In Your Father's Name

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+7+7+7+  6 weeks later

Director Travis exited the elevator, a spring in his step. Outside the air smelled of autumn with a crisp bite to the air. The older man watched the activity of the six-team members interacting. Buck leaned back in his chair, his feet on JD’s desk, hands waving while Dunne stared at the monitor, his hands flying over the keyboard. Did he just say something about crap?

Josiah’s desk was covered with stacks of old leather bound books but Nathan’s desktop was covered with packages of gauze and rolls of tape. No one sat at the other pair of desks. Where were Vin and Ezra?

The voice from behind almost made the older man drop his coffee cup. “Judge Travis, what brings you to our humble corner of the building?”

Shaking his head and not turning around Travis smiled and said, “Agent Standish, between Tanner’s stealth and your chameleon capabilities, I hope Agent Jackson has instructed all of you in the fine art of CPR!”

The conversation at the door attracted the attention of the rest of the members of Team 7. Their greetings filled the office.

“Hey, Judge.”

“Howdy, sir.”

“Director Travis.”


Vin walked out of Chris’ office followed by the team leader.

“Judge Travis.” Vin stepped to his desk.

Larabee smiled at his motley crew. “Director Travis, come in. Rest of you; we got a meeting in the conference room, fifteen minutes.”

“Jovial bunch this morning. I have some new cases to discuss with you.” The older man sat in the comfortable chair across from Larabee’s desk. “First, how’s the boy doing? Any post-trauma stress we need to be concerned about?”

The youngest member of team, fully recovered physically, returned to desk duty two weeks after being released from the hospital. He was on his first week of active field status following removal of the cast and ready to get out of the office.

“He’s doing fine, Orin. Only lingering side affect is his new habit of always carrying a bottle with him.”

The director raised his eyebrows. “Water?”

Chris smiled and nodded his head, “Had Nathan test a few bottles. Kid doesn’t go anywhere without at least one water bottle. In fact, Vin and Buck got him something special.”

Director Travis looked through the door and laughed. JD Dunne, wore twin holsters, with a bottle of water loaded on each side. He was ready and prepared. He never wanted to be thirsty again!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

Carol P 2006