You Can't Take the Agent Out of the Girl

by Kati

Part of the New Agent Series

In order to fully understand this story, It would help to read the story’s prequels The Right Choice, and Sometimes the Past Comes Back to Haunt Us. These stories are dedicated to my cousin who is a real life agent in the CIA.

Enjoy the story. Good and Bad Feedback is always welcome

ATF Team Seven and a few other special friends had gathered at Chris’s ranch for a very special occasion. For the life of her Sidney could not figure out what is was. She sensed this gathering was centered around her, but she had no idea what for. They had just celebrated her twenty-first birthday the week before.

Everyone was sitting around the living room, feeling very full. Josiah had cooked steaks out on the girl.

“Hey Sid, you want to come take a look at the horses with me?” JD asked. Sidney nodded her head and got off the couch that she was sharing with Cody Richards, her boyfriend of six months. She followed JD out of the living room.

Cody watched her go as he felt his heart start to beat faster.

“You got it bad boy,” Buck smiled. Cody turned to look at the older man..

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple more entirely devoted to each other than the two of you.” Cody started to blush.

“I don’t know about her.”

“I never seen Sidney as happy as when she is with you,” Josiah told the younger agent. “Her eyes glow every time she she’s you.”

“So you think I’m making the right decision?” Cody asked,

Sidney was the envy of every girl at the Federal building. Cody’s dark features and tall, muscular build proved that he was one of the best-looking agents, other than himself of course.

“I have never been more sure of anything in my life,” Buck answered. He knew that Cody wasn’t looking for his approval. He was looking for someone else’s. That person refused to even look at the nervous young man. “God Chris say something,” he thought.

“Can we get this show on the road?” Vin asked jumping up and down. “Let’s figure out what the answer will be instead of just sitting around talking about it.”

“Have you ever considered looking into Ritalin Mr. Tanner?” Ezra asked.

“Why? That stuffs for those kids that can’t sit still.”

“My point exactly,” Ezra answered.

“Riley come here,” Cody called. Sidney’s old golden retriever trotted up to him. He scratched the dog behind the ears.

“I got an important job for you Riley,” he told the dog. He took something out of his pocket and tied it to the dog’s collar.

“Go find Sidney,” Riley trotted out of the door that Nathan had just opened. They all waited till they saw the dog head for the stable and then quietly filed outside..

+ + + + + + +

“Another two weeks and we should be able to wean him off his ma,” JD said stroking Nathan’s mare, Shamrock. He was gazing down at the horse’s colt, Bob.

“Who the hell names a horse Bob?” Sidney asked stroking the star on the small animal’s forehead. The colt was resting his head on her knee. The colt had tired himself out running across the stall.

“Buck seems to think it’s fumy. Poor little guy is going to have to go through life with a name like that.”

“Yeah, he’s such a pretty little thing. He should have a cool name like Lightening or Starlight or something.”

“Sure that’s real original,” a familiar voice snorted from outside. “There aren’t’ many horses named Bob.”

“Shhhhhhhh!” Nathan scolded Buck. They all watched Riley trot up the girl. Sidney patted the dog a look of surprise crossed his face when she saw the box tied to Riley’s collar she took out the box and the letter and began to read. Chris saw that Cody was shaking hard. He placed his hand on the younger man’s shoulder.

“Chris I am really sorry if you don’t like this, I know how much she means to all of you guys. I will…"

“Shut up Cody,” Chris interrupted. Chris didn’t mean to make his voice sound so harsh. He saw Cody cringe.

“Look Cody, There is something you have to understand. When my son died, I thought the love that went along with being a father died too, but it didn’t. When Sidney became a part of our little ragtag family I felt those same feelings resurfacing again.” He paused. “When you told us your plan, I was afraid Sidney would be taken away from me too.” Cody felt touched. Chris was really letting all his emotions out right now.

“I guess I knew all along that you two belonged together. I knew it the moment I saw you together. I couldn’t ask for a better man for Sidney. Just promise me one thing. You won’t take her away from me.” There was a pleading tone in Chris’s voice that Cody guessed not many people had ever heard before.

“I would never think of doing that Chris. Besides I don’t think Sidney would let me. She talks about you and the others as fondly as she talks about her own father.” Chris couldn’t help, but smile.

“You know how jealous she got when the other girls in the office started flirting with you?” Chris asked.

“Really? She always said it never bugged her” Cody laughed amused.

“It always drove her nuts. She always planned to…”

. “Can I say something here before you share all my deep dark secrets?” a female voice said behind them. Both men whirled around and saw Sidney standing there with hands on her hips.

“How long has she been standing there?” Chris growled at the men behind him.

“She heard just about the entire conversation pard,” Vin answered, “It was such a deep moving conversation that none of us wanted to interrupt.” He ducked just in time as Chris took a swing at his head.

“You’re getting slow old man,” Vin laughed.

“I’ll show you old,” Chris said menacingly

“Before your little showdown gentlemen, I believe we are all waiting for a very important answer to a certain question proposed by Cody.” Ezra interrupted. They all turned to Sidney.

A huge smile lit up her face as she held up her right hand. The light form the stone on her right finger glistened.

“Yes!” she cried as she flung herself into Cody’s arm. Cody leaned her back as he kissed her passionately while the others cheered wildly.

“Clean off those tuxes boys. Our little girl’s getting hitched,” Buck hollered.

+ + + + + + +

“Geez Cody you’re worse than JD on a sugar high,” Buck reprimanded the younger man.

“Sorry Buck, I just don’t like her in there all alone.” Cody apologized Team Seven was about to arrest Marcus Bradford, the notorious drug lord. The criminal was wanted for ten murders and selling drugs to elementary school kids. Bradford’s one weakness was younger women. Team Seven had seen that the only logical way to capture the son of a bitch was to send Sidney in undercover. Nobody had gotten much sleep during the week that Sidney was gone, but the bust was finally about to happen. They were all looking forward to making sure the girl was okay. Cody had wanted to be there during the bust. Nobody had a problem with that.

“Calm down son,” Josiah said. “She’s been undercover before. I’m sure she’s fine.”

“Yeah, but..”

“Alright gentlemen, here’s the plan,” Chris broke in. “You all know your locations. We get in there, wait for Sidney to break away from Bradford then Vin takes him down. We’ll have Cody’s fiancé in his arms in no time,” Chris laughed. The others nodded their heads.

“Alright men, let’s move!” he ordered. They all broke apart. Chris walked silently to his location as they all moved inside the building

The scene in front of Chris seemed to happen in slow motion. He could remember exactly what happened years later. The perfect bust had turned into a living nightmare.

Sidney was supposed to move out of the way so Vin could get a clear shot at Bradford. Just as Vin was about to bring up his gun, Bradford spun around and grabbed Sidney by the neck. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at her forehead.

“I know you’re here Larabee! Come out here with your hands up or I’ll shoot your girl. I want to see you and the six other men with you!”

“Chris don’t!” Sidney yelled then yelped as Bradford tightened his grip.

Chris knew the guy wasn’t kidding. Sidney would just be another number on his long list of victims. Giving away their location was certain suicide, but there was no other choice. He caught Vin’s eye and they both stood up with their arms in the air. The others followed suit.

“All right gentleman,” Bradford smiled easily nodding to his four bodyguards, “Time for target practice.”
“Hey Bradford!” a voice called from the corner of the room. “You forgot about me!” Cody had sprinted out of his corner. Sidney watched in horror as the four guns of Bradford’s men quickly turned to Cody and fired. She gasped as his body went flying backwards.

“NO!” she screamed and kicked back hard. Bradford keeled over in pain. Cody’s distraction had given Team Seven just enough time to pick up their weapons and start firing. Sidney’s first thought was to get to Cody, but somebody knocked her to the ground.

“Not yet,” Nathan yelled in her ear. “You’re not getting shot too.” Sidney wasn’t sure how long the gunfight lasted, but eventually the bullets stopped flying. The second Nathan let her go, she was on her feet. She sprinted to where she had seen Cody’s body fall.

“Sidney wait!” Ezra’s voice called, but she wasn’t listening. She felt like she was going to throw up when she saw the scene in front of her. Cody was lying in a puddle of his own blood. Four bullets had gone clear through his chest. His arms were spread out and weird angles.

“We need a medic over here!” she yelled. Cody’s eyes fluttered open

“Sidney,” he croaked. His voice didn’t rise above a pained whisper. She dropped to her knees.

“I’m right here Cody,” she said quietly, the tears beginning to flow from her eyes.

“Promise me something.” he gasped.

“What’s that?” she asked

“You won’t end up like me, I won’t be here to protect you anymore” His breathing was becoming more and more labored.

“We will fix you up Cody; we’re getting married in two months on Chris’s ranch. Everyone is going to be there.”

“Never quit the…” he started to say, but realized he had something more important. “I love you,” he choked

“I love you too,” she answered. She watched as his chest stopped moving.

“Cody?” she asked pushing the body.

“Sidney let these guys do there job,” Chris said quietly. The girl hadn’t realized that the others were standing behind her. Tears were streaming down all of the hardened agents faces. Sidney turned around and saw the EMT’s holding a black body bag.

“No!” she screamed throwing her body across Cody’s.

“Wake-up Cody,” she cried desperately. “Please God; don’t do this to me again!’ She pleaded. The girl’s voice tore through there hearts. Once again they were reminded that Sidney had seen her father after he had been murdered. Buck saw that Sidney wasn’t going move. He stepped through the blood and lifted her up. Surprisingly She didn’t resist. She just kind of hung loosely in his arms. He immediately walked away from the scene.

“Chris we’ll take care of this, go help your agent,” One of the EMTS said. “Anybody else hurt?”.

Chris shook his head.

“Thank God for small miracles. Cody had been the only causality in the deadly gun battle.”

Try telling Sidney that,” Chris thought. “Thanks John.” He turned to his team. All of them were completely shaken and their faces were pale. Vin and JD were visibly crying. Chris knew he looked the same way.

“She’s going to need us now guys, we’ll have our own time to grieve later,” he said. “Personally I don’t know how she’s going to pull through this one” He walked out of the warehouse, JD watched as the EMTs carried the body bag out of the back door. He felt an arm around his shoulders.

“Are you alright?” Ezra asked. JD shook his head.

“Why Cody, Ezra? You know we all would have been dead if it wasn’t for him.”

“I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t. I can guarantee you that Cody is on a first class flight to heaven at this very moment,”

“You really think there is a heaven?” JD asked. It was a question that Ezra often struggled with, but this time he did hesitate with an answer.

“There has to be for people like Cody Richards.”

+ + + + + + +

The sun was beating down upon the shiny handle on the coffin. The flowers were swaying in the light breeze. It was a day Cody would have loved. The world seemed to be saying its final farewell to Cody.

Chris watched as Cody’s family walked up to the coffin. It was time to say the last goodbyes to the fallen agent. The funeral service had been beautiful, Cody had been carried through the streets of Denver followed by fifty agents dressed in full uniform, There had been a huge funeral service at the church where Director Travis had given a stirring eulogy, There hadn’t been a dry eye left in the church. Cody’s parents had chosen to have a much smaller service as Cody was laid in his final resting place. Chris was glad to see Cody’s parents had embraced Sidney. She was standing up alongside Mrs. Richards. He was proud of how she was holding up, but there was still a lot of healing left to do. The girl had lost the sparkle in her eyes that they had all come love. She did her job, but with none of her usual enthusiasm, The others were worried. Sidney had been given the honor of being the first person to say Good-bye. She knelt down near the hole. Her words were inaudible. Chris watched as she took out her gun and laid it on top of the grave. The agent was confused.

“Hey she can’t do that!” the gravedigger who was waiting to fill in the grave complained.

‘She can do what she wants,” Chris growled. The other man didn’t protest again. Sidney kissed the coffin and walked away. Team Seven waited their turn to say good-bye. Sidney was waiting for them by a park bench. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was shaking slightly.

“I need to talk you all of you,” Sidney said trying to keep her voice strong.

“What is it?” Chris asked. Sidney took a deep breath no quite sure where to begin.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since Cody died. For a while I blamed God. Why would he want to take two people I loved away from me? It just didn’t seem fair. But I thought about it some more. It’s really not God’s fault it’s mine.”

“Sidney..” Vin tried to say, but the girl kept on talking.

“Losing people you love is almost a given in this type of work. It’s an inevitable fact. Honestly I don’t think I could live through loosing somebody else,” she paused.

“Which is why I’m quitting today. The desire to stay in this job dies with Cody. I just don’t think I could stand to see any of you hurt.” By the time she finished, she was crying. Before she knew what happened, Vin had engulfed her in a huge hug.

Chris suddenly understood why Sidney had placed her gun beside the coffin. Nobody knew what to say. Chris had known that this result was inevitable. The others knew it too.

“What are you going to do?” Buck asked.

“I’m not quite sure. I’m leaving tonight. There are a few high school friends that I haven’t seen in a while. I guess I’ll head up to Wisconsin and go from there.” she answered wiping her eyes. Nobody knew what to say.


“Don’t worry Nathan. I’ll take care of myself. If I ever have any questions I’ll know where to call.”

“No that’s not it,” Nathan hugged her tightly. “We’ll miss you. Promise us that you’ll keep in touch.”

“I’ll try,” she answered. The others waited their turns for hugs and to share their words of encouragement.

“You will visit,” Ezra said firmly.

“I don’t know Ezra.”

“Perhaps a little incentive?” He took out his key ring. “I know your love for fast cars. This extra key guarantees you a free drive in the jag.”

Sidney took the key and smiled. She pulled out her wallet and reached into her pocket. She pulled out her badge and handed it to Chris.

“We’ll leave the desk open.” he said. Sidney smiled.

“Well I guess this is it,” she said. “Well I better go.” Sidney walked away without looking over her shoulder. They all watched her go to truck and drive away.

Buck spoke for the others, “Let’s go get drunk guys.” He got up and started to walk to his truck. The others slowly followed him.

+ + + + + + +

JD sat at his office checking over the supplies for the night’s raid. Bradford had managed to escape the first time. He vowed Bradford wouldn’t get a second chance. They had gone over the mission a hundred times to ensure that the first time Team Seven had tried to take down Bradford wouldn’t happen again. Team Seven was ready. He eyes happened to fall on the empty desk across the room. Josiah saw him.

“We’ll get him JD for Cody and Sidney. That bastard is going to regret the day that he ever crossed Team Seven.” JD was inspired by the cold resolve in the older man’s voice.

“What do you think she’s doing right now?” Buck asked. It had become a common question in the office.

“I hear the weather is nice in Wisconsin right now. She’s probably sitting out on a farm porch somewhere drinking lemonade.” Buck answered. That had become a common response. Sidney hadn’t called even once. They could only hope that she was doing fine. She crossed their minds a lot, but it was obvious she wasn’t coming back. Life had to go on.

Chris walked out of the office.

“Alright gentlemen, let’s rock and roll!” The captain had been hurt more than anyone else. He just refused to acknowledge it. The others followed him out of the door and down to the two vans they would be taking. The ride down to the warehouse was silent. Bradford actually had the nerve to ship from the warehouse where he had actually been caught.

About a half a mile from the warehouse, Chris and Nathan pulled the vans along side a red truck that was parked along side the road. Chris rolled down the window.

“You got three agents in there Tom?” Chris asked the Team Four Captain.

“What are talking about Chris? We were told to bring two.”

“Two? The plans called for ten agents!” Chris was getting flustered.

“We don’t need ten Chris. So we’re one short OH well.”

“No. I won’t have another mistake like last time. Either we get ten agents or Bradford goes free again.”

“Well you better get on that radio and try to find another agent. Cause my men are all on vacation.”

Chris pulled his head back into the truck and pulled out the microphone to the radio cursing. It had become standard protocol for every ATF agent to install one of the multi-way radios in their vehicles. That way if there was an emergency. An available agent could drive right there.

“This is Captain Larabee; I need any available agent down at the South End of Claiborne Street Pronto!” Chris prayed that somebody would respond.

There was only one person in their car that heard the message. The driver spun the wheel hard. The vehicle did a complete three sixty much to the displeasure of the drivers behind.

Chris sat there waiting for what seemed like eternity

“Where are they?” he growled.

“Hold your horses Chris; Give them a chance to get here.” Buck answered. They heard the sound of an approaching truck. They saw the headlights before the driver turned them off.

“Do you guys see that truck?” Nathan asked into the radio.

“That isn’t who I think it is it?” Josiah asked.

His answer was quickly answered. The truck door opened and Sidney got out; the van doors were immediately opened and slammed shut. Chris was the first one to reach her.

“Can I help you Miss?” he asked.

“I heard you needed an agent. I haven’t worked for a while, but I’m looking for a chance to get back in the game.” She looked at the others who were standing by Chris. “I have the best references.”

Chris tilted his head like he was thinking about it.

“Well the hours are long, the pay sucks and you have to put up with dumb and dumber over here.” He pointed to JD and Buck.

“Hey!” JD whined.

“I think I can handle it,” Sidney said seriously.

“Chris you can’t just hire her again before the raid.” The second agent from Team Four said from the truck. The looks that Buck and Vin gave him made him change his mind fast.

“Oh okay, I guess you can,” he answered weakly.

Chris held out his hand. “Do we have a deal?” Sidney held put her hand to shake, but Chris pulled her into a hug.

“God it’s good to see you girl,” he whispered.

“Yeah Chris I missed you too,” came her muffled reply, “but I can’t breathe,” Chris let her go.

“What made you change your mind?” Josiah asked.

“Well, as I was driving through the country. I realized that no matter what I would do. There is only one thing that I really enjoy and that’s bringing the bad guys to justice.

“That’s it?” Nathan prompted.

“Yeah what am I missing?” There was hurt written on all the agents’ faces. “And I can’t last a day without being harassed by you guys.”

The others laughed.

“Well you know what they say,” Vin broke in, “You can take the girl away from the Agency, but you can’t take the agent out of the girl.”

Everyone groaned.

“That was terrible Vin,” Ezra sighed. “That statement needs to be retired.

“I don’t want to interrupt this little reunion, but we do have work to do,” Tom and the other agent got out of the car.

“Welcome back Sidney,” Tom smiled. Couldn’t stay away huh?” he asked.

“Call me stupid, but I just missed these guys to much,” she answered. “How are we taking Bradford down?” she asked. The others looked at her in surprise.

” I put two and two together,” she answered.

The agents went over the plan. It all looked good on paper, but they didn’t need to be reminded that it didn’t always happen that way.

“Alright everyone, Bradford goes down tonight. If everyone does what they are supposed to, Bradford will be in jail cell and we’ll be home watching TV in two hours.” Chris said firmly. That was the sign for the others to head to their locations. Sidney was about to follow Nathan, but JD stopped her.

“Yeah?” she asked. JD pulled out a gun. It was the very same one that she laid in Cody’s grave. The sign that she had given up on the ATF.

“Where did you get that?” she gasped.

“Well the gravedigger wasn’t too happy about it. I figured Cody wouldn’t be too happy about you decision so I took it, in case you ever came back. If I get a clear shot tonight I figured it should be with your gun. Guess you can have that option now. Sidney took the gun and handed JD the spare that she would have used.

“Thanks JD,” she said. “I owe you one.”

JD patted her on the back. ”What do you think friends are for?” He walked away to his location.

The scene couldn’t have played out more perfectly. Bradford had no idea what was coming before it was to late. As soon as Branford’s men had cleared out, Chris stood up and yelled,


Bradford reached for his gun, but Sidney was to fast for him. She fired. Bradford lifted up his bloody hand. It was missing his middle finger. The others started coming out into the open.

“Nice shot Sid,” Vin complimented. “Couldn’t have done it better myself.” Sidney smiled.

“Nobody would have blamed you if you would have killed him,” Buck told her. “You know we would have backed you up on a self defense claim.”

‘I figured death is too easy for him. I want to watch him suffer behind bars for the rest of my life.” she answered. “Cody never liked killing people even the bad guys. Neither do I.

“That’s my girl,” Josiah put his arms around her shoulders.

“You will pay for this bitch,” Bradford howled in pain as Chris dragged him to the awaiting squad car.

“Not today,” she answered. “Besides I’m going to be awfully hard to kill. I got two guardian angels looking out for me now.” she told him. Bradford could only stare. Chris smiled at her and continued to drag him to the car.

“I bet Cody’s sitting with your Dad right now,” Josiah answered.

“Nathan I think you should take a look at this,” Ezra said walking over with JD.

“I’m fine Nathan I swear!” JD answered.

“Yeah sure you are,’ Nathan responded. “What happened to him Ezra?”

“He hit his head on the metal beam above him when he tried to jump up.” Buck and Sidney started to laugh.

“Oh shut up guys, it hurts like hell,”

“You are going to need stitches JD,” Nathan said. You cracked your head open right down the middle. Your brains are going to fall out.

“You better hurry Nathan. He doesn’t have that many he can loose,” Buck howled with laughter. JD lunged at him, but Nathan caught him around the waste.

“I’m going to take him to the hospital to get them. Any joiners?”

“I’ll go,” Buck volunteered. Knowing that his friend wasn’t badly injured, he wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to poke fun of JD’s injury.

“I better come along too, Nathan. You won’t be able to drive and referee these two,” Josiah smiled. Nathan gave him a look of gratitude.

“I would come, except I have a long overdue ride in a very expensive car,” Sidney said looking at Ezra holding up the spare key he had given her. Ezra gave her a confused look then groaned.

“Never again will I make a rash decision like that,” Ezra sighed. He followed Sidney as she gleefully skipped out of the warehouse. He felt sick to his stomach.

“Taking her for a cruise Sid? Vin asked.

“Yup, Ezra and I will meet you at the office.” she answered. “Hurry up Ezra, We are wasting time.”

+ + + + + + +

“What color are your stitches JD?” Vin asked. Everyone, but Sidney and Ezra, were back at the office.

JD mumbled something.

What was that?” Vin asked.

“They’re pink!” Buck howled with laughter. The others turned to JD.

”It’s all they had left,” he said defensively. JD was saved any further embarrassment as the door opened. Sidney and Ezra walked in with a pale face.

“Did you have fun?” Nathan asked.

“Sidney made it her goal to go fifty miles above every speed limit sign,” Ezra answered rubbing his head. “I saw my life flash before my eyes a hundred times.”

“Oh shut up Ezra, You know you had a blast,” Sidney laughed.

“Blast isn’t the word I would choose,” Ezra answered. :”Does the report need to be completed?” he asked.

“Nope, we just got it done,” Vin said.

“I am going to need to find someplace to move that takes dogs.” Sidney said.

“We were already looking for you,” Buck said. “The only place open is the condo above me and JD.

Sidney groaned.

“Can we get out of here, I’m starving!” Vin said. Everybody slowly got up and walked out of the door. Chris turned around and locked it. Sidney was content to listen to discussion going on between the men. She hadn’t realized how much she missed it. They were almost to the front door when Sidney stopped.

She glanced at the wall of Heroes on the right wall. Every time an agent died in the line of duty a simple golden star was engraved in the wall. There were now twenty-one stars on the marble. The stars were never marked. There was a large book beside the wall where agents could write a message to the fallen agents.

“Can you hold on a second?” she asked. Chris nodded his head. “Take as much time as you need.”

She smiled gratefully and walked over. The newest one had just been finished. . It shiny color glistened in the dull lights. She traced it with her fingers and the tears slowly started to flow all over again. She walked over to the book sitting in front. The page was still opened to the pages dedicated to Cody. They had to insert an extra page for all the people that had signed. She scanned over the messages written for the fallen agent and friend. She noticed that the first box had been left open. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled at Josiah. He had been in charge of organizing the book. He had saved the first box for her.

She picked up the pen knowing exactly what to write

Thanks for everything Cody. Our special memories will never be forgotten. Love you forever, Sidney

She put the pen down and walked over to where her team was patiently waiting.

“You alright?” Vin asked. Sidney nodded her head.

“First time I am in a long time.”

“Good, cause I got the keys to your truck and we’re heading for pizza,” Buck laughed.

“What? Give me those back!”

“Not on your life girl,” Buck answered and sprinted out of the building.

“Seems you’re out of luck Ms. Marks,” Ezra laughed.

“Seems you will be too, cause I still have your extra key on my keychain,” she answered as she followed Buck. Ezra’s face turned pale. He sprinted off after Buck.

“Give me those keys!” he hollered rushing off after the two other agents.

“If Buck wants to drive Sidney’s truck, he can give us the key to the Jag.” Vin told JD. They both smiled evilly and rushed in to join the action.

“OWWW Buck that hurt!” JD howled.

“JD if you pulled out those stitches, so help me….” Nathan rushed forward to see what new injury JD had sustained.

Josiah and Chris watched Nathan run out the door.

“Feels good to have all the kids back doesn’t it,” Josiah laughed deeply.

“Yeah it sure does,” Chris smiled. Sidney was back and everything was going to be all right. Life would be normal again. Well as normal it could be with Team Seven.