Not Just Us


Rating: G

Disclaimer:  I  do not own or profit from the use of the Magnificent Seven characters. Thank you to MOG for the creation of the ATF.

Comments:  Just a little musing on my part.  I have included MOG's Your Welcome story.  I love these stories and can not wait to see the other ones. This is not betaed!

Archivist's Note:   This fic was previously hosted on another website and was moved to Blackraptor in September 2006.

JD eyes were glued to his computer monitor.  The only discernible movement was of his right hand as he clicked his mouse. From was his desk, Buck's  inquisitive mind  wanted to know what had captured his friend's attention.

"JD," Wilmington called out from his desk. The young man did not respond.  Buck called out again and still there was no answer.  The congenial agent put his hands on his desk and pushed himself up from off his chair. He walked the one foot distance to JD's desk and placed a hand on Dunne's shoulder,

"JD, whatcha looking at boy?"  Buck tried to read what was on the screen, but Dunne quickly wrapped his arms around the monitor, hugging it, and blocking Wilmington's view.

"Nothing," the young agent answered, looking at Buck and giving him, 'a just go away' look.

Buck's eyes grew wide, "Don't tell me you are looking at naked girls!" Wilmington tried to pry Dunne's fingers off the monitor.  "Chris, is going to kill you."  Without a moments hesitation, "Let me see."

Ezra and Vin had just exited the elevator and saw the altercation taking place at JD's desk; curious they wanted to find out what was going on.

"Gentlemen, is there a problem?" Ezra asked noting how JD was hanging onto his computer monitor for dear life.

"No problem Ezra," JD said wincing as Buck pulled one of his fingers up. "Just can't have any privacy around here."

"He's looking at naked women on the Internet," the mustached agent replied.

Vin and Ezra looked at each other.  Vin drawled out,

"Is that true JD?"

Dunne shook his head vehemently, "God, no way." To preserve his manliness he added, "I mean I like naked girls and everything . . . "

"Okay, I give up!" Buck stopped assaulting JD's hands.  Dunne relaxed a little, but still kept his arms over his monitor. "Not!" Wilmington said, and began tickling JD under his arms.

The young agent started chuckling, begging for his friend to stop, "Come on.  Quit it!"  Dunne finally had to let go of his computer to protect his ticklish armpits.

Vin and Ezra watched the spectacle in front of them, but not interfering the dueling partners.  Buck started eading the screen, a little let down that there were only words, Standish and Tanner listened with interest.

"Not that any of the other boys wouldn't a' done the 'xact same thing if they   was in my shoes. No way we gonna let anybody take the only piece of, what   was it you said...tact and diplomacy, we got away from this mangy group.

Dang, boy, can't recall last time I seen you lookin' so mussed. How long you   been here? I don't need no lookin' after. Can't believe you'd be missin'   whatever games are goin' on in the saloon lessin' you was bein' forced to."

"What is this JD?" Buck said scanning ahead.

"Fanfiction," the young man mumbled, growing red with embarrassment.

"Fan what?" Ezra asked intrigued by what he had heard.

"Fanfiction, they are stories that people write about their favorite television shows."

"And this is about?" Ezra prompted.

"The Magnificent Seven," JD answered sheepishly.

They all grinned.  Amongst the ATF their team had been named 'The Magnificent Seven.'

"I think it's nice," Vin said coming to stand behind JD. "Can you read us some more?"

JD bobbed his head up and down and continued.

The End