A Kiss From the Soul

by  Dreamer

Summary: Sometimes a kiss can change your world.

AN: This is a challenge response for Vinfeedback list for January "The answer is no!’.

"The answer is NO!" Vin stared in horror the six men in front of him. He looked over at Inez and back at Buck who said the most outrageous thing he ever heard. The seven peacekeepers had gotten bored of playing for money so change it to the person with the highest hand could make the lowest hand do a dare.

"You want me to do what?" Vin narrowed his eyes at Buck. "You can’t be serious."

"You know Mr. Wilmington, it would only be fair to give Mr. Tanner a couple of choices to fulfill his obligation." Vin knew he was in trouble if Ezra was trying to help him.

"All right, Vin..." Buck trailed off tapping his chin in concentration.

"Go up to Inez and lift her skirt up over..."

"Again the answer is no. Not only No but HELL NO!"

"Settle down you didn’t let me get to the or." Buck held his hands up in surrender then smiled widely as an idea occurred to him.

"Walk up and down the board walk ten times and say hello to everyone you see..." Buck paused trying to control his laughter making Vin look at him strangely.

"That doesn’t sound like much of a dare," JD interrupted.

"It is if he is completely naked."

"But wearing a hat," JD laughed nearly spitting out his milk through his nose.

"You’ve gone completely Loco if you’d think I’d ever do that," Vin glared. "I’ll do that after my fists have rearranged your face."

"Fine, I’ll give you one more choice." Buck paused for a second trying to think of a dare that would be both amusing and wouldn’t make the tracker angry enough to follow through on his threat.

Buck let a slow smile spread across his face as a idea came to mind. "OK this one shouldn’t get you into too much trouble. the next woman to walk in go up to her, pull her against you and kiss her deeply and passionately on the lips until she pushes you away. You can’t end the kiss until she does."

Vin glared at Buck but knew that was the best he could hope for. It wasn’t likely to last long before the woman became furious and slapped him. He looked for help from Chris but he just laughed.

"It can’t be Mary," Chris demanded knowing no one would push it.

"For a respectable Lady she sure is in the saloon and awful lot." Nathan stated.

"Can’t get enough of Mr. Larabee." Josiah added getting a subdued glare from Chris.

"OK then, The next lady to come in here," Buck nodded to Chris. "That’s not Mary, you have to go up to her and kiss her passionately until she ends it. Not a second before."

Sure enough Mary was the next one to enter the saloon. Vin paled when he saw that Casey had followed her in.

"JD, you don’t want me kissing your girl, do ya?"

"She’s not my girl," JD reminded him that they broke up along time ago and are now just friends.

"Damn," Vin was looking for an out but couldn’t find one. He briefly thought about strolling up and down the boardwalk naked when he remembered that most of the town had gathered for Colin McFerson’s wedding. He let out a string of curses.

"You do have three choices," Ezra informed him. "For the sake of your health I would advise you to leave Inez alone." Ezra wasn’t about to let anyone molest his lady love. He also wanted to wait until the beauty accepted his proposal before announcing it to the town.

The gambler gestured where the Mexican beauty was holding a rolling pin menacingly and he gave her a wink only she could see.

"Don’t even think about it." Inez added with a smile causing Vin to blush.

Mary went to stand beside Chris and handed out her newspapers. "How is everyone today. You all right Vin? You look a little pale."

"I’m fine. Excuse me, Mary," Vin pushed himself up knocking the chair over as he did so.

"Hi, Inez. Buck annoying you again?" Casey asked.

"Isn’t he always?" Inez stated putting her weapon down when she saw Vin approach Casey.

"I’m real sorry, Casey," He whispered as he placed his hands on either side of her face and gently pressed his lips to her soft and warm mouth.

Vin was hoping she would have slapped him immediately so he could be done with it but Casey was completely motionless. Vin slipped his arms around her and deepened the kiss hoping to shock her enough to respond.

Vin wasn’t prepared for her response. Instead of slapping him she let her body melt against him tempting the ex-bounty hunter to far. He felt a powerful rush of desire and possessively held her to him. His kiss became hungry and demanding yet still tender. His hands caressed her back as he yielded to the power of the kiss.

Casey opened her mouth to his sweet assault on her senses as she brought her hands to his shoulders. The couple forgot where they were and Vin leisurely traced her lips tasting and exploring her mouth. He slid his tongue along her teeth and engaged her tongue in a sensuous duel.

Oblivious to the many eyes on then Vin gently sucked her tongue into his mouth making Casey moan before she did the same to him. Casey loved his hair and had both hands playing with his soft curls Since she was wearing pants Vin was able to put his leg between hers pressing her intimately next to him.

Mary was so shocked and astonished at Vin’s behavior she could only stare at them with her mouth open. Once she regained her composure she would have pulled Casey away but Chris stopped her. Chris kept his hand on her wrist and that simple touch kept her immobile. His thumb was rubbing the inside of her wrist was making rational thought impossible.

Casey kept playing with Vin’s hair and caressing his neck as Vin continued to kiss her. She would have fallen to the floor if he wasn’t holding her so tight. Her knees were that weak. It could have been a innocent kiss. Vin’s hands were on her back or cupping her face never straying anywhere inappropriate. It was the intense passion that made it so erotic.

Finally Casey’s need to breathe won out. Albeit she did so reluctantly, she broke away from his kiss but not his embrace. Vin leaned his forehead touching hers gazing into her eyes as he also struggled for breath. Vin had no idea how long he stood there kissing Casey. It could have been years for all he knew. He was barely aware of anything but the woman before him.

Casey’s eyes were cloudy with desire. Her lips swollen from his kiss. Vin tried to speak but he feared if he did he would just kiss her again and he wouldn’t stop. If he kissed her for the rest of his life it wouldn’t be long enough.

Realizing they were in the saloon Vin used all his strength to pull away from her but only managed to move a few inches. His arms still entwined with hers. Their eyes never breaking contact. Their passion continued to fuel their desire as they stood staring into each others eyes. Vin once again found her lips and resumed their fiery kiss.

"OK, now," Chris said urging Mary to get Casey out of there. Mary dragged Casey away from Vin and out of the saloon but she and Vin never broke eye contact until she was out of sight. Vin kept on staring long after she had disappeared. It was all he could do not to follow.

"Well that was certainly a lascivious display." Ezra said breaking the spell that held the room.

"Hottest thing I ever did see," JD declared surprised to find he wasn’t even a little jealous.

"You can say that again," Nathan added.

"I am impressed," Buck admitted honestly. "I have scene a lot in my time but I never seen a kiss as sensual as that was."

Vin closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the rest of the customers started to hoot and holler. When he opened them he leveled a glare at Buck and stormed away.

Jossiah had once been a part of a kiss like that and he knew that Vin and Casey would never be the same again. A kiss that could reach in and touch you in places that you thought hidden away could only happen between soul mates. He wished them better luck then he had with his love.

The end