Nothing More Than Men

by MMW

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.

Author’s Note: No idea what happened, but it appears I was channeling Buck when I wrote this.

There are years in every person’s life that seem to stand out more than others. This year is one I will always remember as a year of change.

After seven years together, our little group is breaking up and moving on.

Vin left first, feeling too hemmed in. He stayed as long as he could, longer than he probably should have, but, eventually, he drifted away. Last we heard he was headed up toward Montana.

Thought for a while that Chris might go with him, but he’s still around – couldn’t leave his wife and their new baby and the one on the way. He and Mary finally came to some sort of understanding. Chris’ little shack is now a nice home. He’s raising horses and Mary is still working her press everyday.

Ezra left shortly after Vin, finally feeling he was ready to resume a larger stage. Maude’s offer for him to take over a saloon in New Orleans was too tempting, especially as it came in his name as sole proprietor.

Nathan left last week, finally moving out to the Indian reservation to marry Rain.

As the town got bigger, the townsfolk brought in a “real” preacher, so Josiah will be moving a little closer to Vista City. Seems Hannah’s not doing quite so well and he wants to be near her.

JD and Casey finally got married a few years ago. JD is the only one keeping on with peacekeeping duties. He’s the proper sheriff now and has a few deputies working with him.

And me? I’m still here, watching and living life. Of course, now I’m doing it with Inez as my wife. It seems I didn’t wear her down; she smartened me up. The two of us own and run the saloon, which we now call a tavern. We offer food, lodging and libations, but nothing more. And Inez just told me this morning that Chris and Mary aren’t the only ones expecting. It seems I’m going to be a daddy too.

It’s kind of strange. I always wondered what happened to legends. I never thought I’d be one. But now I know. Life goes on and legends are nothing more than men.