by Kayim

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Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. I only wish they were.

Summary: JD ponders a revelation.

Author's Note: This is my little fluffy drabble about JD and his thoughts on Buck's revelation in "Working Girls".

Josiah walked into the saloon, pulling off his bandana and wiping the sweat from his face. He'd been working hard on the church roof and was proud of the way things were coming along. Proud enough to allow himself a short break and a small shot of whiskey. Maybe even the good stuff.

Almost instinctively, he let his gaze sweep the place. It was a good habit to get into in Four Corners - you never knew when trouble would strike. Thankfully, this time there was nothing that appeared likely to interrupt his relaxation, so he requested his drink and found a table where he could sit and think in peace.

A few minutes later, the whirlwind that was JD Dunne exploded into the saloon and sat himself down at the table with Josiah.

"Man, am I glad you're here," the youngest member of the seven exclaimed. Without pausing for a breath, he continued, as was his usual style. "I was just talking to Buck and you won't believe what he told me."

Josiah said nothing, raising his drink to his lips. When JD was on one of his runs, it was difficult for anyone to get a word in edgeways.

"Apparently, his momma was a ... I mean, she worked in a ... you know," he dropped his voice to a soft whisper and glanced around the room, "... a cathouse."

He looked at Josiah, expecting a response. When the preacher refrained from commenting, JD continued.

"What does that make him? Woah, I didn't mean it like that, after all, he's still Buck. Our friend. But if his momma was a whore... " again he whispered the 'offending' word, "then she can't have been a good momma, could she. My momma always told me that a lady would never do that. But Emily and Lydia, they were still ladies, weren't they? Even if they did do ... that."

Josiah decided that it might be time to help the younger man with his dilemma. Slowly, he placed his drink back on the table and considered the correct words. Perhaps a bible passage about tolerance of others.

Before he had a chance to speak, JD started up again.

"Maybe they would have been ladies if things had gone better for them. And maybe my momma, God bless her soul, might have been one of them if she hadn't got the job as a chamber maid. And I might have grown up with them. Like Buck. I guess no matter what, he's still Buck. He's a good man."

Josiah tried to speak to agree with JD. Not a chance.

"He treats me like a kid sometimes, but I don't mind it too much. He's taught me a lot about using my gun and stuff like that. But what kind of person grows up in a whorehouse like that? I know he's had a lot of experience with women. I wonder if that's how. He always treats them well though. Always like they're ladies. I don't get him sometimes."

Finally the kid stopped for a breath. Josiah wanted to speak, but he had just taken a mouthful of his whiskey and had unfortunately started coughing.

"Josiah? You alright? Good. Anyway, so do you think Buck's a good man or what? Does it matter where he grew up? Awwww, who am I kidding? Of course it don't matter. Buck's Buck. And he's my friend. That's all that matters."

Josiah managed to catch his breath just in time for him to watch JD push away from the table and stand up.

"You've been a great help, Josiah. I guess I just needed someone to talk to. Thanks."

And with that, he left the saloon. What had been chaos was calm once more. Josiah smiled to himself, pleased that he had managed to assist JD without saying a word.

He held his drink up, toasting an invisible presence. "Thank you, Lord."