Not My Day

by Joy K

Adapted from six 100 word drabbles based on the M7M challenge from March 20, 2006: “write a drabble about the guys going on a trip somewhere and after they leave, they realize they forgot something – something important. Tell us what they forgot.”

"I'm not going back. YOU go back," JD was adamant in his refusal.

"No way, JD! He was supposed to ride with you,” countered Buck. “He ALWAYS rides back in the surveillance van so he can check the tapes on the way to the office."

"He said he was going with you, Buck," JD pled, with a whine-like quality.

"Brothers, I think we should stop arguing and turn around," Josiah advised on the speaker phone from the other vehicle. He didn't want to admit the error any more than the others did.

"I'm not patching up anybody,” Nathan added.

"Don't look at me,” Ezra said with a chuckle. “I was inside the building making the deal."

"And I was in the rafters," said Vin.

The men exchanged glances in both vehicles. No one wanted to face the blond.

"JD, call a taxi,” said Buck.

"Me? Why don't you call?"


"Ezra, what are YOU doing here?" Chris asked as the undercover agent dared to brave approaching his angry boss.

"We drew straws. I lost."

Chris growled, pacing a few more steps before his words sunk in.

"YOU lost?"

"Yes…well…" Ezra stammered uncharacteristically. "It was a long case and I wasn't in top shape when the straws were drawn."

He mumbled something else that Chris couldn't quite hear. "What was that?"

"I said JD distracted me while Buck cut all the straws but mine to the shorter length."

"So they threw you to the wolves?"

“In a manner of speaking,” Ezra shrugged. "I brought a peace offering."

Chris smiled as Standish handed the keys to the Jag to him. They'd take the long way home and consider paybacks against the rest of the team.


Each man sighed with relief when Chris and Ezra returned to the office sharing a relaxed and easy banter.

Not a word was spoken about leaving Chris behind. Buck, Vin, JD, Josiah and Nathan were watching their backs for repercussions, but after a few hours with no comment, they started to relax. Maybe their team leader would just let it go. After all, it was just mistake.

Chris stepped into the hall headed for a meeting with Travis, running into Mike Kelly, supervisor of Team Eight, which had been backup on the bust.

"Hey, Larabee, finally got a ride?" he teased.

A collective groan sounded from Team Seven's office.

The stakes had just been raised.


Two weeks passed without repercussions. Kelly had given up razzing Larabee, moving on to friendlier targets. The day for their long planned camp out arrived.

Setting up camp, Buck discovered two of the three tents were left behind. Tents that Standish was to load into the van.

"You forgot `em, you go get `em," Buck told Ezra.

Standish sighed dramatically as Wilmington tossed him the keys – to the ONLY van.

"I'll keep you company," said Chris in apparent sympathy. “It's a long drive back.”

Ezra started the engine as Chris climbed in.

"Have a nice walk home, boys!" Chris hollered laughing as they sped away.

Five men with one tent groaned.

“This is all your fault!” Buck complained. “All you had to do was turn around and go back and get him.”

“My fault?” said JD. “You're the one that wanted to send a taxi.”

“Brothers, this isn't helping...”

“Hey, Vin, where are you going?” called Nathan.

“Gonna find me a nice place to sleep.” Vin shifted his back pack and sleeping bag and hiked through the trees.


“To comfort!” toasted Ezra, raising his glass.

“Cheers,” Chris said downing the smooth drink.

They were relaxing in the comfort of their suite at the five-star resort the team had passed on their way to the camp spot.

“How long are we going to leave them?” Ezra asked.

“I don't know. What time do you want to get up?” Chris asked.

Ezra laughed. “That would be too cruel, Mr. Larabee. I could sleep the day away.”

Chris grinned and shrugged. “They all saw this place when we passed it. It's only ten miles.”

Ezra laughed. “I'm glad we're on the same side.”


“Morning, boys,” Vin said as Chris and Ezra entered the resort restaurant. “Hope you're buying.”

Chris laughed. “You alone?”

Vin nodded. “I was looking forward to a good hike, but I didn't cotton to spending the night with the four of them fighting over the tent.”

“Or suffering Mr. Sanchez's snoring?” Ezra asked.

“That, too,” Vin said with a chuckle. “Buck's almost as bad. You going back after we eat breakfast?”

Chris nodded. Paybacks had been extracted. The team would think twice before leaving him behind again. It was over and done with. He looked at Ezra and Vin's twin mischievous grins, and he sighed. With them around, he was pretty sure he wouldn't have the last word.

The End