Signs of Change

by Melody Byard

Josiah brushed the sweat off of his brow as he looked toward the shadows of the men leaving his sight and heading towards a destiny unknown to them.

He turned as he heard the cawing of a crow in a nearby tree. It was a sign to him. A sign that change was coming his way and he needed to choose now where his own destiny lay. Did it lie with these strangers who were most certainly riding towards their own death, or did his destiny lie with an old abandoned church?

The cawing of the crow caused him to look up at the sky and he watched as it flew in the direction of the strangers. It was a sign all right. A sign of change and the choice, for him, was already made.

So, he grabbed his hat and climbed onto his horse, following the crow and heading for whatever destiny the fates might have planned for his life.