Generations: The Chaos That is Family

by Meg

Alternate Universe Generations

Note: I do not own the characters in this story. They belong to the Magnificent Seven franchise.

Outside the Boot Hill Ranch Vin and Buck were making there way to the house when Vin stops and looks very thoughtful towards his uncle. “Thanks Uncle Buck for helping me out around here,” stated a grateful Vin.

“No problem Vin, I’m happy to help out, besides this gives us the time to get reacquainted with each other. Anyway, you know your dad wants to spend time with the little squirt,” reassured Buck.

“I know, but I’m sure he did not want it to be this way. I thought for sure he was going to explode when he tripped over Ez’s toy wolf,” Vin said with a twinkle in his eye. “I mean he twisted his ankle and now he has to stay off of it for three weeks.”

“If I know your dad, and trust me I do, he won’t follow doctor’s orders. This just gives him an excuse to stay inside and play with Ez,” stated a very jovial Buck.

With that said they both began to walk to the house again. Once both reached the house they heard a crash and a squeal. They both looked at each other and opened the door fearful that Ezra or Chris might have got hurt. When they opened the door they could not believe what they saw. There running as fast as his little legs would carry him was Ezra running butt naked through the house screeching, “No Baffs!”

“No Baffs. No Baffs. No Baffs,” screamed the streaking three year old.

“Ezra Christopher Larabee, you get back here now,” bellowed a limping soaking wet Chris.

Seeing Chris wet and yelling at the naked little boy had both men at the door busting out laughing at the sight. “Oh man Chris, I wish I had a camera,” laughed Buck. Chris just looked at the two laughing relatives and growled, “Shut up Buck, and you two help me ketch this little naked jay bird.”

With that said the three grown men took after the naked little boy. “Ezra, come on. Come to daddy,” cooed Vin.

“No! No Baffs,” yelled the little boy.

“Come on Ezra, it aint so bad. It could be fun” soothed Buck. Still the little imp refused to leave his hiding place behind a big chair. While the three men tried to coherce the little three year old out, Nettie walked in and only shook her head at the three grown men. Men, she thought, can’t they do anything with out the woman supervising their every move.

“That’s it, you three move now,” ordered Nettie. Once the three men moved away, she bent on her knees and said, “Ezra honey, why don’t you come out of there so we can get you cleaned up.”

The little boy’s only response was to move further back towards the wall. It was clear to everyone that the little boy did not like baths. Buck looked over at his nephew and asked, “How do you get him to take a bath?”

“Usually he just tires himself out and he’s real easy to place in the bath,” answered Vin.

Nettie was still trying to get the little guy out from behind the chair when an idea came to her. “Ezra, would you take a bath if wolf could take one with you, because you know wolfs need baths too.”

With that said, little Ezra came out from behind the chair and looked up at Nettie and asked, “Can he Ettie? Can wuf take a baff with me?” Nettie looked at the shivering little boy and nodded. She picked him up and turned to the three men. “I’m going to give Ezra his bath. There’s supper on the stove.” With that said she began to walk up the stares when the guys heard “And Christopher, change those clothes and stop dripping water on my clean floor.” With that said she was gone. The other two looked at Chris and saw the look of distaste and began to laugh all over again.

“Not one word. He’s just like you Vin. You would go and hide outside in the barn. Luckily Ez is still too small for that.” With that said, Chris went to change into dry clothes. Leaving Buck to harass Vin about his past indiscretions of youth.

“He’s right pard. If I remember right we had to hogtie you to get you to take a bath.” stated a laughing Buck.

“I wasn’t that bad Uncle Buck, besides I was probably running away from your animal smell that you always said you have.” With that said Vin took off running because his Uncle was right behind him and he knew if he got caught he would pay dearly. The two family members ran outside laughing and trying to one up each other, unknown that they were being watched.

Chris was looking out the window and smiled thinking that I’m so happy to have my family back together again. Emily you would be proud of your son. Chris’ thoughts were broken into as a little tornado ran into the room freshly bathed and carrying his ever present wolf, hugged his grandpa’s knees and said, “I wuv you ganpa!” Chris looked down at his precious little imp and lifted him up and gave him a kiss on his little chubby cheek and said, “I love you too munchkin.” With that said he turned back to his brother and son watching them rough house and thought, it is indeed chaos but it’s still my family and I would never change it for the world.

The End