Expense Report

Indra Leigh

"No way. I did it last time."

"You guys forced me to do it when Ez had put two of his fancy suites on it. Buck can do it."

"Forget it kid. He's still furious at me for the stunt he claims I did with the temporary secretary three secretaries ago. Junior, you haven't done it in a while."

"I ain't doin' it. I stuck a couple guns on it this time. He likes Josiah, let him do it."

"He's out of town, won't be back till next week."

"Gentlemen, as our illustrious leader has ordered us to perform this task..."

"He's a chicken."

"In this matter, that is an accepted fact."

"Let's all do it. Five against one. He can't kill us all, right?"

"Best plan I've heard yet."

"Even better, we can slide it under the door at 4:59 and run. Give him the weekend to cool down."

"So the plan is for all of us to go up to the Judges office, slip it under the door, and run for dear life?"

"Yep and we'll have the expense report in before 5 as Chris ordered us to."

Inside Chris's office with the blinds down, a parabolic microphone was pointed toward the huddled group of ATF agents. Chris Larabee grinned, "This is the best part of expense report day. All of them scared of going to turn  in our report to Judge Travis. I just have to remember to take the Judge his copy of the boys' strategy planning session before I leave today."