by Hombre

Note: This fic came about after I was trying to do what Vin and Chris are doing in this story. The agony! Also thought I needed to write what I hope is a humorous fic again. I've gotten bogged down with hurting the boys lately and needed a change. It's probably a bit of a PWP fic, but what the heck!

"For God's sake stand still, Vin," Chris said in exasperation.

The blond was squatting in front of the sharpshooter. He had his hand on a band-aid that was stuck to Vin's lower leg and he was trying to remove it. He picked at the corner and felt Vin flinch and wobble. The sharpshooter had a hand on Chris's back for balance and he tightened his grip suddenly as pain shot through his leg.

"Ow, ow! Jeez take care, cowboy. It's stuck to the hairs," Vin shouted as he jumped away and put his hand down to rub the tender spot.

"Do ya want it off or not?" Chris asked irritably as he looked up at his friend and rubbed his own shoulder where Vin had pinched him.

"Yeah, it needs changing but it hurts, godammit," the long-haired man grumbled.

"Damn well do it yerself, then," Chris growled before standing up and stretching his legs, which had fallen asleep and were tingling with pins and needles.

Vin shook his head and put up his hands. "No way. I ain't no masochist, Larabee."

"Stop being such a wimp, then. God yer a man, ain't ya? Be brave. It's embarrassing hearing ya whimper like a baby," Chris moaned.

The black-clad man moved back toward Vin and again began picking at the edge of the band-aid, which was firmly stuck down.

"Why didn't you remove it in the tub?" the blond suggested when Vin howled in pain again.

"Just had a bath and I forgot, didn't I? It should still be damp, shouldn't it? Ow, ow! Jesus," Vin snarled as he hopped on one leg and fell back on the couch after Chris had managed to release one corner from Vin's skin.

"This is worse than pulling hairs outta noses," Chris complained.

"I wouldn't know, cowboy. Never had to do that. Hairy noses are a sign of old age, ain't they? Like hairy ears," Vin teased. "You're more likely to know about those sorts a things, ain't ya? What with you being so old an' all."

"Right, you asked for it, Tanner."

Chris leapt up and sat on Vin's chest facing his feet as the man lay on the couch. He put down his hand again and pulled at the corner of the band-aid that he'd managed to loosen earlier. He got a good grip on it as Vin writhed beneath him. Chris took a deep breath and ripped the sticky strip free while Vin yelled at the top of his voice.

"All done. Wasn't so bad, was it?" Chris said with a grin as he held up the offending item in the air and released Vin from his hold.

"Not for you maybe. God that hurt." Vin studied his tingling limb and complained. "Hey! Now I've got a hairless patch on my leg. Jesus."

"Well, I can always wax the rest off ya to make it even, if ya like," Chris offered with a broad grin. "But then I'd have to do both legs or you'd be hairy one side and smooth and sleek the other, wouldn't you?"

"No, I'd rather ya didn't touch me no more, Chris. Don't know how women can wax their legs anyway. Seems like torture to me," Vin admitted before looking down at the wound on his leg. "God, now my cut's started itchin'." Vin bent down with outstretched fingers and began scratching.

Chris got hold of Vin's arm and pulled it away. "Don't Vin. You'll start it bleeding again. Just leave it alone."

"It itches and I really need to scratch it 'cause it's annoying me," Vin said as he wrenched his arm out of Chris's iron grip.

"Yeah, well yer doin' a damned good job of annoying me too, cowboy. I think I'm gonna have to scratch the itch that's bugging me," Chris said as he approached Vin threateningly.

"No, no, keep away, Larabee. Don't you dare tickle me!" Vin pleaded as he stood up and backed away hurriedly.

Chris quickened his pace and chased the sharpshooter, who yelled and ran away before being tackled to the ground. A rough and tumble fight ensued until the two men suddenly sat up when Chris yelled in pain. The blond lay with hands pressed to his crotch as he rolled around the floor on his back in agony.

"Chris? Did I catch ya somewhere painful?" Vin asked in concern as he reached out an apologetic hand and pulled Chris upright.

"Yeah, you could say that," Chris mumbled breathlessly as he curled forward and groaned, still with hands pressed to the tender spot.

"Do ya need a band-aid on it?" Vin asked with a smile.

The blond sat up straight and stated, "Not damned likely. Imagine having to take one off of that region?"

"Jeez. That would make ya scream, wouldn't it?" Vin laughed. "Wouldn't be able to walk without a pronounced limp for days, I shouldn't wonder."

"You're not wrong, cowboy," Chris replied as he winced at the very thought. "You're not wrong."

The End

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