Heart and Soul

by  Dreamer

Author notes: Thanks to everyone who reviewed and requested a sequel. Ask and you shall receive. This story refused to leave me alone until it was written. This is also my answer to Vinfeedback lists Feb challenge. Vin’s assets.

By the way I challenge other writers to write more Casey anyone but JD stories. Especially Vin, Chris or Ezra.

Casey sat in Mary’s office drinking a cup of tea. A huge smile on her face that made taking a sip of hot tea almost dangerous.

"Mary, I can’t believe he kissed me." Casey shook her head in wonder.

"That was indeed unbelievable," Mary sat beside her with a cup of her own.

"I never knew a kiss could be so..." Casey trailed off at a complete loss for words.

"I know what you mean, Casey. You are going to have to be careful around him. If he kissed you like that when your alone with him you could get into a lot of trouble."

Casey raised her hand to her lips then her eyes widened. "Oh dear, your right. How could I say no?"

"You have to. Unless your married you need to be very careful not to be alone with him. You’ll be tempted but a lady must be careful about such things." Mary advised.

"I know but isn’t he the most handsome man you ever saw?" Casey had a dreamy look on her face that Mary could only smile at.

"Almost," Mary agreed thinking of a certain blond gunslinger.

"His eyes. Have your ever seen eyes so blue? I can see forever in his eyes," Casey told Mary. "It is like he can see through me. To the very heart of what makes me who I am."

"I think you have it bad," I prefer green, Mary thought.

"Do I? Yes I suppose you are right. Oh and his hair! Do you know how long I have wanted to touch his hair? Those sweet adorable curls that come past his collar. Oh Mary, you won’t believe how soft his hair is. I wouldn’t have thought a man’s hair could be that soft."

Mary smiled at the young girls enthusiasm for her first real knock your socks off kiss. She longed for the days when she had felt so energized by a kiss. Mind you being kissed by Chris could be close when he ever got around to kissing her. If simply holding her wrist was that provocative then his kiss must be pure heaven.

Casey had now gone on to tell Mary about Vin’s lips. How warm and inviting they were. How they made Casey melt into him.

"Oh Mary! His arms. Nothing can compare with the warmth of his embrace. I felt so...alive in his arms."

"Casey, I think you need something stronger then tea."

"Strong? Did I mention how strong he is. I am sure I would have fallen to the floor if he hadn’t of held me up."

"No, I don’t believe you have," Mary poured some sherry into Casey’s cup as she continued to list Vin’s many attributes.

Mary was grateful for Casey’s innocence otherwise the girls prattle about his assets would get embarrassing. Thank god she went from chest to legs. Mary thought silently.

"I wonder what his feet look like?" Casey said out loud and Mary couldn’t hold back a laugh. Thank god for her innocence, indeed.

"What?" Casey asked.

"I’m sorry but you are just so adorable. You remind me of me when I first met Stephen." Mary told her how she had been positively giddy after her first kiss and it hadn’t of been half as long or powerful as Casey’s.

"I’m being a nut? Aren’t I," Casey asked.

"No, Casey. You’re in love and I think it is sweet. I think You and Vin would make a wonderful couple."

"You do? I wonder if Vin thinks so?"


"I am going to kill him!" Vin paced around Chris’s cabin like a cat ready to prounce.

"Kill who?" Chris asked amused at Vin’s erratic behavior.

"Buck and those damned dares of his." Vin knew he should of gone with the second dare. He should have known he couldn’t touch Casey and not lose control. She’s been on his mind a lot lately.

"It was your choice. He was more then fair,"

"Chris! I nearly...could have...damn!" Vin ran a hand through his hair which only reminded him of Casey’s hands twirling her fingers through it.

"I didn’t catch that," Chris didn’t even flinch when a bottle flew past his head smashing behind him. "That better have been empty."

"I nearly had her right there, Chris! In front of everyone!"

"That would have been a sight." Chris whistled.

"Seriously, Chris."

"Might want to be careful being alone with her." Chris warned.

Vin looked at Chris in alarm "You thinking I’d be dragging Casey to the nearest secluded spot and...Oh Damn!" Vin sat down heavily and let his head fall to the table.

"Oh yeah, you got it bad." Chris slid the bottle of whiskey towards him.

"Do I ever." Vin agreed into the table catching the whiskey before it fell on the floor without looking.

"Chris, what am I supposed to do?" Vin looked up before taking a long sip.

"Marry the girl."

"Marry her? Marry Casey? Yeah, Marry her." Vin relaxed with a dreamy look on his face.

"Yeah, you got it real bad," Chris said and Mary’s face came to mind. "Then again maybe I do too."



"Double wedding?" Vin suggested

"Could be possible," Chris smiled.

"Well get your act together. I ain’t waiting." Vin warned.

The end