information on the screen. "It would appear that our mister Tanner is a man of international fame."

Everyone came over and stared at the monitor.

"Is everyone trying to work off JD's computer?" Chris asked, stepping out of his office and seeing that everyone was huddled around the one desk.

"I was looking up the Olympic scores, JD began and then stared at the blond.

"You knew!"

"JD, I knew when I hired him. It's on his service record," Chris replied. He had guessed that at some point they would find out that Vin was an Olympic medalist.

Everyone stared as Vin came into the bullpen. He had been off site getting some hours logged in on the long range shooting range.

"Why didn't you tell us you have been in the Olympics?" JD asked.

"Because I don't like a fuss being made about it," Vin replied.

"Why aren't you on the team this time?" Buck asked.

"Mendela case. Injured my wrist right before try outs."

"I thought you were still in the Army back then?' JD asked his next question.

"JD, a lot of the shooting team are in the military or law enforcement," Vin pointed out.

"Think you'll make it next time?" Buck asked.

"Don't know why I wouldn't, but lot can happen in four years," Vin answered.

"I had best begin planning for taking wagers now," Ezra quipped, his gold tooth shinning.

"Always knew you were gold, son," Josiah grinned, as he wrapped an arm around Vin and drew him into the group.

Chris grinned at his odd group as they all began asking Vin questions. For once the Texan didn't appear to mind the attention. He wasn't relishing in it like Buck would, but he wasn't claming up and trying to get away from them either. Josiah would call it family privileges. Somehow they had become a family with all the privileges and responsibilities that entailed.


Note: This came to me after reading the Sports Illustrated article about the Olympic shooting teams and how they often are soldiers or law enforcement officers.