Lost in Las Vegas

by Happy Psycho Bunny

Disclaimer: I’m sure you know the drill. I don't own them, but hey a girl can dream. And absolutely no money was made.

Note: Thanks to my Beta, Greta, for her help and for encouraging me. The character Kathryn Lang a.k.a. Katie Lang is entirely of my own making and I ask that no one use her without my permission. I thank Mog profusely for creating this universe. This is the first in a series called Catch Me If You Can. The song Blue is by LeAnn Rimes. Positive comments will be cherished and loved. While flames will be fed to the dragon to keep the fire in his belly stoked.

Chris Larabee hated Las Vegas. It was too loud and way too crowded. He glanced around the room looking for his contact. All he knew was that it would be a woman with red hair and green eyes that would approach him. So he sat at the black jack table to lose money and patience while waiting for this woman.

“Can I get you another beer Mr. Larabee?”

Chris looked up slightly startled. He hadn’t given his name out. In fact he’d only arrived twenty minutes ago. There stood a woman with bobbed red hair and green eyes in a dancer’s costume. Was this his contact? A Vegas showgirl?

“No I…”

The showgirl smiled and placed a hand on the back of his chair.

“Why don’t you come with me? I’m sure I can find you who you really want.”

Chris nodded and followed the dancer to a stage area. She offered him a seat and went backstage. Within ten minutes she returned on the arm of the very man Chris was hoping to bring in, William Gold.

“Mr. Larabee! How good of you to join us. Is everything to your liking?”

The red head whispered in the man’s ear. And he looked at her angrily.

“Well then fix it!” he hissed and shoved her towards the edge of the stage.

She hung her head and hurried off.

“My apologies. Your room is being taken care of as we speak. If you need anything all you have to do is ask Katie. She’ll be yours during your stay.”

“How about we just take care of this now?”

Chris frowned at the man as he wagged his finger at him. No one ever wagged his or her finger at Chris Larabee.

“That’s not how it goes Mr. Larabee.” The man said sternly. “I have information you want and you will play the game the way I want it played. We’ll have dinner at six. We’ll discuss terms then. See you then.”

The man threw something on the floor that created a large cloud of smoke. Chris shook his head at the Las Vegas theatrics. When it cleared he was gone and the red head was in his place. She stepped off the stage and walked toward the ATF agent.

“Mr. Larabee if you’ll follow me I’ll show you to your room.”

Chris growled slightly but followed the girl to the elevators.

“My name is Katie Lang. And no lesbian jokes please.” She stated with a roll of the eyes. “It’s a different spelling from the singer’s name. If you need anything I’ll be in the room right next to yours. Mr. Gold said that I’m to help you in anyway I can.”

Chris said nothing and entered his room. After he’d checked the room for bugs and taken a hot shower he called Denver.

“How are they?”

“Nathan has assured me they’re stable. So stud how do ya like it in Vegas?”

“I’m meeting with him tonight. I’m not so sure about this Buck.”

Chris shoved his hand through his hair and glanced at the bedside clock. He still had a few more minutes before the meeting.

“We need him to testify against Giovanni.”

“I know Chris. Do what you can. Travis gave you carte blanche. Give him immunity if it’s what he wants. I know the thought sickens you, but we need this. Just remember Giovanni put two people in the hospital and one of them is Vin.” Buck paused when he heard the muttered curse on the other end. “Gold’s testimony will be the last nail in this guy’s coffin.”

“I know.” Chris paused when he heard the knock on his door. “I gotta go Buck. Keep me informed.”

“You bet partner.”


Chris opened the door to find Katie standing there nervously. He took in her bobbed red hair, downcast green eyes and simple black dress and wondered what a girl like her was doing working for a man like Gold.

“Are you ready Mr. Larabee?”

Chris nodded and followed her to the elevators and then into the restaurant. They were quickly seated. Their drink orders were taken and as they arrived so did Gold.

“Ah good you’re here already.”

He signaled for a waiter to place a drink order.

“I’ll have…” He turned to look at Katie’s drink. “Katie dear what are you having?”

“Cherry Coke Mr. Gold.”


Katie nodded and William Gold made a face.

“How dreadful! I’ll have a scotch on the rocks. Really Kate. Hasn’t any of my good taste rubbed off on you yet?”

“You know I don’t imbibe Mr. Gold. It dulls the senses.”

As William Gold’s drink arrived so did three meals.

“I hope you don’t mind Mr. Larabee but I ordered our meals in advance. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the steak.”

Katie watched Chris as he heaved a sigh and tried to keep his composure.

“Mr. Gold you did say we’d discuss the details at dinner. So start talking.”

William Gold quirked an eyebrow at Chris and then turned back to his meal. Katie placed a calming hand on Chris’s wrist.

“Mr. Gold doesn’t discuss business during dinner. He says it’s gu.. gua…”

Katie struggled to find the word and turned to William Gold for help.

“The word is gauche my dear.” William turned to Chris. “I’m working on expanding Kate’s vocabulary and education.”

Chris nodded silently and turned his attention back to his meal. All the while he took deep breaths hoping to keep him calm. Once the dishes were cleared Chris glared at the man sitting across from him.

“I’m not a patient man Mr. Gold. Let’s get down to business.”

William frowned at Chris and glanced at Katie to find her smiling at the couples on the dance floor. His frown turned into a smile.

“Mr. Larabee indulge me for a moment. Katie does so love to dance and I have a bad knee that’s been keeping me from indulging her. Why don’t you take her for a dance and then we’ll discuss everything in detail.”

With the wave of his hand Katie was standing beside Chris with her hand extended. Chris felt his shoulders slump. Could this day get any better? The games were starting to get to him, but he needed the man’s testimony. He took Katie’s hand and headed to the dance floor as a new song began.


Oh, so lonesome for you

Why can't you be blue over me?

Katie moved closer towards him.

“I won’t bite Mr. Larabee.”

Chris remained silent.

“I’m sorry he’s making you jump through his hoops.”

Chris glanced down at the young woman’s sympathetic eyes and then looked away.

“It’s not your fault.”

Katie placed her head against Chris’s shoulder and started singing along with the woman on stage. Chris looked down at the top of her head again and sighed. It was going to be a long night


Oh, so lonesome for you

Tears fill my eyes 'till I can't see

Three o'clock in the morning, here am I

Sitting here so lonely, so lonesome I could cry


Oh, so lonesome for you

Why can't you be blue over me?

Now that it's over, I realize

Those weak words you whispered, were nothing but lies


Oh, so lonesome for you

Why can't you be blue over me?

Why can't you be blue over me?

They returned to the table to find William Gold gone.

“Damn it!!”

Chris slammed his fist on the table and Katie jumped. He scowled at the now empty chair and noticed Katie cower slightly.

“It’s not you Katie. I’m just damn sick of his games!”

Katie nodded her head in agreement and tried to give him a reassuring smile. A waiter hurried to the table and handed a note to Chris. He growled as he read it.

“What kind of game is he playing now?”

Katie frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“He wants me to meet him at Madam Tussaud’s at 11:30 tomorrow morning. What the hell is going on?”

Katie stood up and took Chris by the arm, gently pulling him to the elevators. He heaved a sigh and followed. Katie waited until the elevator doors closed.

“He’s been jumpy for some time now. He thinks he’s being followed by one of Giovanni’s men. He’s constantly jumping at shadows and taking off. He’s truly worried about his brother. I think the stress is getting to him.”

“We could protect him. I hate to say that. But we can keep him safe.”

Katie smiled up at Chris when they reached his room.

“Make sure your bags are packed Mr. Larabee. I’m sure things will be set right by tomorrow.”

“Are you always so optimistic?”

Katie shrugged.

“I’ll be by around eleven to take you to Madame Tussaud’s. You’ll enjoy it.”

Chris frowned and didn’t enter his room until he’d heard Katie lock her door. He shook his head, wondering once again what someone as innocent looking as Katie was doing with scum like William Gold.


Chris opened the door at eleven to find Katie standing there in gray slacks and a light blue silk top. She smiled up at him.

“Did you sleep well Mr. Larabee?”

“Better than expected. Let’s get this show on the road.”

The ride to Madame Tussaud’s was quiet. Katie didn’t try to draw Chris out in conversation and for that he was grateful. They wandered around the museum for twenty minutes waiting for William Gold to arrive. Katie stopped in front of the John Wayne display. She glanced Chris’s way and noticed a smile.

“Isn’t he marvelous?”

Chris looked at Katie in surprise.

“Some days I wish he would come to life. Be the hero. You know?”

“Do you need a hero?”

Katie looked up in surprise.

“Every girl dreams of a hero,” she murmured.

Chris didn’t even have time to reply.

“Mr. Larabee! I know this is an odd place to meet, but I’ve been worried about being followed. You understand don’t you?”

Chris crossed his arms and sighed.

“I should have known Kate would have drug you to the John Wayne display. She has an odd fascination with cowboys. Can’t seem to get enough of those old west films. Careful or she might fancy you to be a cowboy yourself.”

Chris frowned slightly at the man and noticed Katie blushing. William Gold put a hand on Chris’s back and ushered him to the entrance.

“Come. Come. We need to get back to the hotel. Once you sign some paperwork we’ll get that flight back to Denver. I have only one condition.”

Chris crossed his arms in front of him as they got in the limo.

“I want you to give my little brother complete immunity.”

“Come again?”

“My brother. I want him to have complete immunity. All charges dropped. You can do that can’t you?”

Chris nodded slowly and paused before getting into the limo.

“I thought you would want immunity for yourself.”

William Gold laughed as the limo pulled away from Madame Tussaud’s, but remained silent until they arrived at the hotel. As the elevator doors closed William turned to Chris.

“I know what people think of me. You’ll get everything you need to put Giovanni away for good. All I ask in return is that my brother gets full immunity. This latest brush he’s had with Giovanni has made me realize how much I value my family.”

Chris said nothing. The three walked into a conference room. Chris noted Kate sitting off to the side and a lawyer quickly showing him the paperwork. Chris signed the paperwork and the three got back into the elevator to head to Chris’s room.


William Gold sat in the only comfortable chair as Chris gathered his overnight bag and the brief case containing the paper trail Giovanni left behind.

“Are you ready Mr. Gold?”

William Gold laughed, shaking his head.

“Oh Mr. Larabee! You are so amusing. I won’t be going with you.”

“The hell you…” Chris was out like a light before he could finish the sentence.

Kate stood over him with the remains of lamp.

“Quickly get him on that flight to Denver. I’ll meet up with you in four days.”

Katie nodded and with some help wheeled an unconscious Chris Larabee out of the hotel. On the drive to the airport she gave him a sedative to keep him out longer.


Chris Larabee woke with a throbbing headache to find himself on an airplane. He looked around in confusion, but was unable to get a flight attendant’s attention as they were making their descent into Denver. Chris rubbed his head as he exited the airplane to find the five of his team waiting for him.

“Mr. Larabee wait!”

Chris turned to find a flight attendant hurrying after him with his overnight bag and a briefcase.

“Mr. Larabee wait. Your fiancée wanted me to make sure you didn’t forget these.”

Buck laughed out loud.

“Have fun partner?”

Chris just glowered at him and turned his attention to the young woman in front of him.

“My fiancée?”

“Yes the lovely young woman with red hair and green eyes.” The attendant smiled. “She said you’d over done it in Vegas and knew that you absolutely needed to have these things when you got back to Denver. She even asked to help seat you and everything. You are a lucky man Mr. Larabee.”

Chris closed his eyes and let his head fall forward at the implication of it all. He’d been duped and he knew he would never live it down. He gave the attendant a tight smile and headed for the exit.

“What was that all about?” JD asked anxiously.

“Yeah. Who’s this fiancée you got there partner?”

Chris glared at Buck. He sighed deeply knowing he’d have to tell them sooner or later.

“She worked for Gold. And apparently she clobbered me with something. Hopefully what’s in this briefcase will put Giovanni away. I can’t believe I was duped!”

The men around him laughed and started ribbing him as they checked the contents of the brief case.


She hurried down the corridor and tossed the red wig into the trashcan. Glancing behind her she saw the seven men headed for the exit. She quickly dialed his number.


“He arrived.”


She clicked the phone shut and quickly hailed a cab.

Something in the trashcan caught JD’s eye. He did a double take and shook his head at the red wig lying on top of the trash.