Unseen Force

by Winnie and Renegade

Alternate Universe The Firm

WARNING: Contains graphic violence which may be upsetting to sensitive readers.

Credits: The song used in this story, entitled, Circle of Friends, copyright Point of Grace, was written by Jenny Wohlford and can be found at: http://www.friendship.com.au/media/songs/scircleoffriends.html

Disclaimer: We don’t own the men of Mag7 but we have enjoyed playing with them if only on paper. No money was made and never will be from this story.


Renegade -- About a year and a half ago, a mutual friend of ours in another fandom introduced Winnie and I in chat one evening. Apparently, she had told Pooh about my stories and we struck up a conversation, becoming fast friends. Over the course of the next few months, Winnie kept after me to join the Mag 7 fandom and write there as well…particularly, write her a Christastrophe <vbg>. Being the Vin girl that I am I wanted to “take care” of my hero and make sure that well…he got equal billing…but I wanted to do the story justice for Winnie. <VBEG> Earlier this year, the muse gave me an idea and I finally relented (never a good idea to antagonize a muse), starting this story but only on the condition that Pooh help write it. If I was going to dive head first into another fandom to write, I wanted her along for my first jump! Quite frankly, I had a blast co-authoring this with Winnie. She’s a wonderful writer and a great partner to have.

Though it is not my first fanfic, it is my first Mag 7 and I offer it humbly to the list. With the offering goes along my deepest heartfelt appreciation to Pooh for the gentle prodding, nagging, begging and coaxing that she gave to me every step of the way. Without it, this story would still be an idea. My thanks also go to Jackie and Antoinette for their beta work and to Sammi for reading along on this wild ride. Finally, one more note of thanks to the one individual that essentially made this all possible…Marti. My friend, thank you for being one of the special people in my life and introducing me to Winnie, who has joined my inner circle of great friends. All of you mean the world to me. We’ve managed to keep this story a secret from you for close to a year and it is our gift to you, in appreciation for being such a great friend and for bringing us together with an ‘Unseen Force’ called friendship.

Winnie- Well, Marti, this is what came of introducing Cheryl and I. She is one terrific writer and I’m proud to call her friend. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this with her and hope to cajole, plead, and beg whatever it takes to convince her to write more…whether alone or as a co-author. Cheryl has a gift and I am honored that she shared it with me and now with you guys. Please let her know what you think because it’ll help convince her that we want more fic. Thanks to Antoinette and Jackie for their wrangling of misspelled words and comas and anything else I’ve forgotten. Last, but not least, Marti, my friend, this is for you and everyone else for the encouragement and especially the friendship you’re given so freely.

SIZE: Approx. 770K

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