Adding A Little Color

by MMW

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to Mirsch, Trilogy etc.

Author’s note: A lot of what I’ve been writing lately has been on the sad/depressing side and I desperately needed to lighten up. So, this is what you get.

“Vin Tanner! Get your sorry butt in here now!” Chris bellowed from his office.

Five sets of sympathetic eyes turned to look at the young Sharpshooter. Vin, knowing that tone of voice boded only ill for him, allowed his head to thump lightly on his desk before standing and walking over to his Team Leader’s office. “Yeah, Cowboy?” he asked. As he reached the doorway and looked in, he felt his mouth twitch and tried valiantly to hold back his laughter. He failed.

Chris glared at his so-called best friend already thinking of the eulogy he would use at the young man’s funeral. Of course, his delivery of said eulogy was dependent upon his getting a lawyer who could convince a jury that practical jokes were a reason for justifiable homicide. The laughter issuing forth from his friend did little to enhance his mood. When he saw five other faces gather around the door, he felt his anger grow. It didn’t help that the five faces all started laughing and the flash of a digital camera went off.

“Chris,” Buck gasped, “You’ve got to see yourself.” Then, grabbing the camera, he walked over and showed it to Chris, being careful to keep the camera just out of the blond’s reach so he couldn’t erase the picture.

Chris took one look at the image and couldn’t hold onto his anger anymore. Slowly a smile broke out on his face and laughter followed. He had to admit, the prank had been harmless and he did look pretty ridiculous with colorful confetti and streamers all over his hair and black clothes. Looking at Vin he said, “I will get you for this, Cowboy.”

Vin shook his head in denial. “Weren’t me.”

Chris cocked his head and saw the truth in the blue eyes. Narrowing his green eyes, he scanned the other five faces knowing that one of them had to be the guilty party. “I’ll find out who it was and you will pay dearly.” He cursed inwardly, not a single flinch, look of guilt or other tell that would let him know who the perpetrator was.

As the group started to leave, he threw out, “If that picture gets around to anyone outside this team, all of you will be paying with your hides!”

Knowing Chris’ threat was not an idle one, the others smiled with each other and immediately went to post the picture on their department website.