LIFE LINES by Jackie

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Author's Notes: I have no excuse, I just love writing poems. Other than that, I hope you enjoy. Thanks Ingunn for always having my back. Jackie :O)


Green eyes opened and blinked at the dawn
A hand raised up to stifle a yawn.
Blankets flew back and feet found the floor
The waking body fighting the morn once more.
Standing up tall and stretching arms high
Chris walked to the dresser and let out a sigh.
He ran a hand down his face, fingers through his hair
Then he glanced in the mirror, frowning at what he saw there.
He picked up a jug, poured water in a bowl
Scooped the liquid in cupped hands, to wake up, his goal.
Splashing water on his face, then a towel wiped it dry
He caught his reflection and his expression turned wry.
Resting his hands on the dresser, his body leaned in
As he wondered at the face that stared back at him.
He recognised the features, the colour of his hair
But how had that haunted look in his eyes got there?
How did each fine line that marked his once smooth face
Find it’s way onto his skin at such a rapid pace?
The lines deepened on his forehead as his brows drew in a frown
Sharp emerald eyes studying as they scanned up and down.
He wasn’t old he knew that, and the lines not yet that deep
But each one told a separate tale, a memory to keep.
He blew his breath out long and hard, knew he should not dwell
But as he took stock of each fine line, some thoughts he could not quell.
Faint creases at the corners of his eyes made him feel glad
‘cause they reminded him of all the happy times that he had had.
The furrowed mouth and gentle folds that showed upon his head
Took away the gladness and made him sad instead.
The many hours of anguish, despair and crying tears
Formed the tell-tale signs that had made him old before his years.
He blinked away the memories, from eyes forlorn and sad
And pushed away the thoughts of happy family times he’d had.
“I love you” he whispered, and then moved his thinking along
recalling each moment, every right and every wrong.
He raised a finger, and traced a scar on his jaw
Recalling when he decided not to get bullied any more.
He smiled as he remembered the day in the school yard
When the kid had taunted him and hit him really hard.
He went home that day and asked his Pa to teach him how to fight
And perfected it by practising from morning until night
Then the day arrived when he declared the bullying would end
He gave the boy a matching scar, and he became his long-time friend.
The smile then fell from off his face, turning serious once more
When he remembered his friend was shot and killed in the recent war.
Sad eyes reflected back at him, and then grew wide in shock
His heart leapt up into his throat, when he heard a hearty knock
“You in there buddy? We’re runnin’ late.” Buck’s voice boomed out real loud
Chris smiled then chuckled and shook his head, feeling mighty proud.
Looking back at his reflection, it was suddenly crystal clear
It was each line and furrow that had brought him to, right here.
His life had not been easy, but there was a lot that he had learned
And for each lesson conquered, a fine line had been earned.
“Ya comin’ cowboy? Or I gotta drag ya outta bed?”
Vin’s voice floated through the wooden door and into Chris’s head.
The eyes that had held sadness, now shone and twinkled bright
The creases at the blond mans eyes, evident in the light.
Pulling on his tight black pants, and quickly getting dressed
He glanced back in the mirror at the person who was blessed.
Six friends now gave him purpose, no more need to feel forlorn
He had them to share his times with, to watch new life lines form.
“Chris?” The voice was worried, as the blond picked up his gun
“Comin’, Vin.” he answered opening the door to meet the sun.
The three men rode out slowly, Chris pulled his hat low on his head
While he pondered on the thoughts he’d had since he’d got out of bed.
He knew he would grow older, more fine lines were sure to come
But he now grasped what they stood for and was grateful for each one.