The Nightmare Takes a Twisted Turn

by Wgang

Disclaimer: I do not own Magnificent Seven or any of the characters.

Warnings: Bad language, hurt/comfort, and violence, character death, F/M sex not graphic.

Summary: Mary comes back, but not for the reason Vin and Chris think.

Characters: Mainly Chris and Vin of course, Mary Travis, OMC and the rest of the guys.

Sequel:to Hasty Actions and Words, Hidden Enemy and Hidden Enemy Lurking.

As August changed into the autumn and then winter arrived with a vengeance the memory of what Mary Travis had done to him at that house in the mountains faded.

Vin would never forget it, but he couldn’t dwell on it either or she would have won.

It had taken Chris longer to get past what had happened. He felt like he had fallen down on the job when it came to protecting Vin. After all it was Chris who had to get up every night for almost a week because Vin was not allowed to walk by himself and needed the assistance. So the blond saw first hand what his brother was going through. Vin hated to bother anyone and his independence had been taken away. It was Chris who had to wake Vin up when the younger man had nightmares from his beating at the hands of Arnie Livingston, Mary’s henchman. The threat of rape at the hands of Livingston also haunted his nights.

When Vin was finally able to walk on his own and get a little independence he had moved back to his own room, from there he had made it plain to his brother that he was an adult not a child. Chris had earnestly told him that he understood that, it was just hard for him not to want to protect Vin and look out after him.

Vin assured his brother that he liked knowing Chris had his back and worried over him. It made him feel safe and secure, however Chris was going overboard.

They finally reached an agreement. Chris would try to stop hovering so much. Vin agreed that if he were going to be later than an hour getting home he would call so the blond did not worry. It took some time but finally the two men were on the same page. Chris did not let Vin know that even after his brother called he fretted and worried until Vin got home. By the time Vin would get into the house Chris was watching TV or reading like he had been doing it all night.

If Vin suspected otherwise he never let on. It was not like he went out much, just occasionally and most of the time it was with the team and Chris was there to.

He knew why Chris was still so upset. Mary Travis was still alive and no doubt thinking of new ways to torture the two men, but they could not live their lives constantly looking over their shoulders.

Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went, Team 7 celebrating each holiday together with their extended family included. Nettie, Casey, Rain, Maude and even Josiah’s sister Hannah showed up for a little bit. It was a joyous occasion.

Chris was the happiest he had been in years despite worrying over the ornery bastard he called brother.

New Years Day was on a Tuesday this year and Travis had decreed that the ATF offices would be closed that Monday as well as Tuesday.

Arrangements were made to meet at the Larabee-Tanner ranch on Monday early in the afternoon. It would be a day for football, drinking, games and junk food. After all they could sleep in the next day.

Chris had driven that Friday and while Vin drove his own SUV sometimes most of the time he rode with Chris. Despite his independent streak he still enjoyed spending most of his time with his beloved brother at the ranch he loved. He had just needed to make sure Chris chilled out and backed off with the mother hen shit.

Chris drove slowly out of Denver towards home. They were both buckled in, as the roads were slick with snow and ice.

Turning off the interstate onto the country road about thirty minutes from home the snow really started to fall, visibility dropped.

Chris was watching the road in front of him making sure he stayed on the road, as there was a deep drop on the passenger side of the SUV.

The SUV slid a bit causing Vin to grip the armrest tighter even as he teased, “Told you we should have drove my Tahoe. Newer than yours and it obeys me.”

Chris growled, “Sure it does, just like that damn rattlesnake you call a horse.”

Vin pretended to pout, “Peso obeys me.”

Chris just snorted and didn’t dignify that comment with a reply.

“Well most of the time. Besides my Tahoe isn’t even broke in yet.”

Chris didn’t take his eyes off the road as he said, “Next time you can drive in this shit. I can’t see anything, but at least we will be home before long.”

Finally they got to the ranch and made their way inside.

Vin got on the phone and called Buck to let him know that they had made it home safely.

“Hey Bucklin. We just got home. I told you we’d call when we got home safe. to. Have a great weekend see you on Monday. Call the guys and let them know we made it home.”

“Bucklin is going to call the rest of them and let them know we made it home,” Vin shouted out to Chris who had wandered into the kitchen carrying the groceries they had picked up on the way home.

“What do you want for dinner, Vin?” Chris yelled back.

When he did not get a reply he yelled out again.

Muttering under his breath about cold blooded Texans he headed back to the family room sure he would find Vin starting a fire.

Chris entered the room and saw Vin lying on the floor by the sofa. The blond rushed across the room and knelt down by his brother. As he went to pull Vin into his arms he realized his mistake. He should have made sure there was no one lurking around not just assumed that Vin had fallen.

As that thought crystallized he saw the tranquilizer dart imbedded in Vin’s shoulder just as a shadow fell over him and something hard hit him over the head.

Chris fell forward covering Vin with his body as though even unconscious he was trying to protect the young man who was the center of his world.

If either man had been conscious then the sound of female laughter would have sent shivers of dread down their spines.

Mary Travis was standing in the doorway of the house watching while her three men picked up Chris and Vin carrying them outside and putting them in a Suburban. On her orders Chris was tied hand and foot as well as being blindfolded and gagged just in case he woke up before they reached their destination. Vin would be unconscious for several hours due to the drugs currently coursing through his body.

Mary Travis had done well for herself. When she had escaped from the burning house she had hitched a ride to another state. From there she had accessed a bank account that she had opened up before she had gone after Vin the first time. Mary’s mental illness and paranoia made her set the account up with an assumed name and ID. With her job as a reporter she had all sorts of connections and sources, people who owed her and would never turn on her. In the account was several thousands of dollars more than enough to get her some hired men and plan her revenge on the brothers.

Now that time was here. The men had been with her for several months and were devoted to her. The brothers Clyde, and Rudy were mentally a little slow so it easy to manipulate them. In fact they adored her and were under her spell. Mary took the place of their mother who had passed on a couple of years earlier. The two men were in there thirties but had the mentality of much younger men. Their mother had been very much the authority figure and until Mary Travis had appeared on the scene the two brothers were just drifting through life. The poor guys adored her yet she scared them to death when she went on one of her tantrums.

Over the last couple of years Mary had developed a taste for hard, rough violent sex. She had successfully kept her deteriorating mental state hidden from everyone. No one had known about her penchant for visiting S&M clubs, not Billy, her in-laws, no one.

Ron was the third man in her entourage and he satisfied her sexual needs. Ron loved the violent sex scene. He wanted the roughness and the wildness; Mary was the female incarnation of himself. Ron had been looking for years for a woman to dominate him, make him scream and beg for release, Mary was that woman, she completed him like no one else and he loved her like he had not loved anyone else.

Right now it was Ron who was driving the Suburban. Clyde was in the seat next to him while Rudy sat in the middle seat with Mary.

Mary smiled as she surveyed the unconscious men lying behind the seat on the floorboard.

Vin’s blood would have turned to ice if he had known that her attitude towards him had done a complete turnaround. In her delusional state Mary had decided that Chris was not worthy of her, but Vin was. After all the young man had survived every attempt she had made on his life, he was a survivor just like she was.

Chris had forsaken her love, turned his back on her, convinced her in-laws that she was crazy and then she lost Billy. The blond was at fault not Vin as she first had thought. Mary had decided that it was because Chris was so powerful and in charge that was why she had thought she liked him, but now realized that she preferred Vin. Vin was quieter, even-tempered, easier to control and manipulate. Vin Tanner was her ideal and the fact that he was very easy on the eyes was also in his favor.

Yes she had her plans in place. Chris Larabee would suffer for making her lose her son and for clouding her mind, making her think he was the one for her when it was really Vin. Therefore Chris had to pay the price and the only real thing he loved was the man lying next to him unconscious.

So Mary would take Vin from him and keep him away for however long she wanted him. Chris would never know where his brother was, but he would receive periodic pictures and letters letting him know that Vin was still alive and with her. In the letters she would let the blond know that Vin would eventually die and it would be all Chris Larabee’s fault.

Of course she had no intention of killing Vin anymore. After all he was perfect for her, he had become the perfect man.

Eventually she would let Vin go, but he would be scarred mentally and emotionally for life, that would also hurt Larabee.

The one thing that Mary had planned would make Vin shake with fear and Chris turn red with fury. Mary missed Billy. Therefore, Vin Tanner was going to give her child, whether he wanted to or not. There were ways to force men to have sex, and she was not above employing all of them to achieve her goal.

Mary reached over the seat and stroked her fingers through Vin’s long hair. It was just as soft as she thought it would be. Having this man in her bed making love to her was going to be wonderful.

Yes this was going to be a very fruitful period in her life in more ways than one.

 + + + + + + +

Several hours later Chris woke up to a blinding headache.

The blond ATF leader stayed very still not only waiting for the pounding to slow down in his head, but also listening to see if he could hear anything.

The question uppermost in his mind was where was Vin, but he didn’t want anyone around to know he was awake yet.

When he heard no noise he slowly opened his eyes. Glancing around he saw that he was in a basement, the only furniture was a straight-backed chair that was bolted to the floor, but lying on the other side of the room from him was Vin.

Chris was surprised to find out they were not tied up, but he was glad as he staggered across the room.

Checking Vin’s pulse he was gratified that it was strong and steady. As he watched he saw the long eyelashes flutter as the younger man slowly woke up.

Chris leaned back against the wall and pulled Vin up to sit next to him. Chris rested Vin’s head on his shoulder and put his arm around his brother’s shoulders.

Vin slowly woke up his brain taking several minutes to start functioning.

“How you feeling, cowboy?” Chris asked.

“A little groggy. What the hell happened? One minute I’m hanging up the phone from talking to Bucklin and then next I wake up here. Where is here by the way?” Vin said sitting up straighter and looking around the room.

“I have no idea. I just woke up right before you did. I found you in the family room with a dart sticking in your shoulder, obviously it knocked you out, and when I was checking on you I got hit over the head.”

Vin turned to face Chris, a concerned look on his face.

“Are you okay? Let me see your head?” he said reaching up to see if Chris was bleeding.

“I’m fine, Vin. Got a headache but that’s all.”

The two men sat quietly then got up and began checking the room for someway out. While they had figured it was a lost cause they had to try.

Chris kept track of the time with his watch and it wasn’t until they had been held prisoner for a couple of hours that their captor made an appearance.

The door opened and three men walked in followed by Mary Travis. Chris immediately stepped in front of Vin much to the younger man’s irritation.

Vin frowned, but didn’t say anything. Chris’s need to protect him was so well ingrained that there was nothing he could say that would stop the blond from watching over him. Besides if he was honest he had to admit that Mary Travis made his skin crawl.

Mary smiled at Chris’s action. Yes Chris would suffer a lot when Vin was taken away from him.

Chris growled and took a couple of steps forward, but immediately halted when one big man pointed a gun right at Vin.

Mary had informed her men how she wanted things to go. She had told them that to control the two men were to threaten the other one. It looked like Ron had paid attention to her.

“Hello, Chris, Vin. So nice to see you again,” she purred her blue eyes roaming over Vin’s slender body.

Chris felt real fear as he saw Mary looking Vin over. He knew that it made Vin nervous because the young man moved a step closer to him.

“Now, listen...” Chris started but stopped talking when Mary held up her hand.

“No! I will not listen to anything you have to say. You will listen to me for now or you will not like the consequences. Do you understand me?” Mary hissed.

The two men simply nodded deciding to keep quiet for the time being.

“Now, I have had time to think about what I want and how I plan on getting it. You see Chris for so long you blinded me with your take-charge attitude, but I realized that is not what I wanted. What I want is Vin, but you knew that and you deliberately set out to confuse me, made me think I wanted you. You took my son from me and convinced Orrin and Evie to take him back East for a while. I miss my son, therefore, Vin will provide me with what I have had taken away from me. I don’t want to kill him any longer. He has shown me that he is my equal; after all I have risen above everyone who tried to destroy me. Vin survived every attempt I made on his life, he is worthy of being the father of my child.”

Vin paled and gasped. Chris also paled but his eyes went into slits of hell and he took a rapid step forward. There was no way in hell the blond bitch was going to touch Vin that way.

Ron calmly fired his gun, watching as Vin dove to the side landing on the floor. There really had been no need for the man to dive to safety as Mary had made it perfectly clear that no harm was to come to Vin.

Chris stopped and whirled around, grabbing Vin by the arm and yanking him to his feet.

Vin found himself shoved behind Chris, a steel hand gripping his arm keeping him in place.

“A little difficult for me to make babies with you if you kill me, “Vin managed to get the words out without choking on them.

Mary’s laugh echoed around the room.

“You have such a splendid sense of humor, Vin. I hope our son has your personality and well you are gorgeous and with my looks added in he will be the most beautiful baby in the world,” Mary gushed.

Vin was struck speechless at her comment. The woman actually thought he was going to fuck her and make a baby with her. Just the thought made his skin cold. How in the hell she thought he could even start to make a baby with her when he doubted he could even perform with someone he hated...hell the woman was crazier than he thought.

Vin blushed at the thought, woman made him nervous anyway let alone the thought of doing it with a crazy woman who had tried to kill him numerous times.

Chris didn’t need to look at Vin to know what his brother was thinking. He knew Vin was blushing and was probably very close to saying some things that would get them both into trouble.

“You can’t really expect Vin to fuck you to get you pregnant, Mary. A man has to be properly motivated and you’ve tried to kill him. Do you really think that is going to get him in the...ah mood,” Chris said.

Mary smiled, but it did not reach her eyes.

“Oh, Vin will be in the mood, I will make sure of that. There are drugs that can help his lack of interest along and you my dear Chris will provide him with the

motivation to get me with child,” Mary sweetly said.

Clyde moved until he stood behind the chair, all three men still had their guns out.

“Now, Chris I want you to sit in the chair, where you will allow my man to tie you up and if you refuse well then Vin will have to pay up. I don’t think you really want to see your beloved kid brother on his knees while Ron here services him. Now do you?” Mary said. Chris would never know that it was an empty threat; no one was going to touch that exquisite body but her.

Chris felt his knees get shaky. My God the fucking whore would let Vin be raped to get her way.

“Vin stay put,” Chris ordered as he moved to the chair.

Vin wanted nothing more than to rip the bitch apart, but he was powerless while there were guns being pointed at them.

Chris was tied securely to the chair while Vin watched helplessly. Chris kept his eyes on Vin willing him to remain calm, not to try anything stupid.

Mary watched the byplay between the two men and knew that her plan would work. Vin would do anything to keep Chris safe.

When Chris was tied to the chair Mary looked at Vin. Time to put the plan into motion; let the two men know how this was going to play out.

“Now, Vin I want you to kiss me,” she sweetly said puckering her lips.

Vin’s mouth dropped open, hell the bitch really thought he was going to do her.

Blushing furiously he hissed, “I’d rather kiss a snake.”

Mary opened her eyes; she had expected such a response in fact had counted on it.

The blond woman looked at her man standing by Chris and inclined her head.

Clyde stepped to the front of the chair and hit Chris across the face splitting his lip.

Chris had known what was coming. Knowing Mary wasn’t stupid he knew that she had figured out that he was Vin’s weakness and the Texan would do anything to keep him safe. But it was no different from the fact that Vin was his Achilles heel.

Vin gasped and took a hasty step towards his brother his blue eyes stricken as he realized his ill chosen words had caused Chris to be hurt.

Ron fired another shot and this one pinged on the floor at Chris’s feet.

Vin stopped. It was apparent now that the intent was not to hurt him, but hurt Chris if he didn’t follow through with their plans.

Vin met Chris’s eyes. In the space of a few seconds without saying a word Vin conveyed to his brother that he was going to do whatever the bitch wanted to keep Chris safe no matter what it might cost him.

Chris knew that was the best option until they could figure out a way to escape. Chris sure as hell didn’t want that monster Ron to rape his brother and he wouldn’t put it past Mary to have that done to his gentle brother.

Vin took a deep breath and walked across the room.

“I knew you were a smart man, Vin. I just had to show you what would happen if you failed to follow through with my plans.”

Vin stood in front of the vicious woman and took a deep breath. Hell he’d rather face down a carload of gunrunners than do this.

Standing as far away as he could from the woman and still be able to kiss her, Vin leaned forward and placed a quick kiss on Mary’s lips.

Mary had kept her eyes open and noticed that Vin closed his eyes right before he had kissed her. That was unacceptable, she wanted his eyes open and she wanted a real kiss.

“That was not good enough, Vin. That was a kiss you would give a sister, not the future mother of your child.”

Vin flinched and whirled around as he heard a couple of blows land on his brother.

Chris still had not uttered a sound; he refused to add to Vin’s nightmare.

Vin watched in anguish as Chris’s left cheek turned a dark red from the blow and there was a small cut over the right eye.

“Now Vin. I mean business; just how much do you want Chris to suffer? I realize that you aren’t real experienced with woman, but I like that. I can teach you how to please me; this doesn’t have to be a chore it can be pleasurable for both of us. Then when I am with child you both are free to go,” Mary oozed with as much charm as she could muster.

Vin felt sick to his stomach not only at the saccharine sweet tone in her voice but at the thought of an innocent little baby in her grasp...his baby in her grasp.

But first things first, he had to protect Chris and he would do whatever it took.

Vin turned back around and swiftly before he could think about it took Mary into his arms and holding her close kissed her like she was his one true love. Mary had no way of knowing that Vin was pretending he was kissing his last girlfriend, a girl he had cared about but they had parted friends when she decided to go into the military.

Vin released the woman and barely refrained from wiping his mouth off.

Mary straightened her hair, licked her lips and then smiled. This was going to be so much fun, Vin kissed like a dream and Chris was sitting there fuming about what his brother was being forced to do.

“Thank you, Vin. That was more like it. Now as long as you please me, Chris will be safe from harm. Oh he will be uncomfortable but he will not be hurt.”

“How do I know that?” Vin asked.

Mary nodded to Rudy who left the room and returned with camera equipment. Clyde pointed his gun at Chris’s head to keep Vin from trying anything while Ron and Rudy set the equipment up.

“I will allow you every day to see Chris sitting in the chair via a TV. If you fail to please me then you will also be witness to the immediate punishment of your brother. Do you understand?”

Vin gritted his teeth as he growled, “I understand.”

“Good now lets go,” Mary said gesturing to the door.

“I want to talk to Chris alone for a few minutes,” Vin insisted.

Mary thought for a minute then nodded her head. She would allow her soon to be lover to spend a couple of minutes with his brother.

“You have two minutes and the door is staying open.”

When the three men left with Mary, Vin hurried across the room and knelt down in front of Chris.

“Don’t worry, Chris. I’ll do whatever she wants. I won’t let her hurt you again,” Vin promised resting his hand on Chris’s cheek.

Chris smiled at the upset worried look in the vivid blue eyes.

“You worry about yourself, cowboy. No matter what you make sure that if you get the chance you escape. You can bring back help.”

“I won’t leave without you, Chris. You wouldn’t leave without me.”

Chris didn’t respond to the comment because it was true, he would never leave Vin behind.

“I can fuck her Chris; I’ll just shut my eyes and pretend.”

“Or you can keep your eyes open and just pretend it’s a whore you’ve bought and paid for,” Chris teased.

Sure enough despite the situation, Vin’s eyes grew wide and while the blush stained his fine cheekbones he stuttered, “I never have...that was not funny, Larabee.”

“Yeah, it was, Vin. I want you to promise me one thing. If she tries to have that animal rape you, you fight back, don’t worry about me, you fight back. Promise me, Vin,” Chris’s green eyes seared through his brother.

Vin was going to protest, but he couldn’t let Chris sit here thinking his brother was at the mercy of some man determined to rape him.

“I promise, Chris,” Vin reluctantly replied.

Vin leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Chris holding the bound man tight.

“I love you, cowboy and I’ll be back to get you out of here,” Vin vowed.

“I love you to, little brother. You take care of yourself,” Chris said his voice growing husky.

Vin gently wiped the blood off Chris’s face with the tail of his shirt.

Just then Mary said, “That is just so sweet. Now come along Vin, we need to get going.”

At the surprised look on the two ATF agents' faces Mary said, “Oh I am not keeping the two of you in the same building, that would be to easy to try to escape. Chris will remain her and Vin will be going to another location with me.”

As Vin left the room he looked back at Chris praying this wasn’t the last time he saw his brother. Chris was staring right back at him and they knew that they had the same thought.

The door was being shut just as Ron stepped up behind Vin and slapped a chloroform rag over his face. Vin struggled briefly then collapsed in Ron’s arms. The big man slung him over his shoulder and following Mary they headed down the hallway with Rudy following.

Clyde stayed in the room with Chris making last minute changed to the video equipment.

Chris had seen Vin go down and had struggled against the ropes to no avail, the need to protect the younger man making him fight his bonds. Finally he had to stop, the ropes were to tight, and he just had to pray that they could come out of this in one piece.

For the next several hours Chris was forced to endure a beating at the hands of Clyde.

Chris was confused as he endured the beating. Clyde hit him a few times on his face but the blows were not as hard as they could have been. The body blows hurt but again they were not as hard as Chris had expected. Then Clyde issued his first order.

“Now, the boss lady wants you to look into the camera and tell your brother that he needs to do whatever she wants or you will continue to pay the price.”

When Chris just shook his head no.

Clyde then said in a harsher tone.

“Listen, mister. You have to do this or the boss lady is going to have Ron take your refusal out on your brother. Do you really want that? I wouldn’t want that sick animal trying to fuck my brother Rudy.”

Chris listened carefully. So Clyde and Rudy were brothers, he might be able to use that information.

“I don’t want Vin hurt. He’s my kid brother and I love him more than anyone else in my life.”

“Okay then, just say what I tell you to say and the boy will be fine.”

Chris looked into the camera and repeated the words that Clyde instructed him to say.

The same thing was repeated several times over the next few hours.

Finally Clyde stopped and dismantled the equipment taking it out of the room.

Chris noticed the familiar scent again. Where in the hell had he smelled that before?

Clyde walked back into the room with a rag and a bottle in his hand.

“Now, I’m just going to knock you out and take you home.”

Chris panicked. It all made sense now; he had been so worried about Vin and the beating that he had not thought about why they were video taping him instead of a live feed. God he was so dumb.

“No, leave me here. I don’t want to leave Vin.”

Clyde just shook his head.

“You really love that brother of yours don’t you? I understand I love Rudy to. He’s my only family and I’d be really upset if something happened to him, but I have to follow orders.”

Just before Clyde put the rag over Chris’s face Chris looked him right in the eye.

“Please keep an eye on him,” he begged.

“I’ll try,” was all Clyde said as he put Chris under.

When the blond was out Clyde carried him to a car and drove him back to the ranch. Chris was deposited in the spare bedroom on the bed and tied spread-eagled.

The blond would not be able to get loose and no one was supposed to arrive at the ranch until Monday afternoon.

Chris woke up totally disoriented, it took several minutes to process the fact that he was home tied to a bed.

His mouth was so dry so he had to work to get some saliva in his mouth so he could call out for help, even though he knew it was useless. Mary had Vin and no one was coming over until Monday. By raising his head he was able to see that it was only Saturday afternoon.

Chris was not about to give up though. While he was working on the ropes at his wrist and ankles Vin was slowly waking up in another room at an unknown location. At least it didn’t look familiar to Vin.

The Texan was in a large bedroom, with very rich furnishings and with its own bathroom.

Vin wandered over to the door and found it locked which was not surprising. Noticing a large screen TV against one wall he went over and turned it on.

The image of Chris appeared, it was Chris as he left him. There were no new bruises on his brother.

The door was unlocked and Vin turned around to face Mary and Ron.

Ron had his gun in shoulder holster, but was otherwise unarmed.

“Now Vin, sweetheart. I just want to let you know that you not in the same building as Chris. So it will do you no good to try to get to him.”

Mary waited for a response. Vin just stared at her not saying a word.

Ron became livid at what he considered a lack of respect to a lady.

Striding across the room he backhanded Vin who fell to the floor. Vin didn’t even try to defend himself.

“Ron, I don’t want him hurt especially that pretty face. After all he is going to be the father of my baby,” Mary purred as she helped Vin to his feet dabbing at the cut on his lip.

Ron glowered at the scene. He was pissed at whole thing, Mary was his not this fucking federal agent. Damn this boy probably couldn’t take whip like he could, love the pain like he did. What the hell did Mary see in him?

Mary grasped Vin’s arm and was leading him to the bathroom. Vin quietly followed her. He would just have to bide his time and wait for his chance.

“Now, Vin. I am going to have Ron run us a nice warm bath, I have soothing oils to put in the water to relax you and I have some wine for us to drink, and cheese to eat. Before you know it we’ll be attempting to make a baby,” Mary enthused.

Vin glared at her, his skin crawled where she was touching him.

“I hope you got more than one bottle, because I need to be real drunk to fuck you,” he snarled his anger taking over.

Mary just shook her head at her reluctant lover.

“Vin, Vin, you need to learn who is in charge. Come with me.”

Standing in front of the TV, Vin heard Ron talking on the phone behind him.

Vin felt sick to his stomach, why the hell couldn’t he keep his mouth shut.

“I’m sorry, Mary...I’ll do whatever you want,” he pleaded as Clyde moved into the screen.

“No, Vin you need to learn who is in charge and what the consequences will be for your disobedience.”

Vin was forced to watch as Clyde hit Chris over and over again. Then he heard Chris tell him to do whatever Mary said or he would pay the price.

Vin bolted from the room and just made it to the bathroom where he threw up the little bit that was in his stomach.

Mary told Ron to run the bath water and then leave. When he started to protest she informed him that Vin was under control now and they did not need an audience when their child was conceived. He could stand outside the bedroom door but was not to come in unless she yelled for him.

Mary knelt next to Vin and brushed his hair back off his face. He was such a beautiful man she thought.

Vin shakily got to his feet. He didn’t look at her. He was too embarrassed; it made him look weak getting sick like that in front of her...the enemy.

“Oh, Vin. I understand, but you don’t need to be embarrassed in front of me. I think it is sweet that you care so much about Chris, I just know that will make you a perfect father.”

Mary led him over to the sink and while Vin brushed his teeth she checked the water in the bathtub and found it perfect. The woman lit candles in the bathroom and turned the light off thinking this might make it easier on Vin, since it was so much more romantic.

Mary slid up behind Vin and rested her hands on his rigid shoulders.

“Now, it’s time to get all those clothes off and we can enjoy ourselves in that nice hot water.”

Vin shuddered but he obeyed. After seeing Chris on that TV he would do whatever the bitch wanted no matter what it cost him. The shirt was wrenched off and tossed to the floor, as he reached to undo his pants; Mary turned him around and put her hands over his.

“Let me help you,” she whispered smiling as Vin dropped his hands to his sides.

Mary couldn’t wait to get her hands on all that golden skin. She remembered what Vin had looked like strung up in the cabin all that skin on display, now she was free to touch all she wanted to.

Swiftly the belt was tossed on the floor and the zipper undone. Mary pushed the jeans and underwear to the floor. Kneeling down on the floor in front of Vin she had him lift his feet so she could strip him of his boots and then the clothes could be tossed to the side.

Vin stood there like a statue blushing, as he knew Mary was staring at him like he was a prime piece of horseflesh.

Then he jumped as he felt fingers run over his hips then around to stroke down his ass. Vin clenched his fists reminding himself that he needed to endure this...this travesty to keep Chris safe.

Mary smiled; the poor boy was scared to death. Well he would be loosened up soon enough.

“Get into the tub, Vin. I’ll join you shortly.”

Vin swallowed nervously has he hastily climbed into the tub.

Mary left the room. The video equipment was hidden in the bedroom. Setting it up to go on in thirty minutes, she stripped her clothes off and went back into the bathroom to her very reluctant lover.

Mary ran her fingers through the long golden brown curls and then climbed into the bathtub. She sat facing Vin straddling his thighs.

“I know this is difficult for you, but it can be pleasurable for both of us. Just remember that once I am with child I will let you and Chris go,” Mary said holding the blue eyes with her own. It was imperative that Vin believed her. She was determined to have another child and she was determined that Vin Tanner was going to be the father.

There was no reason to let him know that Chris was already back at their ranch and she had changed her mind about letting him go.

Vin would make their child a wonderful father and she could tell he would be a wonderful lover. Sensitive, caring, gentle, just what she needed to counterbalance her other side. The side that Ron satisfied, the side of her that craved inflicting physical pain upon a man...a man tied up and at her mercy.

There were two glasses of wine already poured, Mary handed Vin one.

When he hesitated she drank from hers and then nodded her head at his glass clearly expecting him to drink it.

Vin was afraid of what would happen to Chris if he refused so he drank it down making a face at the taste.

Mary laughed at the face.

“It is a little dry, the next bottle will be sweeter I promise you.”

Mary then proceeded with her seduction of Vin.

While Vin did nothing to encourage her he didn’t stop her either.

The blond woman used her fingers to pluck at Vin’s nipples, and then her hands cupped his heavy balls playing with them until he gasped at the sensations. It had been several months since he had been with a woman, not being one for one night stands and shy around women in general.

Mary leaned forward nipped at the young man’s neck then licking her way down to suck on the hard nubs.

Gazing into the vivid blue eyes she could see the drugs were starting to take over as the shaft in her hand began hardening.

Vin shook his head; he was beginning to get confused the sensations washing over him were overwhelming him.

Vin had no way of knowing that Mary had slipped Ecstasy in his wine. She wanted Vin wild and out of control the first time; after all he was going to be the star of a video that was going to be delivered to one Chris Larabee. Larabee was going to suffer when he watched it. Just knowing his kid brother was high on drugs and fucking the woman that they both hated would be the beginning of the hell she wanted Larabee to live in.

Mary continued to run her fingers and mouth over Vin’s skin. It wasn’t much longer before the drug was making the touches drive Vin crazy with need.

Vin grabbed Mary and pulled her to him beginning to devour her mouth with his.

The drug was muddling his brain instead of Mary he saw his old girlfriend.

Mary knew that Vin was not seeing her, but that was fine for now. She would get his love later, right now she wanted his seed, and she wanted his child.

Every touch felt like fire to his skin and he had to have her, the drug was making his skin super sensitive, every touch was being magnified.

Vin only knew that he had to have her; he had no way of knowing that the drug was causing him to hallucinate.

Vin stood up and carried her into the bedroom. As he bore her down to the bed Mary glanced and saw the video recorder was on.

As Vin suckled on her breast Mary looked right into the camera and raised her middle finger mouthing the words ‘Fuck you, Chris.’

For the next several hours Vin made love to her several times in several different positions.

Her favorite was when he had her grasping the headboard and he mounted her from behind sliding into her woman’s wetness as he took her.

Mary was gazing up at a picture over the bed of an old ghost town southwest of Denver.

The picture wasn’t her cup of tea, but this wasn’t her place so who cared.

As Vin grunted and sent his seed deep inside her, Mary smiled and rested her hand over her stomach.

Just think, she might already be pregnant.

Vin finally collapsed from total exhaustion and the drug. Mary lay on the bed for several minutes, her legs crossed, wanting to keep Vin’s seed in her as long as possible.

Getting out of the bed she walked over to the video recorder and smiled.

“He fucks like a dream, Chris. You should take lessons. By the way I’ve changed my mind, I’m keeping him, he will make a wonderful father and husband. Have a good life.”

Mary turned the video recorder off and went to take a shower. After she took care of her needs she actually took the time to wipe Vin down and tuck him into bed.

The drug would keep him out of it for several hours.

Mary leaned down and placed a kiss on his forehead.

“I’ll be back later lover with some food. We can do this all over again after you’ve eaten and rested.”

Striding over to the door Mary yanked it open. As she locked the door behind her she was talking to a fuming Ron.

“Get the tape and have it delivered to the Larabee ranch the end of next week. Have it picked up at another location; I don’t want it traced back to this house.”

Ron grabbed her arm and asked, “How long are you going to keep him around?”

Mary snarled, “I am keeping him around for a long time. You forget that all you have to do is follow my orders. I think you need to be taught a lesson. Meet me downstairs in an hour.”

Despite being pissed, Ron was excited at the thought of being with Mary.

He wasn’t so thrilled that night when she finished with him. Usually when Mary finished using the whip and belt on him she allowed him to service her, but not tonight.

When he begged to be allowed to care for her intimate needs Mary had just laughed as she tossed her blond hair and sailed out of the room that now stank of blood, and sweat.

“Really, Ron. You have to be kidding. I certainly don’t want to take a chance that I would become pregnant by you. I quit taking precautions right after we grabbed Vin. You don’t have the qualifications for a father or husband. You should just be thankful that I would still use you like this. Now I have to go get cleaned up, it won’t be long before I will be having dinner with Vin then I fully plan on enjoying his body afterwards.”

Ron had been left where he stood, his wrists and ankles cuffed to hooks in the ceiling and floor, his back, buttocks and thighs covered in bloody welts.

Rudy came in later and released him. Ron was so incensed by his treatment at the hands of the woman he loved that he hit the hapless man viciously across the face.

Ron stormed out of the room as quickly as he could with the pain coursing through his ravaged skin.

Clyde came upon Rudy and saw his brother’s bruised face.

Rudy explained what had happened and convinced his brother not to confront the angry man.

Clyde agreed but he turned away thinking that maybe this wasn’t the right place for them to be. He remembered that blond guy had been so worried about his brother just like he worried about Rudy. Well if things didn’t improve then they might have to change their plans and leave, and they might just take that guy’s brother with them.