Ezra’s Final Words

by Ms Bagels

Author’s Note: Just a bit of fun. Let me apologize ahead of time. This just wouldn’t leave me alone until I umm… shared, yeah that’s a good word, it. Maybe, if I send it out I can get back some of my sanity. This is something about something that only JD would find amusing. And then he’d proceed to torture the guys with it for as long as it took them to catch him and kill him.

The men of Team Seven couldn’t believe what they’d just witnessed. Well, that wasn’t quite true. They’d known for a long time that Chris Larabee and Ezra Standish could, and would, do everything in their power to drive the other absolutely insane. And Ezra had finally pushed Larabee too far. No one knew if Ezra would actually survive.

As he was leaving for some much needed time off, their smart-mouthed undercover agent had opened his mouth and out came something that had their team leader chasing him all the way to the parking lot. Three of the remaining men watched from the window in Chris’ office as Larabee grabbed at the retreating man’s coat tails.

Buck laughed as Josiah helped his surrogate son escape from the murderous man.

“Ez sure knows how to stir up trouble,” he snickered.

“Damn fool’s gonna end up getting himself killed, pulling stunts like that,” Nathan warned. “What the hell was he thinking, saying that where Chris could hear him? What if Josiah hadn’t been so close to Chris? I’d’ve ended up patchin’ his sorry ass up. AGAIN!”

“What’s the big deal?” JD asked. “I thought it was pretty funny.”

“Yeah,” sighed Buck as he smacked the kid upside the head, knocking his Boston Red Sox hat to the floor. “Well you would.”

“I’m with Nathan on this,” the mustached man replied. “Something like that can get a man killed.” He looked meaningfully at his roommate. “And if I ever hear it again,” he warned JD, “that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.”

“Man,” JD groused, “you guys have no sense of humor.”

The group turned away as Chris slammed the door of Ezra’s Jaguar hard enough to rock the sports car. They nodded a greeting to the team’s sharpshooter as Vin returned from the shooting range.

“What’s goin’ on?” he asked moving to the area he usually shared with Ezra. He laid his rifle case on the absent man’s desk. “Ez gone already?”

“Yeah the bastard’s gone,” Chris growled as he and Josiah exited the elevator. “And if someone,” he turned a murderous look to his profiler, “hadn’t stopped me, he’d be dead!”

Vin was still in the dark. Having been at the shooting range all morning for his annual requalification test, he had missed the excitement. “I ain’t askin’ again,” he warned. “Somebody best tell me what happened.”

“That fool pushed ol’ Chris right over the edge,” Buck explained, laughing. “Said somethin’ that no sane man would ever say where the Ol’ Dog could hear it.”

“It ain’t funny, Buck,” Chris growled as paced, trying to relieve some of the agitation he felt. “Now this is gonna be runnin’ around my head all afternoon.”

Without warning, Chris stalked into his office, slamming the door hard enough to make the blinds on the floor-to-ceiling windows that formed part of the wall shake.

“What’d he say?”

The rest of the team turned to JD, who was chomping at the bit to say it, just once.

Getting nodding agreement from the other two agents, Buck sighed. “Okay, JD. You can say it. But after this, I NEVER want to hear it again.”

Nearly vibrating with excitement, JD turned to Vin. Taking a deep breath, he said:

“A man walked into a bar. You know what he said?”

Sensing the impending doom, Vin cautiously asked, “What?”