She Made Nathan's Day

Indra Leigh

"Excuse me, but is Mr. Nathan Jackson here?"

Buck’s daydream of the new girl in pay roll was interrupted by an unfamiliar voice in the door way to the pull pen of the office. "He’s in the conference room. Let me get him for you."

"Nate, someone here to see you."

Chris, Nate, and Buck rejoined the rest of the team in the bull pen. The visitor looking for Nathan was a girl who looked to be in her early twenties and in over all good health except for the fact that she was on crutches.

"Mr. Jackson, so you remember about three months ago you stopped to help a hit and run victim, and you called 911 services? Pedestrian verses truck?"

"Yes, it was a Saturday and I was on my way to the grocery store, but I stopped and gave some help."

"Some help? Do not sell your self short. I was the person covered with blood and gore that you helped. I was scared to death until you took my hand. Imagine how you would feel if a truck practically runs you over then flies off. Your next coherent thought is that you are watching a car coming right your broken and battered body and you know there is no way that you get out of the way. You know death is right there for you. I opened my eyes to see Nathan, doing what he can to help and reassure me."

The girl paused to catch here breath. Nathan was silent with a slightly stunned and bewildered look on his face. " Could you hold these for me please, sir?" She handed her crutches to Ezra, took a deep breath, and slowly walked the six feet to Nathan. Her arms wrapped around him in a bone crunching hug, that the medic of team seven readily returned.

"You kept your leg! And you're walking on it. I was so sure that you would loose it." Nathan practically beamed with joy.

"I nearly did, but what ever you did tremendously helped my chances to keep it. I promised myself that as soon as I could I would walk up to you and thank you. You worked so hard to help a complete stranger. It was a raining, miserable day that seemed to drive the city inside. You helped me and kept me calm."

"How did you find me? I never told you where I worked or my last name. I helped you because I could. I never expected to see you again, but I’m thrilled to see you walking and alive."

"I found the paramedics that drove me to the hospital, and asked them if they knew anything about you. They knew your name and where you worked. Helping your teammates and family when they’re hurt is not the same as giving aid to a total stranger."

"Nothing would have stopped me from at least trying to help. What are you going to do next?"

"A couple friends of mine and I are going to open a restaurant in the town we went to college in. We’re leaning toward a Cajun seafood restaurant. If you're ever up our way whatever you want is on the house, for all of you. I’m alive and walking with two feet and ten toes because of your help. Thank you Nathan Jackson."

The girl hobbled out after an exchange of addresses and contact information, both Nate and she wanted to remain in contact. One last hug left Nate grinning like a fool with six men speechless.

"You never said anything about that brother Nathan."

"Was that the Saturday we watched all the Star Wars movies at the ranch and you said you weren’t able to make it because something came up and you wouldn’t explain any further?" Chris asked.