by BMP

WARNINGS: PG folks, lots of foul language ahead, but no more than the boys would use in the following situations, and some scenes not for the weak of stomach.

DISCLAIMER: These Characters do not belong to the author or me (but if it were our sandbox, we’d let YOU play in it…) That said, this story was written purely for self entertainment (and the possible entertainment of me, thanks BMP!) and no money is being made, has changed hands, or has been paid out for the contents therein.

~ I want to thank MOG for the ATF AU, she came up with it, and graciously lets other play there.

~Ryan Kelly, Kirk Gustin, Douglas Stone, and Team Eight are used with the permission of their creator, Heather Flaherty.

~ Brett Jordan from Team Eight is used with the permission of Celeste, as are her men from Team Five.

~General Matthew Larabee is used with the permission of Q’Mar. Although the author realizes and recognizes that there have been several authors wat have used a similar character for Chris’s father, the character herein was patterned from Q’Mar’s.

~The Larabee-Wilmington Fist Dialect mentioned herein came from A Gift from an Old Friend by Cassie.

~Any similarities between this story and Sage’s Hole in the World are purely coincidental. This story was started before that one was posted, but Sage has been made aware of the possible similarity of plot.

~Special thanks to anyone else who created little sayings or nuances that I may have used.

“I stole 'em from someone who stole 'em first.  There's no honor among thieves, so steal 'em from me if you want 'em.” ~BMP

WARNINGS: The author and I would like to caution the reader that we are not medical experts. Although care has been taken in the creation of this fictional story for realism by speaking with Knowledgeable Persons, please do not use the medical situations and medical dosing found therein in place of Reliable Medical Knowledge. If any of these situations happen to you, please seek Professional Medical Attention.

~Constructive Criticism will be passed on to the author

~Flames will be used to toast marshmallows

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