Sage Advice

by Strangevisitor7

Alternate Universe "Highlander"

Characters: JD Dunne and Buck Wilmington

Summary: Buck offers JD some advice about women.

JD was sullenly slinking along the boardwalk when he nearly ran into Buck.

“Okay out with it,” Buck demanded as he blocked the younger man’s progress.

“Don’t want to talk about it,” JD said as he changed direction to get away from his friend.

“No you don’t.” Buck grabbed him by the arm preventing his escape.

“Buck, it ain’t nothing. Can you just get outta my way?” JD pleaded as he yanked his arm free.

“You’ve been lower than a rattlesnake in a wagon rut for days . Now, I ain’t letting you leave until you tell me why.”

JD sighed. “It’s Jemma.”

Buck smiled. “Well now. Tell ol’ Buck all about it.” The ladies man waggled his eyebrows at JD. “You need some advice on how to - you know - handle her.”

“It ain’t like that!” JD was practically shouting. “I told you I don’t want to talk about it.” He sidestepped away from Buck and headed across the street.

“Whoa there, hoss.” Buck jogged after him. “What happened? Thought the two of you were getting along.”

JD looked around and led Buck into the alley between buildings. Slumping against the wall he finally confessed what had been bothering him. “Jemma – well – it’s - . Ah hell, she’s being courted by someone from Dona Ana. She told me it wouldn’t be proper for us to be too friendly any more. Her new beau might not understand.”

“Her beau? JD, I thought you were gonna tell her you liked her?”

JD didn’t answer, just looked down and began kicking at the stones on the ground.

“What did you tell her?”

“I was out at the ranch all the time. We talked, went riding and I just thought she understood. I thought she liked me too.”

Buck reached out and smacked the bowler hat right off his head. “JD, you gotta tell a woman exactly how you feel. Gotta bring ‘em tokens of affection. Women don’t like ta guess. They ain’t never gonna admit nothing lessin’ they know how a man feels about ‘em.”

JD retrieved his hat, placed it firmly back on his head and glared at Buck. “Thank’s for the advice. Don’t do me no good now.”

Buck laid a hand on the younger man’s shoulder. “Looks like I shoulda been teachin’ you more about women and less about gun fighting.”

JD shrugged off the friendly gesture. “Ain’t your fault. Guess she didn’t like me as much as I liked her.”

“I’m sure she liked you, she just wasn’t sure what your intentions were and a girl that age, well she’s only thinking about marriage.”


The bigger man nodded. “If you didn’t want ta marry her, she’s gonna look for someone who does. Ain’t got nothing to do with liking you. Trust ol’ Buck on this one.”

JD smiled. “Makes sense. I’m pretty sure I didn’t want to marry her.”

“Then ya got no reason to be upset that she found someone who did. Tell you what, next time you think you like a girl, you come to me. I’ll make sure you get the courtin’ done all proper.”

“Sure, Buck, but I ain’t sure I ever want to get married.”

“Kid, never say never when it comes to women.”