The Past Redeemed

by Sue Bartholomew

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The name of Ezra's horse, Chaucer, was coined by Kristen. Thanks, Kristen!

WARNINGS/RATING: PG-13 for rough language, violence and mild sexual situations (nothing graphic)

COMMENTS: This story is a sequel to the second-season episode Sins of the Past. I've tried to write it so that you can follow it even if you haven't seen the episode.

I owe many people a BIG debt of thanks for helping me get this story written!! My sister Sarah helped me iron out quite a few plot details and kept things on track. Thanks, Sis!!

I also had some excellent beta readers who kept an eye on my spelling and writing! I'm deeply obliged to Judy for helping me fix my atrocious typing, and to Carla, Cat, Chris, and Kathy for their unwavering aid in mending plot holes and letting me know when things did and didn't look okay!! You pards are all wonderful, and I couldn't have done this fic without you!!

This is a story about friendship, trust, and betrayal, and contains healthy doses of Ezra, Vin and Chris angst, as well as a good number of owies. I hope you all enjoy it!! Thanks for reading!

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