Simple Words


Companion Stories

"Samantha...I," Ezra stutters as he and Samantha stand-alone in the saloon.

"You what?" Samantha asks angrily, "You, Ezra Standish, have three loves in your life. Your guns, your money, and your cards."

"Yes, well, I..." he begins again.

"You care for this town and these people but you..." she begins, but is interrupted by Ezra advancing toward her.

"Would you shut-up a minute and let me speak?" he asks, annoyed.

"Why? So you can pull out a verbalized sentence that would take any normal person just a few words to say?" she asks angrily, staring him head on.

"You want simple words?" he questions.

"It would be nice for a change," she replies, still angry.

"Okay then, I’ll give you three simple words. I... love... you."

Samantha takes a step back, blinking her eyes in awe.

Ezra takes a step forward and gently takes her shoulders, pulling her into a kiss.

+ + + + + + +

Ezra jolts up in bed sweat pouring off him. He looks around realizing it had all been a dream. He leans back down against his pillow and realizes just how hard it is for him to say three simple words. He could explain the simplest things, using his large vocabulary, but he couldn’t say three simple words. He realizes he’s never had the need to say them before now, but now? Now it's different. Now he has a reason for saying them, he just has to figure out the best way.

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