The Car

By Nadine

Crossover with 007 Universe

Follows The Name is Bond, Ezra Bond

This story is for Meredith who asked what other surprises Q might had given Ezra's car. As always a big thank you to Mog for the ATF universe.

Five members of the elite ATF's Team Seven watched as the Jaguar shot out of the warehouse in hot pursuit of the fleeing felons in the Porsche. Two of their fellow agents were driving the silver sports car that took out after the speeding red Porsche as it shot down the narrow alleys between the warehouses of the industrial area as it's occupants searched for a way out of their dilemma.

Having escaped the incarceration of their colleagues in crime the miscreants wanted to remain at liberty; a happenstance that would not occur if the ATF agents got their hands on them. The small red Porsche kept itself one step ahead of the law hoping for an opening that would allow them to find a way out of their predicament.

The five left behind wasted no time in hurrying to their vehicles, knowing Team Three and the local DPD had the criminals' associates in hand.

"Any idea where those fools went to?" asked Nathan of his companion as he tried to see around the large truck in front of him only to stomp on the brake as the truck came to a sudden stop and turned at an intersection. The red Porsche raced past in front of him with the jag close behind, a familiar black Dodge Ram trailing behind both. Nathan turned his Explorer in behind Chris' black Ram and joined in the pursuit. The chase was getting closer to the vicinity of the train tracks and the traffic was increasing. People and loading equipment scattered out of their way as the high-speed pursuit weaved it's way through this area.

The Porsche sped down a narrow side street with the three vehicles close behind it. A large truck was being unloaded in the alley and was blocking over half of the narrow passageway. The smaller Porsche just made it through the narrow space, though it left a long red streak of paint on the side of one building. It was unlikely that the other larger cars could make it through the small space. The Ram and Explorer came to a jarring halt, but the jag kept going. The Jaguar started up an entrance ramp on two tires until it was dangerously tilted. An abrupt twist of the wheel had the sports car up on its side and running on two tires, passing through the undersized gap till it cleared the truck then sat itself back down on all fours. The others backed their vehicles up and went around the building keeping a lookout for the sports cars.

The Explorer and the black Ram were no match for the speed and maneuverability of the sports cars. Each took a different direction as they left the alley keeping an eye out for their colleagues as well as for the criminals. Each was concerned about what their teammates might do in order to catch the fleeing felons. Keeping in contact with the each other via their cell phones, Team Seven circled the buildings. The sound of high-powered engines echoing in a nearby building brought Nathan's attention to a warehouse that had two young men loading a pickup with the containers just outside of its large doors. Suddenly both men dropped their boxes and ran. The Porsche burst out of those same doors with the Jaguar close behind, sending boxes and crates flying through the air. In the confusion that followed, Nathan got a good look at the Porsche even though he wasn't able to stop it from getting away.

The red sports car had taken a lot of damage from its mad dash through the warehouse district. The front lights were smashed in and the windshield was cracked from one side to the other. On the passenger side the paint had been scraped off showing the gray metal beneath. The shower of wood and cardboard had taken its told as well; the car was scratched and dented all over. The Jaguar seemed to have come through the same ordeal unaffected, even the dust seemed to avoid settling on the silver body.

Nathan had to wait for that same dust to settle and the workers to get out of his way before starting out after the cars. All he had to do was follow the path of destruction and cursing people to find them. Nathan addressed Josiah who was sitting across from him in the passenger seat. "Josiah… does the jag seen a little too free of damage to you?"

"Well I believe the improvements that James friend's Q (British intelligence) made on it when he was here may be responsible for that. As I understand it all the glass is now bullet proof and the frame and body have been reinforced. Upgraded the computer's programs while he was at it and added more power to the engine. Apparently he also painted it with something that won't show were bullets hit it. I guess that also meant scratches as well," Josiah replied.

Nathan just shook his head. He didn't want to think about the chances the boys could be taking in the souped up car, dangerous chances. Though on a closed course without anyone else on it…. Nathan smiled; he'd have to get Ezra to let him try out the car's new features. On a closed course it would be a little safer than playing cat and mouse on public roads.

The trail they were following led them between two loading bays. The cement walls rose up on either side to form wide platforms for the unloading of merchandise straight onto the warehouse floors.

The sound of the now familiar noise of high-powered engines came to the two men, but in the well they couldn't see them. Not until the Porsche sailed over their heads did they see it; a few moments later the Jaguar flew over them as well. The criminals they could understand, they were running for their freedom. The other two were just plumb crazy.

Nathan and Josiah turn and looked at each other as if they couldn't quite believe what had just happened. The two men in the jag were their teammates, brothers in all but blood, they had stood by their sides in good times and bad and if the two of them got out of this unharmed Nathan and Josiah were going to kill them. Suddenly both men started chuckling and Josiah said. "Maybe we should start calling them Bo and Luke Duke?"

"Ezra will never paint the jag red, but maybe he'll go for the horn." Nathan replied.

Josiah's phone rang and he got an update on where the Porsche was now. Putting his phone up he filled Nathan in. " The DPD is helping herd the Porsche into a holding area for train cars. It's only got three exits. We can block two of them leaving the third open for the Jaguar to chase them into it."

+ + + + + + +

The train yard was silent as the empty cars waited their turn to be filled before continuing on their journeys. Only the sound of the wind whistling around the equipment stored there could be heard if there had been any one present to listen. Only the wild life that had made their home in an adjoining retention pond heard any noise and they had long ago gotten used to it. The birds took flight as a new sound assaulted their ears. The low rumbling filled the air and shook the ground.

The Porsche shot between two train cars as it made its way into the yard; racing around cattle ramps and forklifts trying to cast off its pursuer. They'd lost the cops somewhere behind them; DPD had been unable to keep up. But the damn silver jag stuck on their ass like glue, even the bullets they shot at it hadn't slowed it down. If they could find the way out of this maze and back in the city they could lose the Porsche and themselves in the back streets of Denver. The gunrunners had places where they could hide, if only they could get to them.

The Porsche raced around the yard as it tried to find a way out. The first opening had a big black Ram sitting in the middle of the road with two-cop cars behind it. The next had the brown Explorer and an escort of two police cars as well waiting for them. Turning in a tight circle they managed to avoid getting trapped between them and the Jaguar. Heading back in the direction they came from, the sports car raced around the train cars and equipment in an attempt to reach the exit they came in before it was blocked as well.

As the Porsche raced for the last opening it shot between a cattle ramp and one of the train cars, with the Jaguar closing in. The Jaguar activated the specially designed JATO (jet assisted takeoff) units that Q had installed and initiated an enormous burst of speed. The jag zoomed up the cattle-ramp, shooting up and over the Porsche to land in front blocking the exit just before they got to it. The sharp turn the Porsche made to avoid hitting the jag had it rushing out of control toward a retention pond. It smashed through the fence and sailed through the air on a flight of it's own that ended in a huge splash. The car sank in the mud up to its axle's. The two occupants, stunned by their flight, just sat there giving up the chase at last and waited to be taken in to custody.

With gravel flying the Jaguar came to a halt at the edge of the pond, both men came out of the car with their guns drawn. The driver slid over the hood to get to his partner's side, his gun at the ready just in case. The sight before them had them relaxing as they realized the crooks were going no where.

Nathan and Josiah were the first to pull up next to the Jag. Josiah rolled down his window and asked. "Bo, Luke, you boys through playing?" Nathan nudged him in the ribs and Josiah saw what was pulling up in front of the Jag and its two occupants and added. "You two are on your own."

The black Ram stopped and an even blacker thundercloud climbed out of the cab. To say this man was angry would be an understatement; furious would come closer to the mark. The man in question stomped up to the pair and got into the personal space of the driver of the Jaguar. Growling into the driver's face, he demanded.

"The keys to ma car Mr. Larabee."


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