Diversionary Tactics

by Rhiannon

Summary: Pinned down by bounty hunters, Chris and Vin are facing a bleak future...

A very short piece written in response to a Challenge:- ‘write a story on the subject of Larabee's Hat’.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction. I don’t own the rights to the Magnificent Seven and I don’t make any money from this work.

“Hey, Vin?”

“Yeah, Chris.”

“Think we’re in trouble?”

“Well, them bounty hunters got us pinned down real good. Reckon we ain’t got much chance - not less'n we kin make it to better cover behind that outcrop of rocks over there.”

“Think we can do that?”





“What, Vin?”

“Give me your hat.”


“I need your hat.”

“What for?”

“Don’t matter what fer. I need it.”

”So does my head.”


“Fine, take the hat…”

“Thank ya kindly. Now, when I give the word, run like hell for that outcrop.”

“You got a plan?”


“So, what is it?”

“Ain’t got time t’explain. Just trust me.”

“Just trust you, huh?”


“All right, but remember - this was your idea.”

“You ready?”




“Hey, Vin?”

“Right here, Chris.”

“You hit?”

“Nope. You?”

“No. Looks like your plan worked.”

“Reckon it did.”

“What exactly was the plan?”

“I’ll tell ya later.”




“The cavalry’s coming!”

“The boys?”

“Yeah, and them bounty hunting varmints are running for their lives!”

“Looks like we might just live to fight another day, pard.”



“Ow! What’d ya do that fer?”

“Keep your head down, someone’s coming!”

“I know that. It’s Buck and JD.”


“Chris, you guys all right?”

“We’re fine, Buck. Good timing, pard - things were getting a mite desperate.”

“We could see that. Hey, where’s your hat, Chris?”

“Vin – where’s my hat?”

“Your hat?”

“Yes, my hat. The one you borrowed.”

“Well now, as I recall, I didn’t borrow it exactly. I asked you fer it, and you gave it ta me.”

“What’s the difference? Where is it?”


“Chris, is this your hat?”

“Yeah, thanks, JD. What the… where did all those holes come from?”

“Well, ya see Chris, that’s what happens when a bunch’a bounty hunters starts shootin’ at yer hat.”

“But… what… You gotta be kidding me. THAT was the plan? To make them shoot at my hat instead of us?”

“Worked, didn’t it?”

“Why did it have to be MY hat?”

“Aw now, Chris, ya didn’t think I was gonna let ‘em shoot m’own hat full'a holes?”


"Don’t ya think yer overreacting just a mite?”

“I… I… you…”

“Calm down, Chris, it can’t be good for ya, goin’ all purple like that."


“I’m just gonna go check where the horses got to...”

“TANNER, you get your scrawny Texas ass back here RIGHT NOW or I swear, I’m gonna shoot you myself!”

The End