by Séreméla

This month (January 2008) it was ten years ago that The Magnificent Seven TV series first aired. It made me think - and what I found myself thinking about is that first moment these seven drifters became 'the Seven'.

This is what I think was the moment that was the real starting point, the point from which all other eps could grow:

Used to be a time he had loved mornings, loved every single one of them. But it had been for too brief a period of time. For only seven years it had been, seven glorious years.

He had loved them ever since he first set eyes on her and she smiled back at him. Deigned to talk to him - him, a drifter with nothing but dreams. Dreams he soon couldn’t imagine anymore without her in them.

Used to be….

How he had loved to get up when it was hardly light and walk around the ranch, breathe in the fresh air and marvel at life, at what life had brought him, a wife, a son, a breathtaking parcel of land with its own stream and horses running over it.

How blessed he had felt. All those mornings walking around his home and his life before the hard day’s work would start he had felt immensely blessed.

Too short a time, much too short a time.

Only seven years.

Meeting Sarah. Her shining eyes when she told him she was pregnant a year later. The birth of their son. The first sale of a horse bred and trained all by him. Celebrating with Buck, the best friend a man could have.

There was sadness too in those years; especially when after Adam there came no more children and the few times Sarah did get pregnant ended in nothing. It made Adam all the more special. And almost losing her during one of those miscarriages made him appreciate Sarah and what they had all the more.

Made him realize all over again how blessed he was when he stepped outside his home at the crack of dawn, knowing his wife and son were inside, safe and sound. And another day was waiting for him, for them.

The sorrows had brought them close; everything they went through had brought them close, so close… that it hurt, deep, raw, just thinking about it.

Even now.

If he said ‘yes’ to this old man, this judge, it would mean they would be seven, seven men to guard this town. To maybe make it a blessed environment for others.

Blessed like he once used to be.

Might be he was going to regret it….

Might be a sign too.

I have a feeling I'm going to regret this.