Christmas Spirit

Beth Green

Author's Notes: Since I included all seven guys, this story is a series of seven hundred-word drabbles.

Buck paused at Ezra's desk, his eye caught by the skullcap that Ezra was neatly folding. "Ezra, is that a yamaka?"

"No, it is a yarmulke, the cap traditionally worn by Jews for religious ceremonies."

"Since when are you Jewish?"

"Since the ridiculous oversell of the Christmas season began this past October, I have been seriously considering converting to Judaism. Were I Jewish, I could avoid the gift-giving nonsense without being considered cheap or lacking in Christmas spirit."

"Ezra, I guess you never heard of the Chanukah holiday? Eight days of gift-giving?"

Sighing, Ezra tucked the yarmulke into a drawer.

+ + + + + + +

JD looked admiringly around the apartment he shared with Buck. It was a glowing, festive Christmas wonderland. "We did good this year, Buck."

His friend agreed. "Yeah, not too little and not too much. It's just right."

JD began to toss the extra decorations into a box. He was stopped from doing so by Buck.

"Hang on, give me that. And that. And that." Buck was soon loaded down with spare ornaments, lights, and fake greenery. At JD's questioning look, he explained. "Ezra needs a little help with his Christmas spirit."

JD nodded. "Yeah. Seems we got some to spare."

+ + + + + + +

Nathan pulled into the ATF parking garage, noticing Josiah pulling in right behind him. Both men exited their vehicles carrying similar packages. Glancing at Josiah's box, Nathan questioned, "Christmas decorations?"

"Yes. You, too?"

"Yes. For Ezra?"

Both men laughed. Josiah started, "Great minds . . ."

Nathan completed, "Think alike. I guess I'm not the only one who thought that Ezra could use a little help getting into the Christmas spirit."

Josiah commented, "Too bad more people aren't like me: spirited all year 'round."

Nathan laughed. "Yeah. You're about the jolliest guy I know."

Josiah simply responded, "Ho, ho, ho."

+ + + + + + +

Nathan and Josiah were both startled to see that someone had had the same idea as themselves. Much to their surprise, Ezra's desk was currently the most gaily decorated in the bullpen. They turned equally puzzled eyes on each other. The only person besides themselves currently in the ATF office was Chris.

Nathan ventured, "Do you think that Chris . . .?" He answered his own question simultaneously with Josiah. "Nope."

They laughed when Buck and JD entered behind them, carrying their own Christmas decorations.

Buck began, "Great minds . . ."

Josiah completed, "Don't belong to either of you."

+ + + + + + +

Ezra entered the office and nearly walked past his own desk. He did not recognize it. In place of its usual pristine surface, the desk was currently festooned with ribbons of red and green. A miniature Christmas tree had been substituted for his paperweight. Santa and his reindeer paraded atop his computer monitor.

Ezra could feel the anxious eyes of his teammates on him. He allowed a rare smile to grace his features. He sat down in his chair. Eyeing the sprig of mistletoe hanging above his head, he commented, "Gentlemen, I suggest that you refrain from approaching too closely."

+ + + + + + +

Chris had been standing in the doorway of his office, curious to see Ezra's reaction to the phantom decorator. Chris himself had been visited by the no longer anonymous elf. As usual, Chris had arrived at the ATF office this morning prior to the remaining members of Team Seven. He discovered that some secret Santa had decorated his office and Ezra's desk for the holiday.

Although less than enthusiastic, Chris ultimately resigned himself to tolerating the benevolent invasion. He then opened his desk drawer. Chris jumped back when it "ho-ho-ho'd" at him. He surprised himself with the laughter that escaped.

+ + + + + + +

Vin had been enjoying Ezra's reaction to his festive desk. As he watched, he felt a set of eyes on him rather than Ezra. Looking across the room, he was unsurprised to find Chris staring at him. Once Chris knew that he had Vin's attention, he gave a small smile and a nod.

Vin returned the smile. It didn't take much of a detective to figure out that Ezra and Chris hadn't done their own decorating. With the decorations brought in by Josiah, Nathan, Buck, and JD, it wasn't too hard to ultimately deduce that Vin was the man responsible.


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