by Tonny

Part 1 of the Stupid collection

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Chris lay on his back, staring at the sky.

Damn, that sky was blue. Clouds were drifting up there, fluffy white clouds. Adam had loved to lay down in the grass together and look up at the clouds. They would try and see figures in them and Adam would giggle when he made up impossible ones, like a horse with a chicken head....

He wished he could hear Adam giggle again, just once.

Funny, he hardly ever looked up at the sky anymore. When had he stopped doing that? Stupid question, he knew exactly when he had stopped. On the same day that he had stopped ducking for bullets. A day that should have been filled with joy, but had turned out to be the end of his world, his life, his family.

God, it hurt! Why had he ever decided he didn’t need to duck for bullets? Why hadn’t he listened to Buck when the big guy shouted for him to go down and find some cover?

Yeah, well, when did he ever listen to Buck anyway?

What the fuck? Shadows between him and the sky. He didn’t need shadows, he wanted to see that sky! He’d been looking for shadows and corners and dark places, and what was lurking in them, long enough.

One of the shadows spoke.

“You got them, Chris! Damn, that was some shooting.”

The other one spoke as well.

“Chris, hey Chris? You with us?”

Chris squinted. Nate. Yep, that one was Nate. NOW he was going to get it! What if he closed his eyes and pretended he wasn’t with them at all? Pretended he was drifting away with the clouds....

Pain jarred him back. Hands seemed to be holding him up.

“Let’s get him to the clinic!”

“S... stop!” God, was that his voice? That weak, pathetic sound? Since when was it so difficult to talk anyway?

And now he was seeing the ground. Funny, was that blood? Looked like a lot of it....

Wow... he was going to be sick....

Next time he was going to duck and find some cover. He could shoot the bastards just as well from behind cover, couldn’t he? Yep, he could!

He’d never thought bullets could hurt so much.... He’d thought they would just kill him. Being killed wasn’t bad, after all.

OH GOD! He definitely didn’t want to be moved right now!

Better to drift off again, with the clouds... and try and hear Adam giggle.

2. Hold On