Night Lights


Note: Due to actual occurrences, this story happened. Thanks to my friends as noted in the story who help keep ideas for stories in my head. Of course the ATF realm doesn’t belong to me, nor do any of the guys, but all the girls do. No money is being made, just a bunch of laughs.

"But Chris, I got a date," the explosives expert complains, his hands waving in the air.

"I don’t care Buck. These reports are due first thing in the morning, and none of you appear to be done," the leader replies, looking around at his team of six men.

"But cowboy, we’re all starvin’," the sharpshooter implores.

"Well, I’m sorry," Chris tells them. "My hands are tied."

"Do tell me that you have some sort of a solution to our predicament," the undercover agent pleads with their leader.

"Well, actually, Sam and…oh, what’s her name?" the leader looks down trying to come up with a name. "Jaclyn, yeah, Jaclyn and Sam are fixing supper as we speak, so we won't be going hungry at least."

"Oh, the blonde bean pole," Buck muses, aloud.

"Yeah, short stuff," the youngest agent comments, with a grin at Buck.

"Anyway," the leader says, trying to get back on subject, "get to work on your reports or we don't get to eat."

He turns and heads back to his office, leaving six very unhappy agents behind him.

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

"I like it, I love it…" Sam continues to sing along with the song, while placing the bowls of food on the table.

"I want some more of it…" Jaclyn chimes in, bringing another bowl and setting it on the table.

They sing along with the rest of the lyrics, while line dancing by the table.

"Is that the last of what we need?" Sam questions, after the song is through, looking at the table.

"Yep, cooking for seven men ain’t easy," Jaclyn comments, placing her hands on her hips.

"When they’re really hungry it’s more like fourteen men," her friend agrees.

Both run to answer the phone as it rings, Sam snatching it away from Jaclyn.

"Larabee residence, Samantha speaking," she says, into the receiver, having answered many important business calls for Chris.

Jaclyn looks to her in confusion as Sam starts pleading with someone on the phone.

"Crystal…okay…calm down Crystal…do you want us to come get you? All right…stay put…we’ll be there in a few minutes."

Sam places the phone on the receiver and looks to Jaclyn in fear.

"Crystal says there are lights in the sky above her house, just circling around. She’s scared senseless, let's go," she tells her friend, grabbing her coat and a set of keys.

The two girls rush out on the front porch, sliding to a stop and look at the vehicles in the yard.

"Come on, Chris rode to work with Josiah, we’ll take his truck," Sam states, heading for the black Dodge pickup.

Sam looks at the vehicle then to Jaclyn, tossing her the keys telling her, "Here, you drive."

The two girls climb into the truck and speed out of the driveway heading in search of their friend.

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

"Dang it!" Jaclyn yells, having gotten stuck behind a slow moving car.

"Watch this," Sam states, reaching over and turning on the sirens, causing the headlights to flash.

"One of the perks of having an ATF agent as your guardian," she comments, with a grin, as Jaclyn passes the slow moving car.

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

"I think I’m gonna call Sam, see how dinner’s coming," Vin states, picking up the phone off his desk.

"Won’t do no good, they’re working on the phone lines," Nathan tells him. "No calls in or out."

Vin shakes his head in disappointment as having just lost another way of getting out of his paperwork.

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Jaclyn and Sam jump out of the truck and head up to Crystal's house door. Jaclyn begins to pound on it as Sam turns and looks up.

"Oh my…"

Jaclyn turns to see what she’s talking about and notices the eerie greenish lights circling about the clouds. She counts a total of five circles.

Crystal opens the door in a hysterical state and wraps her arms around Sam.

"It’s okay Crystal, come on, lets get out of here," the girl states, scared of what she's seeing in the sky as they all head back to the truck.

"I’m telling you guys, it looks like an alien spaceship or something," Crystal states, as they drive back to Larabee's ranch.

"It couldn’t be an alien spaceship," Jaclyn responds, trying to be the voice of reason.

"I’m not sure, those lights sure looked awfully real," Sam comments.

"What with my parents out of town and Amberly being gone to the football game with Jessica, I was scared to stay home alone," Crystal tells them.

"No problem, we’ve got plenty of food, and you can stay the night if you like," Sam replies.


7 7 7 7 7 7 7

The three friends get out of the truck and stop in their tracks as a car speeds in behind them and stops, the dust swirling.

Jessica and Amberly quickly get out of their vehicle, both looking scared out of their wits.

"What’s the matter?" Jaclyn questions.

"When Crystal called, we left the ball game and then we saw the lights and…" Jessica tries to explain.

"Oh my…" Amberly stutters, looking up.

All five girls look up to see the eerie greenish lights once again circling the clouds, except this time, they're right above the ranch house.

"Let’s get inside," Sam yells, running for the door, the four other girls right behind her.

Sam races in the house and grabs the phone while Jaclyn slams and locks the door behind them.

"Don’t…dang it…the phone's not working right," she complains, after trying to dial a number unsuccessfully.

She tries another number and huffs in frustration when no one answers.

Jessica, Amberly, Crystal, and Jaclyn all stand by as she tries yet another number.

"Buck!" Sam almost screams, "You’ve got to get here quick, there’s weird lights in the sky, and…"

She cuts off having heard something bang on the window extremely hard, causing all five girls to scream.

"Oh Buck, please hurry," she pleads.

After a few seconds she hangs up the phone.

"They’re on their way," she tells the other girls, as another loud bang comes from the window.

They all scream again and look around for a good hiding place.

"The hall closet," Amberly instructs, pointing in the appropriate direction.

All five teenagers head for the closet and quickly get inside, slamming the door behind them.

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Buck speeds up, heading down the highway in a hurry.

"Careful Buck, we don’t want to wreck, that won’t do anyone any good," JD tells him, worry in his voice.

Behind Buck’s Chevy and right on his tail is Josiah’s Suburban, which contains the remaining five agents.

Josiah reaches to turn the radio off, but stops, hearing the announcer come on.

"And tonight at the Denver High football game, two teenagers made a ruckus about alien spacecrafts. The scene ended in all the stadium lights being turned out, and everyone watching the lights circle the clouds," the radio emits.

"Well at least we know they’re not hallucinating," the profiler comments.

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

"SAM!" Buck yells, racing into the house.

"SAM!" the sharpshooter calls, sprinting up the stairs.

The closet door flies open and five very extremely upset teenagers run out and find someone to latch onto.

"Hey, easy there, ol’ Buck’s here," Buck comments, placing a reassuring hand on Jaclyn’s back.

Crystal buries her face in the sharpshooter’s shoulder, while Jessica latches onto the leader of the team.

"Did you see?" Sam questions, wiping away a few tears, but not letting go of the undercover agent.

"They’re right above the house," Amberly states, not letting go of her rescuer either.

Nathan slowly walks in and looks at the team.

"I don’t know what it is," he tells them, shaking his head.

They all walk back outside and stare at the sky while the lights circle.

"It looks like a UFO," JD comments.

They all continue watching as the lights slowly dim away.

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

"See ya in the morning Chris," Sam states, before heading up the stairs.

"Night," Larabee replies.

Sam walks into her room and shuts the door behind her. She grabs her computer chair and steals some popcorn from Jaclyn’s bowl.

"Well least we got a sleepover out of it," Crystal states.

"Yeah, but we’re not telling anyone," Jaclyn comments.

"Yeah right. Amberly and I ran around the football game making fools of ourselves, after we saw the lights, trying to get help to go get Crystal," Jessica says, taking a sip of her drink.

"I can see Amberly now, ‘Please help me save my sister from the aliens.’" Jaclyn mimics.

"Shut up," Amberly says, tossing a pillow her way.

"Yeah, well I’ve figured out who’s fault all of this is," Crystal states.

"Who’s?" Sam questions.

"Megan’s, because right before it all happened she stopped by to invite me to roll yards, but I said no. So a few minutes later I went outside to see if they were rolling my yard. That’s when I saw the lights, and called Amberly on her cell phone, then you guys here. Oh, and you know the movie Signs, and how the aliens are afraid of water? Well I was seriously thinking on the water bit while I waited on you guys," Crystal states, with a grin.

"You’re so stupid," Jessica comments.

"Really? So who was the one who left the football game, saw the lights, and went back to the game in search of help against the aliens?" Jaclyn smirks, to her sister.

"Hahaha," the girl replies.

"Well here’s to it being all Megan’s fault," Sam toasts, raising her soda can to the rest of the girls.

"All Megan’s fault," they say simultaneously.

All five jump as they hear the scream.


They all turn to look and burst out in laughter having realized it was from the movie on TV.

The next morning:

All five girls jog down the stairs, the smell of breakfast calling to them.

"Hmm, pancakes. You know the way to a girl’s heart," Jaclyn comments to Chris as he sets the plate on the table.

"Oh ladies, look what I got this morning," Buck states, placing a newspaper on the table in front of them so they can all read.

The rest of the ATF agents sit down at the table with smiles on their faces as the girls read the headline of The Clarion News.

Car Show Spotlights Spread Havoc Over Denver Outskirts

The spotlights from the car show in lower Denver lit up the sky last night in an eerie green glow. Many spectators say they believed it to be an alien spacecraft, while some thought it might have been ghosts. Even the football game at Denver High was put on hold while all the lights in the stadium were turned out so the spectators could watch the sky, after being told about the lights from two teens that attend school there. Many people could be seen pulling over on the roadside to watch the night sky. It is rumored that some one even saw one of the local ATF agent’s vehicle racing down the road with lights and sirens going. All in all these spotlights made a mark on everyone’s memory. I think it will be a long time before Denver forgets its close encounter of the third kind.

- Mary Travis

"Figures, Mary would cover it," Sam says, with a smirk.

"The two teens at the game was the two of you, right?" Josiah questions, pointing at Jessica and Amberly.

"Yes sir, and needless to say, our reputations are ruined," Amberly comments.

"Oh I wouldn't say ruined, I mean, you just saw aliens last night, no big deal," Jaclyn says, rolling her eyes..

"And I know for a fact that neither Josiah nor Buck had their sirens going last night, so I’m just certain I know whom it was flying down the road last night," Ezra comments, with a grin.

"Who? Us?" Jaclyn questions, innocence written on her face.

"Never," Sam adds.

"Well, how about y'all eat some breakfast," Vin comments, trying to get them out of hot water.

"Then you can watch the movie I just bought," Chris says, looking down at his food.

"Really, what is it?" Jessica questions.

"Aliens," he replies, with a grin and a raised eyebrow.

"I’ll pass," Crystal tells him.

"I believe we're in for a long overdue shopping spree," Sam comments, with a smile.

"I agree on that one," Crystal smirks.


"Same here."


They all begin to eat as Chris smiles and shakes his head.

"We left out last night in order to save the five of you from a car show's spotlight," he states, laughing a little, causing a laugh from all of them.

Maybe, Maybe Not.

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