Part of The Journey

by Zentry

Every time I heard the song: A horse with no name, played by America, I think about Vin.

Thanks to Angela B. Who encouraged me to post. (but please, don´t blame her) Be kind, I´m still learning English.

-I´ve been through the desert on a horse with no name

It felt good to be out of the rain

In the desert, you can remember your name,

´cause there ain´t no one for to give you no pain.-

Vin liked the solitude, being alone in open spaces. The land, the sky, the fresh air.

No one to presure you

All the time to yourself, to think about life and things.

I didn´t think, when I came to Four Corners, that there would be a family waiting to become

Seven lonely souls transformed in a magnificent force, to protect, to fight together as one.

All bearing sad experiences and lost dreams.

All of us so different and so alike

Hard life is not uncommon in the West.

Different lifes before, same pat now

A young coyote ran after his dinner. A couple of rabbits hide underground. Scarcely shadow from rocks and trees. The cry of a bird. A dry riverbed.

I´m a hunter, want to survive. Buck teachs JD to stay alive and enjoy life. Joshia is a calming prescence, somebody to talk with. Ezra´ll try to confuse, give you echos and sounds. Chris still hurt, lost the source of his flowing, tried t´get a new one but that was a no good storm, thunder and winds... but no water

The air was hot, the sun traveled the sky like a king admiring his kingdom, slowly, with care.

The quiet strength of Nathan, who is happy in town around people, who values the plants but loathes the bird. Helps the rocks to give shadow but´ll scald the rabbits if they become careless

Beautiful sounds of nature, land so alive, disguised as vacant. A gap in the world, where you can be yourself.

I´m still a Tanner, Ma, I´m proud of my name

Mother earth would recognize his lost child and welcomed him. Gives colorfull sunrises and glorious days, She provides her children and could take them away.

Can´t make mistakes in the desert, there are rarely second chances, you will not survive accidents.

If JD´s mother were alive, if Buck had leave town early, if I didn´t became a bounty hunter, if Sarah hadn´t die, if Maude were a loving mother... if the seven hadn´t came together, how many of us would still be alive?

When a life begins, another one ends. The balance remains.

So JD´s not in Boston, Buck has now a little brother, Chris has a reason to live not being drunk, Nathan wasn´t hanged, Joshia is not alone in pennance, Ezra is not around Maude, I´m not in the run

Destiny is like a horse with no name, carring you to places unknown.

Time to go back

Life is like the desert, it would provide, but you need to be careful in your choices.

To go home

Friends is just another word for family.

To my brothers

This is for what you were born.

The place where I belong

The End