Typical Friday


"Somethin' smells good," the teenager comments loud enough from her spot on the couch for the cook to hear.

"Of course it does," the cook replies, from the kitchen.

Sam stares at the game of solitaire in front of her on the coffee table and moves a few cards. Reaching down, she rubs the head of the animal at her feet. "Arnie" had become rather fond of his new playmate, considering she had been here just a little over a month. This girl would slip him leftovers from dinner and she also gave the best belly rubs he could ask for.

"Honey I'm home," a voice calls, from the front door.

Sam looks up to watch Buck walk in, balancing two grocery bags in his arms.

"Evenin' Buck," she states, rushing over to grab a bag.

"Thank you, was about to loose that one," he replies, following her into the kitchen.

"Ooh, something smells good," the agent comments, taking in the aroma of Chris' cooking.

"My sentiments exactly," the girl adds, then turns and heads back to her card game.

As she sits down on the couch and looks at the cards again, another voice is heard from the door.

"Comin' in."

She looks up and smiles at the lanky agent with long hair, who returns her smile.

"Vin," she acknowledges him. "They're in the kitchen. I'm guessin' by now Buck's taste testing everything."

"A'right, reckon I should try and stop him," the tracker says, with a mischievous grin.

Grinning, Sam shakes her head and looks back to her game, in hopes of finding the quickest way to finish and win.

"Now, let's see Arnie," she muses, to the mutt. "That won't go there, neither will that one. One of these cards has got to move."

As she continues speaking her thoughts, another agent walks into the living room, catching her attention.

"Who are you and what have you done with Ezra?" she questions the man, holding in her laughter.

The southerner was dressed in jeans and a green sweater, which was quite a change from his Armani suits.

Ezra grins and laughs a little at the girl's facial expression.

"Well, as you know, I've been on assignment for the last two weeks, and I guess I decided to give in to the simpler side of things, for now," he replies, then adds in a hurt tone, "and being away that amount of time, your comment was the last thing I expected."

The girl grins and gets up from the couch, walking over to give the agent a hug. She had become close with all seven of the men, but Ezra was still the one she was closest too.

"Welcome back," she states. "Did you have fun?"

"You know I did," he replies, in sarcasm, as she walks back to the couch and sits once again. "Might I assume the others are in the kitchen?"

"Yep, and I assume you best hurry, otherwise Vin and Buck are going to eat up everything with their taste testing," she states. "And you ain't gonna get any of it."

"Aren't," he corrects her. "Aren't going to get any."

"Whatever," she smirks, as he walks into the kitchen.

Turning back to her game of solitaire, she rubs Arnie's head again trying to figure out what she did to get stuck and how to undo it.

"Let's see if I can finish before anyone else gets here," she comments, to the dog.

"Anyone home," a voice breaks through the living room.

Sam looks down to Arnie as he looks up and lets out a moan for her.

"Nope, no one's home," she responds, as JD walks into the living room.

JD smiles and nods his head at her sarcasm then questions, "Where's Buck?"

"Kitchen. I believe there's a taste testing competition going on," she replies, looking up, with a smile.

JD nods his thanks, then heads into the kitchen, leaving Sam to her game of solitaire.

"Wanna try this again?" she asks of her furry companion.

She examines the cards laid out in front of her and begins to go into deep concentration, when the front door opens and she hears yet another voice.

"Movies are here," the deep voice states, walking into the living area.

Sam looks up and greets the last two agents with a smile.

"I smell something delicious," the healer comments, as Josiah lays a couple of movies on the coffee table near Sam's game.

"Does smell quite tempting, and your other four teammates have already given into that temptation," the teen tells them.

"Better save me some," she hears the big man comment as he and Nathan walk into the kitchen.

Sam shakes her head in amusement, then tries to finish her game of solitaire, mistakenly thinking that now there shouldn't be any more interruptions.

"What movies did y'all get?" the youngest asks, walking back into the living room.

"Better be something tasteful," Ezra comments, coming back into the room as well.

"Let's see," JD says, reading off the names. "American Outlaws, Young Guns 2, Maverick, and The Magnificent Seven with Steve McQueen."

"Do I see a trend there?" Sam asks, with a smile, then gets pushed to the side as a body shoulders it's way by her.

Ezra leans across the back of the couch and reaches out moving a few cards, bringing her game of solitare to an end. Leaning back up he smiles to himself at his victory.

"Bravo, well done Ezra," the teen comments, gathering the cards. "But I was getting there."

"I know you were dear, just thought I'd help it along," the southerner replies, with a smirk.

"What kind of trend?" JD questions the girl, laying the movies back down after studying the backs of each one.

"Ain't ya never heard of a western?" she shoots back, with a mischievous grin, both of them knowing that kind of language got under Ezra's skin.

"Haven't," he corrects once more. "Haven't you ever heard?"

JD laughs as Sam holds back her amusement, focusing on the dog once more.

"So it's a western night. Least it's a bit of a change from the stuff we usually watch," the youngest agent states, pulling the coffee table away from the couch to ready the room for the movie marathon that will follow dinner.

"Yep, least it ain't a bad change," the teen comments with a grin, unable to control the use of the slang term.

"That's it," the southern agent states, with a sigh, throwing his hands in the air.

Thinking she's won that round, Sam smiles over at JD, but then is knocked off the couch, barely missing Arnie who jumps up and trots out of the way, giving a bark at the game between two of his playmates. Rolling on top of the girl, Ezra pins her arms up by her head.

Looking down at her with an evil grin he asks, "What?"

"Said it ain't that bad of a change," she repeats, with a smirk.

Running one finger of his free hand down her side along her ribs the agent questions again, "What was that you said?"

Through laughter Sam tries to respond, "I...said..."

But before she can continue, someone takes Ezra down and she quickly sits up to see Vin sitting on top of Ezra, holding all his limbs down.

"Everyone knows you're jest as ticklish as she is Ez," the Texan grins, taking in the surprised look of the southerner.

"Vin, you really should consider..." Ezra begins, but watches as JD jumps on Vin's back, sending the two rolling.

Arnie barks again at the wrestling match ensuing in the living room.

"That was smart kid," Vin comments, as he overcomes JD's weight and rolls on top of the computer expert.

"Children!" Chris yells from the kitchen, "Time to eat."

The foursome quickly get to their feet and begin to walk into the kitchen ready for some food, after their little escapade.

"Isn't that bad of a change," the teen states, patting the undercover agent on the back.

"That's better," he states playfully, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

Sam smiles to herself as they walk into the dining room and thinks, What a typical Friday.


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