Content Label: main characters - 'Seven'; sexual content - 'none'; language - 'none'; violence - 'none'; episode reference - 'One Day Out West'; universe - 'Old West and ATF'.

The More Things Change ... The More They Stay The Same

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© April 2006, C.V. Puerro

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This particular strip was inspired by a thread on DrinkingNFighting in which Anne Hunt stated, "I imagine that some of the boys in the ATF AU do like to wear cowboy hats on the weekends, especially when they're out at Chris's ranch or going camping."

This transitional work was inspired by "The Magnificent Seven," a television series owned by The Mirisch Group, MGM, Trilogy Entertainment, and CBS Worldwide, Inc.  This work in no way signifies any relationship with any of these companies or their affiliates.  My intent is to entertain and encourage the continued interest in this television program.  This work is not for profit and will not be sold for any reason.  No copyright infringement is intended; any mention of copyrighted characters, places, or other story elements has been kept to a minimum and are being used under the Fair Use Rule of the United States Copyright Act of 1976.