Things to be Thankful For

S. Larabee Tanner

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Warnings: some names might be familiar. They were taken from Fics I had written or am currently working on. This fic is part of a series. The whiskey on the gums of a teething baby isn't recommended but it works if used in moderation. Used it myself and my mother used it.

Chris looked around his home at all his friends and family. His eyes first settled on his oldest friend and his family. He still found it hard to believe that Buck had finally won over Inez. There in his lap was his little girl Michelle.

Then his eyes drifted to Ezra.. There was another one that surprised him. Sitting next to the under cover agent sat his wife Taran. He had met her on a undercover job. They had fallen hard for each other and had gotten married once the case was over. Now they awaited the birth of their first child.

With a shake of his head the blonde moved to his best friend. Chris still couldn't figure out how Tanner had managed to date one of his younger sisters behind his back and marry her. He had to admit though that Angelina was obviously very happy. Now they had three children and waited for the birth of their fourth. He was glad that if she wanted to marry one of his friends that it was Vin. He knew Tanner could and would never hurt her. He covered up his laughter with a cough as he listen to Vin correct his daughter. She was so much like her father is was hard to believe.

The sound of a baby crying brought his thoughts to the next couple. There sat his baby sister Katerina holding her son. He was barely a month old. The laughter of the team's profiler as he watched his young daughter made him watch the older man. Kat had been through so much, and he was glad Josiah was there for her. He watched as their friendship turned to love and grew into everything he had hoped for them. Though Josiah had retired from the ATF, he was still a big help with profiling when they asked. He hated to see Josiah leave the team, but he knew his daughter's health problems required his attention more than the team did.

He smiled as he watched his niece play with her doll. He knew her battle with cancer was killing her parents. It had gone into remission for now, and he hoped that it stayed there. He didn't want them to feel the loss he had felt when Adam and Sarah were taken from him.

The joyful laughter of a young woman caused the ATF agent to smile and turn around. There stood JD with Casey. The antics of the newly weds had him remembering how he was with Sarah. He was glad JD had finally asked the girl to marry him. It only took him five years to do it, but with Buck's guidance he could understand why. He hoped the young couple stayed this happy.

The sound of Nathan's voice made Chris look toward the doorway. He didn't hide his smile as Nathan ran into the house followed shortly by Rain. The blonde could tell she was upset about something. The team's medic must have said something to upset her. He knew all to well about Rain's temper. He had been on the receiving end of it when his own beloved was carrying his child. Rain had insisted that Larabee marry the girl, but he had yet to ask her. Following Rain into the house was their adopted child. They had taken in a child that was orphaned by a case the team had closed. He was glad the child had a good family now.

A hand on his shoulder made the man turn to see who it belonged to. There standing in front of him was his beloved holding their crying son. He could see the worry and uneasiness and tiredness in her eyes. "Lana what's wrong? Is Mikel okay?" He listened to her explanation and took the child from her. "He's only teething. I can fix that." He dipped his finger into his whiskey and rubbed it onto the child's gums, and smiled as the child finally settled into a peaceful sleep. He wrapped an arm around Lana and led her to the couch. This year he had a lot to be thankful for. He held his family and friends close. He was glad they had fought to keep him with them, and he planned on staying with them for along time. This was going to be the best Thanksgiving ever.

The End

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