The Empty Kingdom

Uncle Josiah

Once upon a time there was a King. He was a brave and noble man who loved the people who lived in his Kingdom very much.

The king loved to be around the people of his Kingdom. He loved to play games with them and to entertain them with stories and poems. He loved to ride his big black horse all around the Kingdom, visiting with all the people.

One day, some very mean trolls came and tried to hurt the people. Being a brave and noble man, the King chased the trolls away and kept the people of his Kingdom safe from harm. The people were very grateful to him and praised him for being a brave and noble man.

But the King couldn't help but be worried. Even though the trolls were gone and the people were safe, he was afraid for them. First he taught the people to be safe in case the trolls came back. He was still worried that something would happen to the people. So he started making rules and telling them what to do more and more. He also asked his soldiers to help watch over the others.

Now the King wasn't doing all of this because he was mean. He was doing it because he wanted to keep the people safe. But the people didn't see it that way. They were very frustrated because they didn't think the King was much fun any more. He didn't play games with them, or tell them stories and poems. All he did was make rules and tell them what to do.